KOREA 8th ARMY Comedy…’With a Message’ TOUR!


Honored to be able to entertain our Soldiers in Korea, hitting multiple bases in all areas.  A show could be coming to your base soon! Korea is COOOOLD this time of year, but the Army has it decorated with all it’s Christmas lights and beauty, lifting morale for troops and bringing a bit of home to each soldier.  Hats off to General Johnson for caring so much about soldiers that he supported this Suicide Prevention mission!  Also to Jocelynn, Theresa, Mr. Chong and staff  for allowing me to entertain and also inspire soldiers to stay Army STRONG.  Jocelyn has no easy task coordinating many shows in multiple regions but she did a great job! But no tour could take place without you soldiers.  The heroes of the world.  Keep  using your resources for any situation where support is needed. I hope you enjoyed the show, the laughter and the message. The holidays are a special buy sometime vulnerable time for some.  Surround yourself with loved ones and friends.  Come back Saturday at 1200 hrs to see the FIVE winners chosen for the show Raffle for copies of ‘I KILLED’  TRUE ROAD STORIES FROM AMERICA’s TOP COMEDIANS!

Left: On tour live! Center: My special brother Sean, and sis Debra. Right: My brother Scott, who we miss very much. 

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Here are pics of the Tour, including Camps Yongsan, Walker, Carroll,  Casey, CRC, Humphrey & Daegu!
amp Humphrey:


amp Casey below:

The symbol of commitment and sacrifice: Coins from 8th Army Commanders from Korea.  These Patches were torn by soldiers from their uniforms at Camp Red Cloud, given to me after the show.  Several were earned and worn downrange in battle.  The most humblest honor I could ever be bestowed by the men and women who fight for and defend our FREEDOM and HONOR.






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105 Responses to KOREA 8th ARMY Comedy…’With a Message’ TOUR!

  1. carolina

    I was in ur show today it was a great show thank you for sharing your story with all of us

  2. JKA

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Great show!

  3. Mdufres2

    Your story has an uplifting impact to all of us and is very inspirational. Thanks for having the courage to share it with all of us.

  4. Justin Rivera 32°

    Dear Bernie,

    I just want to say thanks for the show it was funny, the information was great and I hope the soldiers get the message. Once again thanks for taking the time to out to korea show us some love. Thanks brother.

    Staying on the level!


  5. Jacob Bradford


    Great show today. It really was a funny routine and had a meaningful message. I’m sure I speak for all Service Members when I say that we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us in the military. You are doing great things. Thank you.


  6. P. W.

    Comedians have as much courage as Soldiers. Standing up in front of hundreds of people you do not know and putting it all on the line. So, thanks for your funny and interesting stand-up. for a while I was like “wheres the suicide prevention part?”, but you hit it hard. Thanks! Along with the consistent roof creaking Id sit thru more of that. In a military environment you got to kind of “sensor” some material but Ill have to catch you in the states some where at an improv place and see you go H.A.M. Until next time… #YouKilled

  7. Dana J


    I loved your show! You turned a usual boring training into a funny yet heartfelt show that the majority of people can relate to. It takes a strong person to tour the country and tell a story so personal, let alone to still have a big smile on your face. Thank you for coming and hopefully one day we can enjoy your show again.

    P.S. You “DID DAT” (in other words you killed it)

  8. Jonathon Carver

    Thank for coming to Korea and make a difficult subject a lighter while still presenting a strong message.

  9. Devin Turowski

    Thanks for the laughs and for your stories. It really help me get through the day.

  10. Jose

    Outstanding show! Thanks for helping Soldiers around the world thru your comedy therapy. ^^

  11. Kang

    Thank you for coming to Korea and sharing your stories. I will never forget today show.

  12. Nate


    Thanks for your comedy, courage and sincerity today. You showed a group of Soldiers how to courageously discuss subjects that scare each of us. Your experiences (and those of your family) are powerful, uplifting and sad in the way that only true life can be. Best of luck to you and yours. This was a great experience and the best training on the subjects I’ve ever attended.


  13. dilloncom gigliotti

    Hey sir,

    Thank you so much for the great laughs and that touching story today. I have no doubt in my mind that yesterday you saved someone life and made them realize there is always a better option then suicide . I thank god for people like you in the world who are here , not to destroy lives but to save them. It was hard to hold back tears with hearing your story as a grown man and i did my best not to. You were not there to make soldiers cry you were there to inspire us and to show us that with effort and good decisions in life will make us happy individuals. I dont know if you remember me i was the young guy that came to you and said i was proud of you . Which i am. People like you inspire me to keep being a better person and to look out for others. Your doing this world a great deed and i thank you so much for that sir. God bless.

    PFC Gigliotti.

  14. John Tierney

    Than you for the show the single best informaton class I’ve been too in the are. I think you have and will help more people then you will ever know..I was at show on camp walker

  15. Monique Sutton

    You rocked Bernie! come back soon. Best class ever!!! God Bless you and your family sir!!!

  16. Archie

    Hi Bernie,

    Just got off from seeing you at the Camp Walker, Gym here in Gaegu, Korea. I mean since I only live 5 mins away from the gym. Before lunch, I decided to check your website and man it is awesome especially the pics of your brother Sean, Scott and sister Deb. Even though I was just standing in the back, your humor killed me. I see some folks did not get some of your jokes but that’s what made it funnier. AWESOME way to teach us Soldiers about Alcohol, Drugs, Sexual Assault etc. without the “DEATH BY POPWERPOINT”. You are very blessed man and I think all the things that happened in your life happen for a reason. God has a purpose for you but you just had to go through His series of life lessons. I guess this is so you CAN save lives especially for some of us who have been deployed 3 times, had kids who were born without us, missed out on the 1st of any child’s life (1st step, 1st word, 1st b-day etc). You are truly a blessing to others and I know you will be more blessed than you could ever imagine. Keep the faith brother and May God bless you and your family. Have a safe trip back HOME.

    In Christ

  17. Matt

    Great show! Thanks.

  18. CW3 Alfred Lyons


    This was by far the best mandatory fun requirement I’ve had the privilege of watching. Thank you for sharing your life and letting us be a part of yours.

    Take care
    Lyons (Al)

  19. Benjamin

    Thanks for a great show and coming to Korea. It’s nice to know that Soldiers stationed in Korea aren’t forgotten afterall. Appreciate the laughs at Camp Walker.

  20. special people

    Thank you Bernie! Great message and great Comedy! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  21. CARROLL!!!!

    Thank You so much Bernie. The show was great!!!

  22. SSG Adams

    Bernie, seen your show today, have seen you before at Ft.Stewart, Ga….great as always, thanks for sharing…..

  23. AMAZING!

    Your show was amazing today thank you!~

  24. Sydney Lauren Reschke

    Hey Bernie, My name is SPC Reschke (U.S. Army) or Sydney which is easier to say then my last name but, just got finished attending your show about 10 minutes ago here at camp carroll, South Korea. I was blessed enough to recieve a book with your lovely signature in it and be lucky enough to see the handsom pictures of your brothers Sean and Scott along with pictures of your gorgeous wife and lovely sister. Alive or in heaven you and your entire family shall remain in my prayers. I appreciate all the humor you brought in my life today and being able to hear about your brother(s). I do hope to see you again maybe at another military base or some where close enough for me to attend. Thank you again for your appreciation and hope you get home safe to the United State (also to your wife if she is not here).

    – SPC Reschke, Sydney

  25. Joseph G. Jordan

    Bernie, i saw your show today, December 11, 2012 at Camp Carroll, Korea with my fellow safety team members. Great show. Hard subject to cover. But it’s very much needed. God Bless you in your mission.

  26. Dat Huynh

    Last month in the military for me and this was the best training i had so far. Thank you for your work.

  27. Kathy K Rivas

    Bernie you Rocked Camp Walker today. I could hardly contain myself. You made me cry and laugh. I Laughed at your jokes and you brought tears to my eyes when you acknowledged your brother Shawn. My son is 23 and special and it was so nice to hear you embrace Shawn in your act. Special people are the most loving and kind people I know. God’s richest blessings on you and your family. Keep sending your message!

  28. Gary Cregan

    Bernie, thanks for your efforts to make a difference in the lives of Soldiers. A lot of us love it, but Korea can be a tough place to be stationed, especially when it’s your first time away from home, like so many of our Soldiers here on the Peninsula. Your humorous, positive, and powerful message to the troops is a great reminder that folks back home care about them.

  29. Beau Parker

    Bernie, thanks for sharing your stories with us and for the laughs at CP Carroll

  30. Mark Espiritu

    Great performance! It was an entertaining and useful way to get the message across instead of the boring videos that are usually utilized.

    Thank you

    PS: Can I borrow your cork?

  31. Dustin Kulsziski

    I found your story inspirational, and I appreciate all that you do to help my brothers and sisters in uniform. I too have a special needs sibling, and was touched by your sense of commitment to your brother. Im sorry for the pain you experienced growing up, I know what its like, and Im happy for you that you can find a way to overcome hardship with laughter. Best of luck to you and your family and all of your fans.

  32. Fathom Caldwell

    Bernie, seeing your routine today at Camp Carroll was definately a much needed change of pace. Thank you for your support of the military and best wishes for you and your family.

  33. Jose

    You are the man!!! Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule and coming to Camp Carroll to talk and joke with us. Had a really good time hope to see you again!

  34. Kishein Lopez

    This is LOPEZ… I was at your show here at Camp Carroll on Dec. 11 2012. Thank your for your support and for the great things you do! I enjoyed every bit of the show…

  35. Alisa Harmon

    We at the show today at Camp Humphreys! The best one I’ve ever attended since I’ve been in the army! Thank you so much for coming all the way out here to see us.

  36. Daniel J Young

    Hey man good show with a great message. Thank you for coming out and supporting us.

  37. Jazmyn Quick


    I would like to say that you are very good at what you do. I laughed and recieved a very positive message at the same time. I also would like to say that your story and message were very touching to me. I want to wish you the best. Congratulations on being sober for 24 years that is a “very good first start.”

  38. Aaron

    Great show today, Bernie! Thanks for adding some comedy to our day!

  39. Kenwin Arneaud

    Hello Bernie, i was at your show at Camp Humphrey’s today. You gave me a good laugh and your messages hit home, thank you for coming to talk to us today.

  40. samatha

    Comedy is the cure, i had my brother pass on my second day of basic training and i have been struggling. Attending your show and hearing your story has me re-evaluating myself abd asking if im playing the victim. I miss him but a little laugh brought some joy to this month from being away from home. Thank you. 🙂

  41. Daniel Moore

    Bernie, Bernie, Bernieeeeeeeee

    awesome show. thank you for sharing your story.

  42. Robert Rogers

    Your comedy show was very influential and informative!!!

  43. Daniel McBrayer

    Thanks for the laughs and the message it inspired my soldiers aswell as lifted their spirts. Be safe on ur way home and enjoy the holidays.

  44. PV2 hester bryan

    Appreciate your show at camp humphreys.

  45. LTC Hutcherson

    Thanks for sharing such a personal story with us. I really enjoyed your show at Camp Walker on the 11th. Happy Holidays!

  46. PFC Stough

    Thank you for sharing your personal story and for lifting our spirits with laughter. Your show at camp humphreys was very appreciated.

  47. SPC Kulick


    Thanks so much for coming out to Camp Humphreys today. The show was hilarious and very informative and uplifting. It was a great time, and the best awareness training I have received. Thank you again.

    SPC Kulick

  48. Garrett

    I had a good time I can really relate to how you’re felling about the loss of your brother. My brother died in 2006 and I’m still in pain because the loss.

  49. Field

    Thanks again for everything your message is just what I needed to hear. Hope we talk again really soon.

  50. Matt Dickinson

    I appreciate you coming to Korea in order to share your story with us in hopes that we can really learn from your experiences. Your dedication to the troops will always be remembered.

  51. Douglas Oglesby

    Dear Bernie,

    I really enjoyed your show and a lot of the comedy that came with it. I also hope that Sean will like the flag and U.S. Army name tape and he feels like a soldier when he wears them.

  52. Donald Denton

    Thanks for the message bernie

  53. Upreti

    Hi Bernie,
    I just attended your show @ camp Casey. It’s best way to deliver messages. Good show!!

  54. PFC Castillo, Chastity

    Thank you for coming up to camp Casey and giving your show,,

  55. Spc Matthews,Crystalyne

    Was in the show today for the third time outta the six years I been in the army THANK YOU for making us laugh when we need it the most

  56. justin loza

    great show. much needed laughter around the holidays overseas. thanks again

  57. Ssg Haley, kyle

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to come see us in Camp Casey. The program was alot better than I thought it would be. Good luck with your Marrage.

  58. Mark McNeilly

    Thanks a lot for performing for us today. t meant around the holidays.

  59. Eric Moore

    Hey, hi and hello…

    Thank you for taking the time today to talk to the Soldiers and Civilians of Camp Casey. Your approach to serious issues was just the ticket that “mandatory” training needed to get these service members involved and engaged…

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  60. David Sirois

    I’d just like to say that I loved your show. I really thought that the message that you told us was really powerful. I’m really greatful that you came to Korea for us troops

  61. James Cunningham

    Thanks for your show. Your comedic performance was great but your story was also compelling. Thank you for your time at Camp Casey, Korea we all enjoyed it.

  62. Daniel

    It takes a lot of courage to talk about your personal life to a bunch of strangers, and a lot of creativity to keep hundreds of Soldiers entertained while delivering an important message. You are both courageous and creative and I appriciate the work you do. Keep it up!

  63. Michael Green


    Thank you for coming to Camp Casey and sharing your stories with us. Your presentation was funny and insightful. I glad it wasnt another POWERPOINT presentation about that few people only get information from. Hope all goes well with you and your family. And keep on entertaining and sharing your stories with service members around the world.

    YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Sinerely your fan
    Michael Green

  64. Michael Green


    Thank you for coming to Camp Casey and sharing your stories with us. Your presentation was funny and insightful. I glad it wasnt another POWERPOINT presentation about that few people only get information from. Hope all goes well with you and your family. And keep on entertaining and sharing your stories with service members around the world.

    YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Sincerely your fan
    Michael Green

  65. Keyes

    was at you’re show actually liked it

  66. Anna lavrinenko

    Loved the show. im happy i came. hope to get a free book. see ya next year.!!
    -Lavrinenko, Anna PFC 13Dec2012

  67. Anthony

    Thanks for coming! Very funny with a strong message.

  68. Brianna Washington

    I saw the show today and I definitely loved it. Not only did I laugh a lot, but I listed to all that you had to say. Thank you for a very awesome show!

  69. Adam Shields

    Thanks for the show boss. Not bad and great message.

  70. Nelman Cuevas IV

    You suk lol… jk thnx for the show !!! God bless

  71. Thomas Hance

    thanks for the message and laughs.

  72. Alex

    Great Show! Thanks for sharing your story.

  73. Cornelius Lott

    The best army training ever. Very inspirational.

  74. phillip samuels

    This is my 3rd time in 8 years seeing the show i appreciate it every time tell your brother i said wazzzzzuuup thanks again

  75. Patrick Mullins

    Thanks for the show today at Camp Casey. It was entertaining as well as enlightening. Hope it can sink in a little bit and let me lighten up off the bottle a bit.

  76. lowery

    Nice show on casey great laughs im a mormon and i wear speedos thanks for your message i will now man up and wear the thong speedo backwards…..

  77. Dewayne Hampton

    good show. I was there at camp casey

  78. Paul

    Great show! thank you for your time

  79. David Bielitz

    Great show camp casey

  80. Rodney Cox

    Great show for us here at Camp Casey Korea. Keep up the great work and uplifting message you are giving to people.

    God Bless!

  81. Luke Bourne

    Good job it was a great show.

  82. SPC Tilton, Nickolas

    Your show was awesome today. Clean humor is a rare thing to come by in this day and age and I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks alot.

  83. Garrett Green

    awesome show. much better than sitting in a room watching powerpoint all day.

  84. Michael Sherman

    Great show today. Really enjoyed listening to your story.

  85. SGT Gibson, Adrian

    Hey Bernie, I think your following me! lol I was at the show you did in Savannah, Georgia (Hunter Army Airfield) in the theater. Even though this was my second time seeing you perform, it felt like the first. The message is real and that’s what Soldiers need to hear. A real person sharing a real story. Thanks for sharing your story. Keep up the great work.

  86. roderick swanson

    i really enjoyed the show at camp casey today.
    Thanks for the message and laughs.

  87. SPC Lindberg

    Enjoyed the show a lot. A good hearty laugh is always welcome on a cold day. I enjoyed the ex-lax joke the best.

    SPC Lindberg 210 FA

  88. Robert

    I enjoyed the humor today here at Camp Casey.

  89. mindy

    Amazing show today. Very inspirational. It was fun to attend and you sent a great message. Thanks for your time and dedication.

  90. Mike Salisbury

    2 yrs. I saw you at Fort Jackson. At the time I was in BCT getting ready to go home for Christmas block leave. Saw you again today at Camp Casey and you were even better then the first time. Thanks so much for sharing your message and doing what you do to keep us soldiers entertained. Good luck as you travel back home to see your brother.

  91. Charles Schultz

    I was at your show today at Camp Casey. I was thrilled to meet someone who had a mutual friend of mine. Thanks for sharing your hope with me.

  92. Joshua

    Thanks for caring without sounding like a self centered a-hole!

  93. Jeff

    Bernie, I seen your show at Camp Casey in Korea today. I was not expecting to laugh like I did. Thank you for helping raise morale here in Korea.

  94. bill

    made my day alot better I needed a good laugh.

  95. jason okara

    Hey Bernie,

    I am SGT Okara, I had a wonderful time listening to your heartfelt story about the demons of alcoholism and drug addiction. Some people can’t get over that feat. I was so very touched when you said that you have been sober for 24 years. I am so very sorry about you losing your brother, Scott. Also, I have a two daughters with developmentally delayed issues so I can relate to your other brothers problem, as well. Take care Bernie, May God Bless you and your heart and a have a safe return to the states.
    SGT Okara, Jason
    Camp Casey, South Korea

  96. rafael diaz

    The show today was awesome..thank you and God bless you



  98. Chris

    I was at carey gym on 13DEC2012 and id like to thank you for your story and jokes, that was a great thing you did

  99. Nic

    Thanks for coming out to CRC today! Great message and jokes! we enjoyed your show!

  100. Cho

    Thank you for coming to Korea and giving us a great speech today at CRC. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in Korea.

  101. Chris

    I was at your show today. Great message

  102. Reggie Sampson

    Great show at CRC today.

  103. Felix Luciano

    Thank you for taking time to share your life story and teach our soldiers. Great show!!! CRC

  104. Andrea Nicole Minogue

    Your show was great to hear as a recently recovering alcoholic. It inspired me to be more positive about life in recovery. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  105. Joseph Graves

    You suck!