PENSACOLA FL NAVAL STATION! Shaun Bell is show raffle winner!

Shaun Bell- congrats!  Contact to claim your copy of ‘I KILLED’ TRUE ROAD STORIES from AMERICA’s TOP COMEDIANS- ! Sorry for the delay in posting the winner.  Site had tech issues Tuesday!

 800 Sailors strong  in the NASC theater Monday. You guys were AWESOME and really kind to me.  Thank you for the laughs.  I hope my life’s experiences were a different take on trainings.  I care about each of you and hope you stay focused and strong! We ducked a Tornado Warning last night, and are off to a great start to a new week.   Thank you OPNAV, Commanders and Chief Pruitt, Attles and Campbell  for hosting the program and tour!  Below are some great pics of some amazing Sailors committed to defending our nation and freedom!

 Pensacola1 Pendacola7 Pensacola2
   Pensacola3 Pensacola6 Pensacola8
Pensacola9   Pensacola5  Pensacola4   

  My brother Scott..RIP Bernie-and-Sean-Wedding-Walk-to-Altar 57
Above lefty brother Scott- RIP.  Love you bro.  Middle- Special brother Sean, Right- Sister Debra.


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31 Responses to PENSACOLA FL NAVAL STATION! Shaun Bell is show raffle winner!

  1. Anthony Foley

    I was i the show i really enjoyed it

  2. Rodriguez, Alejandro

    great show! Really enjoyed the show, good way to send a message across to us sailors!

  3. Meghan Renfroe

    I enjoyed the show and I love your message.

  4. Nicole Martin

    The show was really good. It was a nice change of pace and it was a great way to send a message to some of the people who need it.

  5. Lyndsey Rich Newcomer

    Bernie’s show was amazing!! Hilarious and inspiring…hope to see another show soon!

  6. Joshua Hall

    Awesome show and what a great change of pace its nice to be able to get some good laughs in from time to time

  7. Maggie Sutherland

    Thanks for the show you killed it!!

  8. Randy everett

    Great show good to have something to make the day exciting.

  9. Jonathan Garcia

    That was a very good show today I enjoyed it a lot even though I wasn’t excited to go at first it really changed my mind when everything started.

  10. Hayley Viseur

    Great show, very touching story!!! I loved the message!! VERY ENTERTAINING.

  11. Shawn Bell

    Great show, it helps you realize signs in your shipmates and friends and how to help them.

  12. Garrett Blincoe

    Amazing show, funny and at the same time you really hit home with the stories you told us.

  13. Zachary Thompson

    Hey Bernie! Thanks for a great laugh and the inspirational story. You are a great, clean comedian.

  14. Kevin Martinex

    Amazing Show I really enjoyed myself and valued the message of it! I thank you for doing this for us sailors.

  15. derek brown

    Really good stuff man

  16. Andrew Optional Nelson

    Thanks for sharing your story with everyone!

  17. Trey Pivec

    Had no idea I was going to a comedy show seeing how I was told we were going to “extra training” so thanks for putting a positive spin on my Monday!

  18. Donald Glenn

    I loved the show!!!!

  19. Scarlet Hernandez

    I was there
    Show was Great Thank You 😀

  20. Nathan Henry

    Awesome show with a positive message. Keep up the good work!

  21. Lauren Houk

    Thank you! Great show!

  22. Zachary Arling

    You put on an amazing show, I really enjoyed it. I also want to thank you for sharing your personal life story to all of us that attended. Hope to enjoy another show of yours another time. Semper Fortis.

  23. Bryce Lubbers

    Great show. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Elizabeth Seligmann

    Great show. Very touching stories. Also a unique and good way to deliver a message to all us sailors!

  25. Sean Prue

    Bernie the show was great, your message really hit home. I love the way you put training that isn’t fun, in a comedy skit. It really is great. You are a great man. And congrats on being sober for so long! Takes a lot to do that. Thanks for the laughs and sharing your story. Take care.

  26. christopher contreras

    great show bernie! i enjoyed the laughs and personal experiences. keep up the good work.

  27. joshua squires

    Had a great time at the show got tons of laughs thank you

  28. Naylor.

    LOVED your show. I almost wanna write and do stand up myself in spare time.

  29. jamie

    Thanks for coming to our base. You killed many.

  30. John Thompson

    Thanks for the laughs!!! 🙂 Loved the show!

  31. Tyler Loyd

    Show was awesome!!! Thank you for sharing all of your experiences. YOU KILLED IT!