Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls !

Congrats to  A1C Kyle Carroll  &  Sharayah Wills for winning the show raffle and copies of I KILLED,
True Road Stories from America’s Top Comedians!  Contact to claim your prize!


 The theater was rocking today with two huge awesome and loud crowds of Airmen!  Warrior Strong! The history here at Wichita Falls dates many years back, with millions of Airmen passing through Sheppard before becoming our nations’ fearless leaders and conquerors! A special thanks to Command , as well as Valerie and staff.   I will be in the theater for one more show at 1000 hrs Friday.  I look forward to meeting many more of you tomorrow, and hope you enjoyed the laughs and found the testimony and delivery of ‘HAPPY HOUR’  Comedy with a Message to be heartfelt and real.  Thank you for all you do Wingmen!   Happy Holidays!

(Left)My special brother Sean as my Best Man
(Center)my brother Scott, R.I.P.
(Right) me one stage in front of Airmen hoping to make them, and my family & peers,  proud!

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51 Responses to Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls !

  1. Jeremy Loudenslager

    Great show at Sheppard AFB I enjoyed it.

  2. Shayne McCance

    I loved the show, and great message. had many laughes.

  3. Craig Smith

    Great show love the story about your brother. keep up the good work.

  4. Kyle Carroll

    Bernie, you should be arrested because you killed this morning!

    A1C Kyle Carroll

  5. Stephen Reynolds

    Great show Bernie. My favorite part of the show was your story about the woman at the club whe you said “I wasn’t into her.” That sounds just like my friend A1C Kyle Carroll.

    A1C Reynolds

  6. Sean Pollard

    Bernie that was a good ass show!! Feel free to stop by Whiteman AFB in the future…. You know, if you want

  7. A1C Christopher Watson

    You definitely “killed” us!!!!!!!!

  8. logan veazey

    great job

  9. A1C Frankenfield

    Good show this morning, first time for me having mandatory fun be a great time. Thank you!

  10. A1C Luke Hill

    Went to the show angry to have to go. But I ended up loving it. Your a funny man thank you for coming to our base.

  11. A1C Robert Crawford

    This was my first live comedy show and I had plenty of good laughs. Thanks for coming out Bernie.

  12. A1C Alexander Rahimpour

    Heya, Bernie! Great show today. Stories and laughs were had, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Hope to catch you around again for another show sometime in this lifetime!


  13. Luis Gonzalez

    Great show Bernie ! Loved the message!

  14. Malcolm Howard

    Thanks for taking your time out to give us a show worth remembering Bernie! You have the perfect blend of side-splitting comedy with a subtle message worth hearing. We appreciate you ear at Sheppard, and thank you for making our day a little better. Have fun with your brother, family first! God Bless.

  15. matthew pressley

    great show!!

  16. Andrew Matthews

    You killed it! Thanks Bernie.

  17. Ab berends

    Very good show

  18. AB Harrison

    I have a similar situation regarding my younger brother born 6 weeks premature, although i teared up a little during your story i enjoyed it very much, thank you for coming!

  19. kenneth ferguson

    Great show, inspirational! Thanks for the laughs
    A1C Ferguson

  20. A1C Ramsey Zachary

    loved the show hope to see another one!

  21. Sandy Knowlton IV

    A1 show, was skeptical at first but had a great time. I haven’t laughed like that in a while. Thank You!

  22. Andrew Conti

    Great show and a motivational story. True stories are always the best to open the eyes of others.

  23. AB Huntur Soper

    Definitely a great show this morning. Thank you so much!

    AB Soper

  24. Jamal forbes

    Great show thank you for coming out!

  25. AB Ryan Dodge

    Really enjoyed the show, had to laugh at the joke about the Fords lol and I enjoyed the message you brought with the show and it made me think more about what I need to do to stay on my current path, thank you

  26. Deidric M Nauss

    Hey Bernie! Thank You so much. I think that what you do is freakin amazing! Its a whooooole lot better than “death by power points”! I am pretty sure that when people listened to you they taking took everything you said to heart! For that the usaf thanks you!

  27. Adrian Quchicho

    Great Show today! Your story was quite inspiring to me! Thank you for visiting us Airmen!

  28. A1C Sharayah WIlls

    Great to have gone to your show and to have been able to see you that evening with the free food! Thank you for coming out and doing a great show for us!

  29. SrA Matuska

    great show i appreciate you sharing your life with our air men…
    i hope the get the seriousness of everything and really take the time to properly evaluate the decisions…

  30. A1C Coy Lawson

    Really enjoyed the show Bernie, thanks for coming out! We all needed a good break where we could sit down and laugh. Not to mention the fact we got a great message and life lesson in the process. Come on by Langley sometime next year!

  31. Benjamin Ortiz

    For my first live comedy show, it was deffinetly what I expected to see and hear. It was hilarious yet very heart touching. Thank you

    B. Ortiz

  32. Taylor Charles

    You killed it today Bernie! I love how you mix comedy with such a good message. Thank you for coming out and speaking to us.

  33. Caleb Smith

    To tell you the trueth, i came into the room today and did not want to be there. I was one of the ones that was mad that i had to go to a mandatory comady show. After you began to talk, the Lord said ” keep an open mind.” I really enjoyed hearing you speak.

  34. A1C Austin Gautier

    Hey Bernie, Great show this afternoon. Very funny and a good message!

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  35. Dominic Koah

    I loved the story made me giggle

  36. Amn Justin Witty

    I really enjoyed the “witty” banter!

  37. amn kevin thomas

    your show this morning was great. nice to have a little break from such a busy lifestyle. thanks for everything i truely felt like i could relate.

  38. Daniel Johnson

    Great show today! You really conveyed the message really well, thanks for stopping by.

  39. A1C Sala

    Great show today Bernie! I think we all needed the message conveyed the way you did it. It was definitely a lot more interesting and very entertaining. Bernie: 1; Power-points: 0. Thanks again.

  40. Tyler Byrd

    you killed it!!!!!! nuff said

  41. A1C Justin Middlekauff

    You have a talent for being funny and sharing a powerful message at the same time, i enjoyed the show. I was also at the happy hour after hour.

  42. Airmen Bentley

    Thanks so much for the show it was great. It was great to meet someone who has been through some things in their life like me. Your story about you little brother reminds me of my little brother but i havent seen him in eleven years. I also recently lost a good friend that was like my little brother to. So once again thank you so much for the show.

  43. AB Eric Hawkins

    Great show! Come back soon! I was here!

  44. Tyler Douglas

    First off let me say thank you for what you are doing for our troops! It means a lot to us! Also thank you for using me as part of your performance. I’ve never had that happen to me before. I’d sit in the front seat of the show every time you are here. Not only are you an comedian! You are a great motivator for doing the right things in life! Please keep up the great work!

    • Tyler Douglas

      An amazing comedian*

  45. Ana Cruz

    Thanks for the laughs

  46. Eric Helms

    I thought your show had some greaty comedy, but most of all a great message to our young Airmen. Thank you for taking time out of your day to train us in a new and exciting way.

  47. Jesus Sanchez

    Thanks for the show and for sharing your life’s experiences.

  48. Jennifer Gunn

    Second time I have seen you here and still great! Mandatory or not it was a great show. Thanks for coming out and sharing a great message.

  49. Sean a

    Standing o greatly deserved!

  50. Hannah Marie Ackiss

    Bernie, your show was amazing and very inspirational! I absolutely loved it and the pictures of your family at the end!!