Barksdale AFB Happy Hour rolls into Louisiana!

Barksdale pre show Crowd Richard Knowles Safety Chief and MSgt Beckwith

As we kick off the new year, I was very happy to get back on stage and fly into Shreveport, LA and deliver the ‘HAPPY HOUR’ Comedy ‘With a Message’ tour!   Hopefully everyone had a great holiday and returned safely to work.  Thank you Airmen for your service to our country.  Hope you enjoyed the show and had a few laughs, while taking away a new perspective on risk-reduction initiatives!  

Hanging with Airmen News Coverage of Tour My brother Scott...RIP

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36 Responses to Barksdale AFB Happy Hour rolls into Louisiana!

  1. Elizabeth

    Wonderful Program! Thank you Bernie for your time and efforts! Happy holidays to everyone. As always a big thank you to the men and women in uniform for all you do every day!

  2. Ray Waits

    Thanks for coming to BAFB, I really appreciate what your doing, it beats the heck out of death by power point! Thanks and God Bless You and your Family!!

  3. Jamie

    You had us in tears! Hysterical and emotional tears. Thank you for coming out to entertain and to touch us with your story. God Bless you!

  4. Scott

    Excellent mix of laughter with a strong message of safety and personal responsibility! Well done.

  5. Lina

    Best safety briefing ever!!!

  6. Jason

    Great show. Your a funny guy and you did an amazing job at educating some of the young and dumb while entertaining us old and senseless. Thanks.

    Side note: Fiat came back to America last year. Material needs update.

  7. SrA Jason Lam

    Your comedy is on point dude! Your doing something special by sharing so much of your life with us Airmen. All the best to you and your family. Safe travels.

  8. Lance

    Great way to end holiday week. Thanks for sharing your message, even one save will be worth the time.

  9. Pete

    It was very moving . Thank you very much for the laughs.

  10. Dan Morris

    Wonderful words, you’re an inspiration to us all.

  11. Stephanie

    Thanks for your motivating words…and laughs!

  12. Josh

    Thanks for such funny show– much better than the norm. Good to stay awake for a change.

  13. Monte

    Thanks for the laughs Bernie.

  14. Amanda

    Thanks for the laughs!! Best safety briefing I’ve ever been to!!

  15. David Kofler

    An amazing show! Thank you for providing such an amazing show and providing the best safety briefing I’ve ever had!

  16. Shaleta

    Thank you for coming, it was the best safety briefing ever thus far. Hope to see you again sir. God bless and safe travels!

  17. Gage Southard

    Thanks for coming out, that was a great presentation, and I would take that over death by powerpoint any day! Very funny.

  18. Julie Daggett

    Thanks for visiting, Bernie! you killed it!

  19. kyle muecke

    best safety briefing.

  20. Jeromy Harris

    Awesome show! Very inspiring!

  21. Isabella

    Best Safety brief of my career. Thank you for the laughs and the inspiring story. Quite a moving show. Thanks again!

  22. michael saucier

    Not what I was expect when I came in there. Great show!

  23. Jael

    Thank you for coming to Barksdale Air Force Base and giving us the best safety briefing. And thanks to Safety folks for making it hhappen. Wish you all the best and God bless!!

  24. Christopher Tepner

    Thanks Bernie for coming to barksdale and giving us all some good laughs and the best safety briefing I’ve had. It was great entertainment and I got a lot out of it.

  25. Tamika Welbourn

    REALLY enjoyed coming to see you today! You were awesome 🙂

  26. Randy Rosimo

    Thanks for a great show! Continue your awesome work.

  27. Tony

    Great show today! Second time training has been mixed with comedy. Second time I have legitimately enjoyed and gotten something out of our training. First time it has actually been “Mandatory Fun!!”


  28. Al

    Marvelous presentation, very powerful message in a spot on delivery! Certainly a wonderful service to the men and women of our nation’s military. I’m confidant you make many people think about their actions and reactions to life’s challenges. Your message is making a real difference. Thanks for signing the book I picked up, it will be a great conversation starter with my son starting his Air Force career. I certainly can’t do justice to your comedy, but I can pass on the message. Hope he and his comrades get to hear your message one day soon. Please keep up your inspirational labor of compassion.

  29. jonathan

    Best safety briefing

  30. BK

    Outstanding show! I was wondering though…how is it possible to share the pages of a book with Ron White and remain sober?

    Tell Sean we said hello!

  31. kc

    Thank you for coming down to barksdale, I wish every safety briefing was like this.

  32. Logan Jackson

    Couldn’t thank you enough for sharing your story Bernie. I didn’t expect to get a stand up comedy safety briefing. Great comedy and even better message. Thanks again!

  33. Stephen

    Great message and show Bernie! Thanks for sharing your story!

  34. anthony

    Great show Bernie! Really enjoyed your time at barksdale, we appreciate it!

  35. Charlene Pullum

    Thank you so much for the awesome show. Your story is a lesson and an inspiration to all. Thank for sharing your life lessons with me and my fellow airmen.

  36. Courtney

    Great Performance. Very funny and I like how you were able to incorporate your own life experiences into the show. I feel blessed to have seen you and hopefully I will see your show again.