NAS Key West, FL! Bammm- Bernie is back and you guys were rockin’! Winner:Caroline Cuento!

I love it here at NAS Key West, FL! Amazing. Thank you for honoring me back and hosting my Happy Hour Tour. I had a blast at both shows and though mandatory, I hope you had a few laughs while filling your required training quota!   You Sailors and Marines are the reason why I have my Freedom and I will never stop trying to thank you for this life I have. 

   Key West 1   Key West 3 050524-N-8683B-050 

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Caroline Cuento – see the I KILLED Comedy Book Raffle post below to claim your prize!

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12 Responses to NAS Key West, FL! Bammm- Bernie is back and you guys were rockin’! Winner:Caroline Cuento!

  1. Cook, Joshua

    Great show, second time I’ve seen it but still all the funny with a real life lesson twist.

  2. Joseph Rieck

    Great show

  3. Caroline Cuento

    My kind of show, lots of laughter but with an uplifting message and memorable lessons learned! Thanks for what you do and for sharing your inspirational experiences with us Sailors.

  4. MA2 Suniga

    BERNIE! BERNIE! Berniiee……

  5. Mari

    Amazing story!!!! I wish all our trainings were this inspirational and interesting. Great show!!!!!

  6. Jesse Oakes

    Enjoyed the show and yes we stayed awake..

  7. PS2 Youn

    Enjoyed listening to message.
    Quite gifted and entertaining!!!

  8. Michelle Hernandez

    Your show was pretty amazing, I really didnt think I was going to laugh. But not only was I laughing, I almost started crying. Great stories! Thank you!!!

  9. Steven Folks

    Outstanding show. Your stories really hit home. Please continue what you are doing for the troops.

  10. Roxy Vazquez

    Excellent show and highly recommend it. It is definitely more effective than Power point!!

  11. Kyler Ayscue

    Great show and yes I kept my arms crossed the whole show!! Didn’t mean I did not enjoy it though.

  12. Deisse Walton

    The show was awesome! Your stories touched my heart