Naval Air Station Meridian MS – Wed April 24th Training! ANSON JACO is the show winner!

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Meridian Sailors- you Rocked today!   Thank you Capt St George!   Chief Ahner.  Sailors !   That Support Center was rocking.  It felt great to have so many  all the sailors  stay after the show to say “We appreciated that program”, or ‘Can I talk to you for a minute”?  That is why we continue marching on with this tour. Thank you Sailors for coming to the original HAPPY HOUR… Comedy ‘With a Message’  Tour.  Together, we CAN make a difference in the world!  This training was brought to you by NADAP.   Great people doing great things!

Me with my brother Sean and sister Debra Brother Scott, who I miss dearlyOn tour Live!
My brother Sean and sister Debra( left) Brother Scott ( Center) me doing my thing ( Right)

Leave a comment here, or if you desire a reply, send a personal email to CONTACT link on this site!  I will write you back.  Raffle winner is Anson Jaco.  Contact with your mailing address to claim the prize!  Sorry we were late posting this winner. Winner posted at 1500 hrs Friday April 26, 2013!  Thank you Sailors for attending the training!


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13 Responses to Naval Air Station Meridian MS – Wed April 24th Training! ANSON JACO is the show winner!

  1. Denis Delgadillo

    Thank you for an awesome show. I was having a bad day. You made it better.

    Thanks again
    PO2 Delgadillo.

  2. Pete Nilsson

    You put on an amazing show today, thank you for taking the time to come visit us. Everyone in the room was touched by your story. Best of luck with all your future shows

    LSSA Nilsson

  3. Jason Bach

    Thank you for coming and telling us your touching story with some great laughs. You made my day. Your story touched me to know that someone can go through so much and still come out on top, it has taught me that no matter how bad it gets I will make it through

    Thank you
    PO2 Bach

  4. Khalid A. Caldwell

    I really appreciate the time you took to visit us and put on a show that really touched me. I don’t know exactly what life has been like for you but, I appreciate you opening up to all of us and giving us a glimpse of the things you’ve witnessed.

    LSSR Caldwell

  5. Kelly Jung

    Thank you for coming to the boonies of Mississippi to share your story and make us laugh. Your presentation gives us something to relate to other than power point slides made in the 90’s. Good luck on everything!

  6. LSSN Emmanuel

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Truly inspiring and food for thought for the younger ones. I really enjoyed how your message was packaged and presented. Awesome. Continue to be that guiding force and shining star in your brother’s life.

  7. LSSA Mukuha

    Thank you for sharing your story at NTTC. Very well received and appreciated.

  8. YN2 Olmos

    Liked the show today…April Fools!

  9. Denis Delgadillo

    Most of the students don’t have internet. But they kept talking all day about the show.

  10. Anson Jaco

    Bernie Awesome Show this morning!! Glad I was able to attend, enjoy some laughs, and listen to the great messages you shared from some of life’s more tougher/harsher lessons that sometimes we end up learning the hard way. Your story about your brother’s suicide really hit close to home with me, as I lost a good friend of mine to alcohol and suicide many years ago prior to enlisting in the Navy. It really put a spin on my life back then that made stop and evaluate some of the decisions that I had made in my own life up until my friend killed himself. I know it’s tough and commend you for your decision to turn your life around then, and for what you do now with your stand up comedy. I wish you the best, and want to thank you again for sharing some insight on life, and sincerely hope that your messages can continue on touching and inspiring people wherever you go.

    PO2 Jaco

  11. YNSN Hale

    Thank you for a fantastic show this morning. It was very moving for you to share such a heartbreaking story about your brother. Also for you to share a very moving story and positive story about your other brother. My wife is on her last semester right now to be a special education teacher and works with special needs children right now in her student teaching and I shared your story with her as well and told her about your show she wishes she could have been there for the show. Fantastic show and thank you once again.

  12. Anais falcon

    Thank you for the show. It touched me .

  13. Victoria Ruiz

    Thank you for your words of advice and inspiration! You made me realize a few things today that I needed a wake up call to. God bless you and your family… Thank you for sharing your stories and for a great show!