NAS Jacksonville… Bernie’s back today at Dewey’s! Samantha Lee is the raffle winner!

What a treat today, to perform and present the HAPPY HOUR Comedy ‘With a Message’ program in the brand new DEWEY’S Club!  Over 400 Sailors and civilians strong, you were very kind to me and it was great to hear your laughter and feel your energy as I shared my personal story and hope for us all.  Fleet Forces made this day possible, as we wrap two days of training here at NAS Jax.  It was great to meet many of you after the program.   I hope I brought a little laughter into your hearTs, while also provoking  a touch of  ‘thought and inspiration’ .  Together, we can move mountains.  Together, we can change the world.  Me, you and MA! 

Congratulation Samantha Lee- WINNER of the show RAFFLE!   See I KILLED comedy book post below to claim your prize!
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Sean loving his big bro   Many memories and captions from today’s sailors and civilians above.  My brother Sean is above in the green shirt, giving me his ever present love and brotherly hug!  Photos Courtesy of Marie Parker!


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12 Responses to NAS Jacksonville… Bernie’s back today at Dewey’s! Samantha Lee is the raffle winner!

  1. LaTresa

    Bernie’s Happy Hour on board NAS Jacksonville was hilarious.

  2. Oscar Mauricio

    Hey Bernie,
    Great show today at bas jax. Your story and comedy go very well together on topics that are pretty intense!
    Good stuff!

  3. Michele Natividad

    This was my first time to hear your show, it was very good. I retired I 2010 after 29 yrs and back in 1981 when I first went in the navy at age 17, we did not have safety stand downs and there was a lot of drinking and driving and fighting. It was very hard and especially for a girl. It was almost expected to drink and go home with a guy. Hard part was the next day when you had to live with what you did and there was no one to go to. Even the counselor/chaplains were having a drinking good old time. But with good morals and the good Lord watching over me, I made it though. Some of my friends did not, but it’s all part of life. Thank you for your strong msg, the kids now should be very thoughtful for what they received. I guess I now sound like my parents, “When I was your age I walked 10 miles in snow just to get to the bus stop when I was your age”. LOL. Oh how life can make you laugh.

  4. Liz Orozco

    At first, I was like “ugh, another boring training that I am being forced to go to.” But once I got there, I couldn’t stop laughing! You honestly had me in tears because there were so many things you said I could actually relate to!! If all our trainings were like that, well I would beg to get more training! 🙂

  5. Denver Greenwood

    Hey i really enjoyed your show today at nas jax thank you for taking the time to come out and entertain and inspire us it was a amazing day.

  6. Samantha Lee

    I have sat through hundreds of training sessions all of which were mandatory and never have I walked away and thought wow I would go to that even if it wasn’t mandatory. Thank you for your service in finding a fun way to help my fellow service members get the messages. You very well could be saving some lives with your personal conviction and comedy. Today it is I who salutes you!!

  7. Eddie Santiago

    Hilarious show, and great message!

    Thank you!!

  8. John Speth

    Great show, and a great message. Thanks for making mandatory fun… fun.

  9. Buffy Hernandez

    You are funny and inspirational. Thank you for your motivation and experiences to help mold our military in a new direction.

  10. Shawn Michaud

    Absolutely great show Bernie! I was very fortunate to see it and I’m a better person for it. You touch more people’s lives than you probably know and are making a positive impact. Thanks again and I’ll be sure to catch you the next time you’re in the area.

  11. Michelle Coley

    I was hotter than outside when I was told I had to go to this training. In the middle of trying to get things together and transfer in 5 days, I wondered why I couldn’t jist get it at my next command. As they say, “the Lord works in mysterious ways”. This training hit home and was exactly what I needed during thia stressful time. Thank you and job well done!!!

  12. Clarence Hernandez

    Your message was spectacular. It only confirmed what I was already doing was the correct path. It reminded me that my choices a year ago was correct and for all the right reasons. I hope at least someone was reached with some insight. If it affects one person, then mission accomplished. If more than that, it’s a blessing. Thank you.