NSA Bahrain- Happy Hour follows Hootie! CTM1 HERNANDEZ is Show raffle winner!

Today is the final show in Bahrain for the Naval based joint mission of Sailors, Marines, Guard, Airmen and Soldiers.   What a great opportunity to be here today, and bring you a few laughs.  I know there will be a few tired souls before me today, having had a blast lastnight enjoying the incredibe sounds of Darius Rucker and the Carolina Strings!  I will keep today’s training and prevention program to one hour.  A few laughs, a little inspiration.  Thank you Chief Lambert, Marie Parker, Commander and all Forces who helped make this happen today!
Hootie4 Hootie2 Hootie1
Darius killing it above,  for the troops and families!  Marie Parker and I grateful for the invite!
NSA1 NSA 2 Bahrain NSA3 
Live pics from after the NSA show! ( Don’t let Cosey fool you on the Right.  He had a GOOD time!  lol

On tour Live!  Brother Scott, who I miss dearly  seAN-dEB-bERNIE
Me live, my brother Scott, RIP, My special brother Sean, waiting for me back in Cali! Sister Debra in the middle

CTM1 HERNANDEZ  was drawn from show attendees to win a copy of I KILLED, TRUE ROAD STORIES FROM AMERICA’s TOP COMEDIANS!    See Raffle I KILED post below to claim your prize! Thank you all for attending.  Personal messages to Bernie, click CONTACT on this site!


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6 Responses to NSA Bahrain- Happy Hour follows Hootie! CTM1 HERNANDEZ is Show raffle winner!

  1. CTM1 Hernandez

    By far the most inspirational, engaging and entertaining “mandatory training” I have had to do in my 10 years in the Navy.

  2. Ashley Dye

    definitely worthwhile, great show, thank you for coming

  3. robert keith

    You rock thank you for visiting us.

  4. James Vance

    Awesome show. Thanks for coming out.

  5. AS1 Prieto

    Thanks for coming and sharing your stories, very inspirational.

  6. Jim Coombs

    It’s an honor to meet someone who turned their life around and did something positive with their life. Thanks for supporting the troops, Bernie. Hope to see you in the future.

    CTI1 Jim Coombs