Lajes Air Field, Portugal….’Happy Hour’ Comedy with a Message tour! Krista Thomas & Jordan= winners!

As I land on Terceira Island in the middle of the Atlantic, the beauty of the Azores is plain to see.  Green rolling pastures, an island of pure beauty.  The Portuguese air base is planted in the middle of the Atlantic, and we Americans are tenants on their land.  I am excited to present the program/show today and hope everyone had a few good laughs and will remember my tale.  Thank you Warriors, for being respectful and caring for each other and for our nation! 

Plane Keesler AFB1 Scenic overview

 Above are pics of Air Field, and me delivering the tour.  Pics below are LIVE from today’s show at Lajes Air Field.

1 Audience 4 Lt Peat and VA team SAPR staff2 Audience 3 Post Show

Krista Thomas is the raffle winner for the copy of I KILLED- True Road Stories of America’s top Comedians! As a gesture of appreciation we have selected a SECOND BONUS winner and that person is Jordan!  Thank you Lajes Airmen and Civilians.

Contact to claim your prize and include your name and mailing address!

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16 Responses to Lajes Air Field, Portugal….’Happy Hour’ Comedy with a Message tour! Krista Thomas & Jordan= winners!

  1. Paulette Burnard

    You were so funny! Thank you for sharing your personal story. That made your message real.

  2. Al

    Serious comedy, no coke in joke!

  3. Sergio Norat

    Great show Bernie!

    Thanks for your sevice to our country, we all have to fight together

  4. Ray Worley

    Glad to see someone that has come back up from getting knocked down in life. You’re walking with the bigs in the biz now. Keep up the good work!

  5. Mike Echo

    I looked to my left, I looked to my right… They were both prettier than me. Whelp, at least i have a personality going for me?

  6. Patty Mann

    Good show and thanks for sharing your message.

  7. John Firlik

    Great Show! Funny and Emotional. You are doing a great service to the military and I appreciate it. Thanks

  8. Alexander Colon

    The show was great, hilarious, and fun to watch. The message at the end really touched me.

  9. Eric

    Good show today man. Really enjoyed it.

  10. Perry Guinn

    Brilliant show at Lajes Field today. You not only shared entertainment, but you also inspired the crowd with your touching real life story. Keep delivering laugher. Keep motivating others to find their true purpose in life.

  11. Darby Frederick

    I actually saw you when you did a show at Keesler AFB. I’m not gonna tell you if I won the book or not because then you might not give it to me.

  12. Krista Thomas

    Great show today. Something we are not used to here on lajes. There were tears of joy and laughter as well as tears of sadness. Thank you for sharing your story and showing how you have overcome so much and continue to inspire others. Keep up the great work and sharing your story to help others.

  13. Austin P

    Great time and worth getting out for a good laugh. Thanks for spending some time on the island. You are always welcome back.

  14. Alex Holycross

    Thank you for sharing your life with us today. It is truly amazing to see how God can use the tough times in someone’s life to inspire others.

  15. Jordan

    Hey Bernie, great show today, thanks for sharing your life stories with us. I recently lost a brother, so i know what you were going through then and now. I’m assuming the only cure (if any) is time. We all must continue to carry on with life, that is what our brother(s) would want, right?

  16. Jake

    Thank you for getting me out of work! Best SAPR brief ever!