NCBC Gulfport, MS! Bernie is in the Building….

Thank you NCBC Gulfport for hosting my Happy Hour Tour. Both crowds were rocking in the Training Hall today. I could not have asked for a warmer reception. Fleet Forces – hats off to you as well as every person who occupied a seat.    I hope you took  a few laughs home with you and that my life experiences will resonate and remind us of how short life is and how precious each day is.  Keep being great Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines, looking out for each other every day.  Together, we can inspire and influence the course of a life.  Sometimes even, our own! Here are some pics of today’s Training( Courtesy of Marie Parker)! 

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Below is my family(L), Brother Sean in the center, Brother Scott, six months before his passing ( R).

15 Sean Mom mel Bernie Debra Bernie-and-Sean-Wedding-Walk-to-Altar Hat-Smiling

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26 Responses to NCBC Gulfport, MS! Bernie is in the Building….

  1. Danielle Lang

    Awesome show with a great message. Thanks for sharing, Bernie.

  2. Paul

    Great show! Great advise!

  3. Ben

    Good show man solid message and thanks for sharing your stories.

  4. Aj purvis

    Good show. Really enjoyed the show, gave a great message in a great way, would like to see it again

  5. Jeffrey hanson

    Great show Bernie. Really hit the heart. Hope to see it again.

  6. david menotti

    Bernie, wonderful show and message! God bless

  7. Michael Gabry

    great show. btw a military type question for you, how many gold bars are on capt. crunch’s dress blue uniform?

  8. Nick Kotos

    Great Show Bernie, thanks for sharing your story and more….

  9. steven post

    Great show really enjoyed it

  10. Kelly turner

    Very funny and such an awesome story of how you can change your life. Thank you so much!!!

  11. tyler

    Hey loved the show! Hows the fiat??

  12. Wade Washburn

    Hey Bernie really enjoyed the show thanks for coming here and sharing your stories.

  13. Rob Shaughnessy

    Great show it was great and I really enjoyed it. Thanks

  14. amie mccollum

    Amazing things hnappen to terrible lives…great msg bernie!

  15. michal

    Great show man.

  16. Cirio

    Agree, had a couple of laughs, well worth it!

  17. Trent Cannon

    Excellent show!

  18. Charlie B

    Really enjoyed your message! If only all training events could be this good. Keep it up!

  19. Ryan Campbell

    Great show! I didn’t expect you to have a story like that at the end. I also had a similar experience with my older brother. He was the star athlete with good grades and received a scholarship to a division 1 college for football. Got hooked on drugs, failed out and came home. Many, many problems at home after he came back home. Sent him to rehab for a month and not even 24 hours back at home after he completed rehab, myself my mother and my little brother found him in his bedroom and he overdosed. Had to bury my older brother which changed my life forever and I also went down the same path you experienced after it all happened. My father started a drug awareness organization not even a week after my brother had passed. He quit his job and now travels to high schools all over Ohio to talk about drug awareness. The website for the organization is if you ever want to check it out. I just wanted to thank you for coming and talking to us. Great show and keep doing what your doing. I hope you have the time to respond.

  20. Andrew Woolford

    Bernie, Very funny show with a great message attached to it. I wish ALL our mandatory training was presented this way. 🙂

  21. Will Crump

    You performed a great show today. It was nice to have a good laugh and the message after the comedy hit home because I’m from Jersey and I know how it is to get caught up in a lifestyle that isn’t the best for you. Thank you for coming to Gulfport and giving everyone some laughs and I hope to see your show again sometime in the future.

  22. Justin McDonald

    Great show brother!!! It was great hearing your story.

  23. Bernard Frazier

    Great show Bernie,very touching message

  24. mark korb

    Seen you little over a year ago in Port Hueneme California. Awesome show again thanks for coming

  25. Ron

    I really enjoyed the show today. Thanks.

  26. John Shattuck

    Hey Bernie this is my second time seeing you and it was an absolute delight just like the first. Having such a strong message coupled with a great comedic routine really captures the audience. Keep up the great work and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you next year!