US NAVY’s Damneck Annex, Oceana, Norfolk. The original ‘Happy Hour’ Comedy with a Message tour today!!

What a great way to start a week, taking the stage for many of today’s Navy sailors and marines.  I hope you had some laughs today and enjoyed the Navy’s newest training and prevention program.  I hope I provided a few laughs and inspired all to keep focused and ‘have a plan’! Resiliency and respect are key aspects to a strong unit and nation.    To all the Commanders, Chiefs Fox, Dunning and staff, you have treated me like family. Hats off to you for working so hard to provide the training and the thousand or more sailors and marines who attended.  To our NADAP friends: thank you for making this training possible!

Crop   Scott, you are missed brother  Sean loving his big bro Dapa Staff

 Above Left:Sailors rock!  Left Center:Scott, a brother I miss   Right center:Scott’s twin Sean- showing his love! Right: DAPA leaders!
Below – More pics of the show! 

DAMN Neck 1 Damn Neck3 Damn Neck4 Damn Neck 2

Damn Neck5  Damn Neck6 Damn Neck7 Damn Neck 8

NORFOLK tour WINNER will be picked WED Feb 25, at 2300hrs.   Bernie said to throw in a BONUS 2nd WINNER so there will be TWO winners chosen tonight by the Comedy is the Cure staff.  Winners picked from hat  will post to the I KILLED raffle post below.  

Bernie cannot return all blog comments, but will return personal emails sent to the CONTACT link on this site.    Thank you sailors, marines, civilians and troops around the world! 

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29 Responses to US NAVY’s Damneck Annex, Oceana, Norfolk. The original ‘Happy Hour’ Comedy with a Message tour today!!

  1. Chris Fortson

    Awesome show. Outstanding message. Thanks for the laughs!!

  2. Gibbs Briana

    I really enjoyed the show. And what a great testimony because a lot of us did not expect that to happen.

  3. Jeff Kobak

    Bernie, I loved the show, thanks for the laughs… You “killed it”. I appreciate what you do and your story was inspirational.

  4. SN Tyler Kesthely

    Thank you for your time and talent! Attending your show was a great start to the week. Take care and godspeed.

  5. Kimberly Godwin

    Thank you for putting on a good show! It’s a better way to get the message across for certain. 🙂

  6. Adrienne Weaver

    Awesome show! Best GMT I have ever been to!


  7. Eddie Lyons

    Thank you for the show and coming to talk to Dam Neck! Funny show and a great story behind it for us to actually get the message.

  8. Michael Laine

    Thank you for an amazing show I loved every second of it

  9. Chance Shelton

    Great show this morning! Best way I’ve seen to get the message across….and I’ve sat through many briefs about this throughout the years.

  10. Antoinette

    Thanks for an Awesome show! Very moving stories. Really appreciate what you are doing.

  11. Brian Bovee

    Great show! It really grabs your attention and had a good message.

  12. SN Sanders, "6-0"


    I am so glad we crossed paths in life. You are a great comic, with proven talent and the glitz & glamor that goes with the business. I would have never thought to think about your background, what inspires you, or what troubles you’ve faced in the past.

    I am deeply honored to have enlightened to your story, and am more appreciative for all the mistakes I either didn’t make, or was never caught for growing up. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say Thank You!

    Yours In Service,

    SN Sanders

  13. Noel Rivera

    The words “never let the pain be the reason to go back” were really deep. That was a life a changing story. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  14. Jeff Harper

    Great show today. I know you reached out and touched the young sailors. You are an amazing person and I thank you for what you are doing.

  15. Nic Capitan

    Awesome show!! U killed it!!

  16. Caitlin

    I’ve been in for a while so I’ve been to my share of GMTs and I can say that this was by far the best training I’ve been to. You are hilarious and put on a great show with a positive underlying message. Your message comes through strong without being preachy or lecturing the sailors because they tune out lectures. You’re story is effective. Thank you for what you do

  17. Jon Skupnik

    Great show Bernie! Your message is exactly what Sailors need to think about to be successful!

  18. Victoria N. Aldapa

    The show today was awesome! I had so many laughs my belly hurt. You had a great message and I appretiate you coming out here today for us. Safe travels to where ever you are headed next.

  19. Thomas

    Thanks for the message today. I usually dread mandatory programs like that; but yours was quite exceptional. I like how open and honest you were with your personal experiences and was still able to relate with us and our own. Once again thanks for caring and the support…

  20. Aaron Thornock

    Show was really good. Best training I have had in my 19 years in the Navy. Too many similarities but the best possible way to relate them with others who may not have seen yet. Thank you and good luck to you and your family.

  21. Eric Contreras

    This was my first comedy show, it was pretty inspiring. I talked to my twin brother for the first time in a couple of months today. Thank you

  22. Benjamin Yates

    Your show was really inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing your very personal story with us all the while making us laugh! Using your talents in such a positive way is a rare find and is greatly appreciated. As far as training goes, I don’t think it could get any better and the comedy was great!

  23. Nathanael Perkins

    you have a great program. I saw it in pensacola and here in norfolk and it was funny both times

  24. Grant Hooks

    Please enter me in the raffle! AWESOME “training” today. Best I have ever had in my 10.5 yrs of service!!! This is real and not awkward and fake like others. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  25. C. Yoder

    Hey Bernie man this is the second time i had the chance to see your show. Really appreciate your message. YOU KILLED!

  26. Bruce Pylant

    Bernie, I enjoyed your show this morning….it was the best ‘mandatory’ training I have ever attended! You should come around for all our other training days!!!

  27. John Mirance

    Bernie, great show today. Not only are you supporting the troops but are giving us some great training while sharing your life experience. Just like you said today, if you touched one person with your story then you have done your job. I can honestly say that you have done that today. It was an honor to meet you today and please keep up the great work. Look forward to running into you again someday out in the Fleet. Thanks from the Norfolk team.

  28. Henry Womble

    Bernie, you really have a talent for bringing the crowd in with jokes and then getting to the more serious topics. We need more prople like you out there spreading the positive message and showing people that God has everything in control even when we think our lives are out of control. Thank you.

  29. christian jansen

    Out of my four years in the navy. This show was prolly the first time I didn’t fall asleep for a dapa training. You have a real gift. Thank you bernie