Bernie is in Ramstein AFB Germany!

What a wonderful week it’s been! I’ve enjoyed being in the UK and I am thrilled to be here at Ramstein AFB for  the ‘Happy Hour’ comedy ‘with a message’ tour. You Airmen packed the HERCULES Theater today, and I cannot thank you enough for coming down.  Even if it was MANDATORY!  Colonel Bibb, Thank you for attending and introducing me.  Dr. Tom and the entire SAPR staff, one of the best in the Armed Forces- you serve our Airmen well.  I hope you had some laughs today and take my experiences with you in life.  Be the ‘sensor’.  Stay focused and Warrior strong! PS…If anyone knows the PR Airman who took photos, please send me their information so I can post shots of the audience today!  The one below in the middle is after the first training.  Thank you Capt Simoneaux, Capt Padgett, Airman Lewis, TSgt Schatt and all VA’s for your service

Ramstein Air Base  Ramstein AFB Hercules overflies the control tower at Ramstein Air Base   
18 Sean 15 Sean Mom mel Bernie Debra Brother Scott, who I miss dearly
Bottom Left: My special brother Sean! Middle: Sean, Mom, Wife Melissa, Sis Debra.  Right: Brother Scott. Miss you Scott.

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35 Responses to Bernie is in Ramstein AFB Germany!

  1. Aaron Parker

    Great show! inspirational story and overall awsome experiance.

    Thank you BERNIE! Bernie! (Whisper)berniiiie

  2. Tim Cox

    Hey thanks Bernie, appreciate you sharing your serious life experience while still making us laugh. Motivation! Awesome show!

  3. Daniel Belcher

    Thanks for the show, Bernie. Great message and good laughs (“…whereas guys have two piles of laundry…”

  4. Darrell Lewis

    I think you are the only person to come to a military base, kill, have their military borther and sisters laugh while you kill and get away with it…lol Great show! I will be Youtubing you later!

  5. Domingo Montez

    It was serious, it was funny, it was seriously funny. Thanks for the message and the laughs.

  6. Son of a Vicksburger

    “Veni, Vedi, Vici” was The Bernie McGrenaGan Story, but I came, I saw, and I laughed my twitter asterisk off! Now Facebook that!

  7. Son of a Vicksburger

    I tgink someome chamhed ny keyboapd keys, O_o

  8. Michael

    The show was great, thank you for coming to Ramstein! Thank you for sharing some of your story and congrats on your 25 years! I just hit 120 days, hearing another story means a lot!

  9. Vanesa

    Thanks for the message you gave us today….inspiration is the key!

  10. Stephanie

    Amazing story and comedy. Wonderful inspiration for everyone and I really hope our young Airmen got a great message. Thanks for coming and for everything you do for us!

  11. Jason

    Thank you for taking your time out of your busy schedule to entertain the troops with such a serious message.


    SSgt. Jason Foster

  12. Jill

    Thank you Bernie for making our training much more entertaining and different. I hope you enjoy your time here in Germany and traveling around to all the different bases.

  13. Bill

    Thank you very much for sharing your story! Suicide has effected my life as well and you have turned your negative experience into a positive one. I appreciate that!

  14. Matt

    Great show! Well worth coming in on my day off ; )  
    A standing ovation!

  15. Brandi Tremmel

    Thank you for taking time away from your family to make us laugh and think. Great job.

  16. Wade Miller


    Thanks for the great show. Congrats on 25 years. Hope to see your show again

    Wade Miller

  17. Joseph Bailey

    Saw ya in Ramstein….as airmen we dread sexual assault because we hear about it all the time….thanks for not being boring

  18. Tawnya Riehl

    Thank u very much for the story and the very cool briefing when u talked about your brother it reminded me of my cousin who nearly did the same thing and your brother is a beautiful person. My daughter is lacking in the speech department as well. Thank you for bringing the message a little more to the heart

  19. Holly Pribilski

    Hi! Great show, second time getting to see you and it always puts a little laughter in my day and reminds me of the little things to be thankful in life for. Thanks for coming out Germany!

  20. Ebony

    Great show! I’m so happy I got to attend! You are so funny!!

  21. Erik Hudson

    Bernie, Thank you for taking the time to come give us a great show today. You were extremely funny and at the same time presented your message in a thoughtful way to make everyone sit back and think and reflect. Hope to see you again!

  22. John Barlow

    Bernie thank you for taking the time to come out and share your story. By far the best comedy show I’ve ever been forced to go and watch. Good luck on your whirlwind European tour. Give Scott a hug for my wife, Emily, and myself.

    – John

    • John Barlow

      Oh my!!! I just realized that I put the wrong brother’s name!!! We meant Sean… Hug Sean.

  23. Matt Hutzenbiler

    Bernie thank you for the great show today. I was skeptical when I arrived but your stories blew me away. I too lost my oldest brother to suicide just over a year ago. You helped me by sharing your story. I was glad to have the laughs also. Made my day go better. Thank you!!

  24. Robert Meade

    Bernie, thanks for the show today. It was very funny. I lost a good friend to suicide 14 years ago and I still think about him to this day. Enjoy the rest of your European tour!

  25. Young Jack

    Thanks for a great show and for sharing your story, it was a nice break from work.

  26. Jackie

    Thank you for coming!! I laughed so hard my eyes were watering. I really needed it. I hope you enjoy your time with your brother. =) thank you again!

  27. Chris

    Thanks for coming to Ramstein. The show was amazing. Made my day

  28. Edward B. Mann IV

    Mandatory appointment but funny as hell!!! Thank you for your support!!! Have fun with your brother!!! 😉

  29. Nick jordan

    Great job today Bernie! Thanks for all the laughs and I appreciate you taking time to visit us in Germany. Come back and visit anytime.

  30. Christopher Markus

    You killed.

  31. Cristian Pauna

    Hey Bernie, the show was awesome! Thanks for the laughs, a thousand time better that a damn Power Point presentation. The message was delivered and I am sure your story touched everybody in audience. I’m sure we all can relate some events in our past life to your life story and your decisions as a young man. Thanks for the teachings and contiue to do what you do best.

  32. Paul Smitko

    Yo Bernie, Thanks for the Laughs, you KILLED it at Ramstein!!

  33. Jamila Jahic

    Thanks for the laughs and positive energy!!!

  34. Mike Miller

    Hey Bernie! As a Security Forces member I can say that your message was heard and understood on many different parallels. The comedy was a very nice touch and made the training a heckuva lot more entertaining. Keeping doing great things and I look forward to hearing that you make it another 25 years sober!