Incirlik AFB…Bernie rolls through Adana Turkey..

I Truly enjoyed delivering my ‘Happy Hour’ Prevention Training for Incirlik AFB in the Club Ballroom on Friday.  I appreciated the opportunity and met so many great men and women who serve our land, our freedom. Thank you AIRMEN for hosting the program and to you soldiers, sailors and marines who provide this joint effort in Turkey.   We appreciate your sacrifice and service to our nation. Ernie and Amar did a great job setting up the club.  An added thanks to Colonels Craige, Biller, Chief Judge and 1st Lt Woodward and all the VA’s!  I hope to see you all at a future installation, just not at the beach ( in a speedo) ! 

“The Alley” this is the main street outside Incirlik Air Base. It's about a mile long and is lined with small shops that sell everything from Turkish rugs to t shirts. An aerial view of the airfield at Incirlik Air Base On Tour Live!  Brother Scott...RIP 
1 Incirlik Plane2 Live 3 Audience 4 Audience
6 Lt Woodward 5 Audience  7 Colonel Craige and Mrs Craige 8 Audience
The bottom two rows are from tonights’ show!  I have more photos from Airman Tucker from PR but I do not have a disc drive to download those.  They will be coming shortly so please come back!

 RAFFLE winner selected is Rachel Colon!  See RAFFLE WINNERS post below to claim your prize.  Congratulations. 

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9 Responses to Incirlik AFB…Bernie rolls through Adana Turkey..

  1. Jonathan

    Ha! You’re not done with the show yet and already have a post! Thanks for coming half way across the world to make us laugh…

  2. Geoffrey

    The first post will never get picked in the raffle Jonathan. The second post is luckier.

    Bernie, gets it! You dominate over powerpoint!

  3. Ankita Jain

    We had a great time sir! Thank you for the pictures! – An

  4. Vicki

    What a great way to end a stressful week, thank you for taking the time to visit with us here in Turkey.

  5. Heath

    Thanks for the show. Enjoyed hearing you story.

  6. Rachael Colon

    Thank you for touching so many lives in such a positive way!!! Your personal story is powerful and empowering. I’ve been in the military 15 years and your show was the best, most impacting I’ve ever seen. We appreciate you taking your time to visit us in Turkey!!

  7. Lawrence

    Bernie, thanks for planting some seeds and watering others. Keep up the outstanding work you do brother. Take care and God bless.

  8. Amanda

    You were hilarious. Thank you for coming all the way out to see us and making me laugh a lot harder than expected (especially since it was “training”). It was great meeting you!

  9. Chaplain Bob Monagle

    Thanks for the great message and traveling around the world to deliver it. Keep up the awesome work you do. You are a great role model. Your openness, honesty and humor will not be forgotten. God Bless you and your work.