NSB Kings Bay, GA- Bernie is ‘Going to the Chapel’! Rodney Clark- show winner!

The two crowds today at the Kings Bay Chapel were outstanding.  Thank you guys for packing the 1300 performance and to the 1500 hrs crowd for being alive and kicking, same as the one before you.  We reached over 500 of our Nation’s finest today.  I hope you found the program Original and refreshing, as the Navy strives to bring new programs to the training arena.  A huge thanks to Fleet Forces for  their contribution and hosting of the tour.  I appreciated so many of you staying to talk, and share your life stories with me.  Together, we can make a difference by trusting one another and talking when the urge arises.  Keep the Faith, and the Focus.  

Rodney Clark you were chosen from the entries to win a copy of I Killed- comedy book.  See the I KILLED post below to claim prize!
1 Kings Bay June 2013  6 Panarama

3 Post Show 5 Group Altar 4 Post show
Live pics above  from today’s training!  Incredible Sailors, Firemen, Civilians!  
Below is my family including Sean peeking on the left, Mel, mom in the middle, Sister Debra on top! 
The two guys in the tuxes are yours truly and my best man- Bother Sean.

15 Sean Mom mel Bernie Debra  Bernie-and-Sean-Wedding-Walk-to-Altar

 Return tomorrow at 1700 hrs to see who won the show raffle and copy of I KILLED- True Road Stories from America;s Top Comedians! Thank you Kings Bay!




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23 Responses to NSB Kings Bay, GA- Bernie is ‘Going to the Chapel’! Rodney Clark- show winner!

  1. Scott Hurley

    Was there

  2. Jose Centeno

    Very good message.

  3. Mackenzie Beekman

    Great show! 🙂

  4. Zachary Goldman

    Hey man, I’m a New Yorker too, well, the suburbs of New York, Connecticut.

  5. Jason Brinckmann

    Good laughs, great message, thanks!!! I was the only guy in the green camo uniform, stood in the back.

  6. Alex

    Was there. Good comedy. You KILLED! Smart to say in a room of cops haha!

  7. Alex

    This is the proper email address, disregard my previous comment.

  8. Chris Mesa

    Great show !

  9. Kristen mickelson

    Was 1 of the master at arms in the backed armed up & I did laugh. Thanks for the entertainment by far the best mandatory training.

  10. Danny Crumpton

    Enjoyed your message today. YOU KILLED IT!!

  11. Gregg Marx

    Good show for the kids.

  12. Juan Hernandez

    I was there!!! 1500 was one of the firefighters. Great show!!

  13. Roberto Mendoza Gonzalez

    Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh Go California!! 1500 Show!

  14. Jim Hunter

    Great message.

  15. Heather Griffin

    You were great. Hilarious and had an amazing message.

  16. Ricardo Munoz

    Hey bernie I was there!!

  17. Grant Evans

    Hey Bernie good show and good message!

  18. Rodney Clark

    Thanks for coming. What a great facelift for a safety stand down. Glad I got to see your show.

  19. Rob Campbell

    Awesome show, even if it was mandatory fun. Just kidding but not really.

  20. Anthony Robbins

    Bernie, your message was on point and relevant. I especially appreciated you sharing the stories of your brothers. Good Job. Thanks for taking time to train our sailors in a way I am sure will resonate with many of them.

  21. Scott Servis

    I was there for the 1300 show… great show….

  22. Tony Casullo

    Great show, Bernie! Thnx for coming!!

  23. Hector Boyrie

    I really enjoyed it! Thanks Bernie