Souda Bay Naval Station Greece… Two awesome crowds! Matt Mattivi Wins show Raffle

Thank you Souda Bay Naval Station, Greece for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour.  My Freedom is only possible beacuase of all of you who defend our Country so proud.!  Thank you Sailors and Marines  for all that you do for us, I am here on May 16 and17, 2013 at 1300 hrs in the Gymnasium. Laughter and Inspiration.. Rock on! …    Matt Mattivi was selected from the show raffle to win a copy of I KILLED- True Road Stories from America’s TOP comedians!   Contact to claim your prize! Thank you Sailors.

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Today’s show, and me eating a friend anchovy.  LOL 

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6 Responses to Souda Bay Naval Station Greece… Two awesome crowds! Matt Mattivi Wins show Raffle

  1. Stacey Sobieski

    I truely enjoyed the show. If all navy training was like this I would have less sailors falling asleep during required training. Death by powerpoint in the navy.
    Thanks again. Bless you for making the time for us.
    LS1 Sobie

  2. Jessica Robinson

    Thanks for the show and welcome to Greece!! It was truly entertaining and sharing your past while telling jokes at the same time help alot and kept it intresting instead of it being long and dull…

  3. Jacqueline Witty

    What an amazing thing you did today!!! I enjoyed every moment of your comedy. I feel many people in the Navy will find this so useful, you have touched my heart and know you have done the same for many others. God Bless and safe travels.

  4. Matt Mattivi

    What a well balanced, well spent afternoon. It was both therapeutic and a great reality check for staying focused and having a plan. Thanks you for traveling all the way to Souda Bay…

    – keep it up in the squat rack 😉

  5. Todd Prayner

    What a fantastic show Bernie. It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of a group of strangers and tell your story. You found the right balance of comedy and message. I wish all training events could be done in this format. Your message is far better received than others due to your approach. Keep it going and travel with baby wipes for those trips to the toilet.

    CMDCM Todd Prayner

  6. Demetries Grimes


    Great blend of show and important message. Admire your courage to share your story. Thank you again for spending a few days with us here at Souda Bay.
    Well done!!!

    CDR Demetries Grimes, USN
    Executive Officer