Ft Leavenworth, KS! Bernie is Back!

I am PUMPED to be back here at Ft Leavenworth, KS!  Thank you to all of you Soldiers serving our Country proud! Strong! Thank you Ft Leavenworth  for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I appreciate all that you do. Come share a laugh and make a change. September 25-27, 2012.

Thank you for your comments. It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up atwww.FaceBook.com/ComedianBernie ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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  1. Damen Kenworthy

    Saw you here this year, and last year. Still a great show for training and great cause. Would be nice if more training was like this.

  2. Brian

    Thanks Bernie!!!

  3. Dusty

    Thanks Bernie, you have a fantastic message that definately will hit home for some. Wish you the best!

  4. Mike

    Bernie, thanks for what you do and sharing your message. It is powerful and greatly appreciated. I have no doubt you are making a positive difference.

  5. Mike Poaletti


    Honestly, I was dreading yet another anti-suicide prevention training. Today you provided an entertaining yet personal view on the subject. You did it with great humor and made the time fly by. Nicely done and I wish you and your family all the best!!! You “killed it” Bernie…


  6. Benny

    Thank you for sharing your personal experiences in order to help people see the dangers of drug abuse and to also see the potential for suicide if you use drugs to cover up the root causes of stress. You present your information using humor, but you drive home salient points that all should take notice of regardless of their own situation. It was a very engaging talk that makes people think. I wish you the best of luck in the future. I respect the 24 years of sobriety that you have and thanks for helping so many servicemen and women out for the last 6 years.

  7. Julie

    I attended your performance last year, as well. I was as touched and inspired this time, as I was then. Keep up the great work!


  8. Dave

    Thanks for sharing your life story with us today…and teaching us a thing or two in the process. You touched my heart (and funny bone) more than once. God bless you and yours.

  9. Scarlett Stabel

    I really appreciate you keeping it real! You went through a lot of ‘phases’ and came out on the other side-and share your story. You also have figured out how to tell a good joke without all that unneccessary stuff that only detracts. thanks for what you are doing and tell Shawn hello from me when you see him on Friday. Thanks also for the pic! I think we should get credit for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training as well…

  10. Joe Parson

    Bernie, great show today. I just posted a “pucker kiss” on my FB on your behalf, LOL. Thank you for what you do to support our troops!

  11. Travis Hill


    I appreciate how you tied comedy and your real life situations with the awesome responsibilities of life. I believe you made an positive impact on the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Civilians in your show. Thank you for coming to Fort Leavenworth. You “killed” the show. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

  12. Garrett

    Bernie, thanks for sharing your story today. I didn’t think it was possible to laugh and cry at the same time. Your humility and conviction should be a model to us all.

  13. Lynette

    I had no idea how the training would be delivered today. It was a great presentation reminding us through humor how precious each life is. Thanks!

  14. James

    Bernie, this “training” was truly unique. At first I was asking myself what your jokes (comedy) had to do with Suicide Prevention.. then I saw. You have a very great way to share your story while letting the audience know the dangers of drinking too much, drugs, sex, etc while taking the time to listening (and helping) people who may have some issues in their lives. This was outstanding Leader and Soldier Training. May God continue to bless you as you share the message with more people every day.

  15. Kevin

    Thanks for the laughs today, Bernie. Your timing and message could not have been more on point. Keep up the great work – your story and technique makes a difference.

  16. stephanie

    You have an amazing ablity to share your story with others–thank you. The delivery of your message is profound and will stay with me for a long time. I cannot believe you have been doing this for so long, and I have never exprienced your session. I need to remember you for future assignments. Thank you for what you do.

  17. Victor

    Great show and thanks for bringing it around. Your impact with the younger Soldiers must be profound. Keep up the great work hoss!

  18. Anthony

    Loved our “mandatory” class, you need to be at every post. I think our soldiers would relate to you better than a video on a screen. Can’t wait to have a signed copy of your book!!!


  19. Carrillo

    Thanks so much for sharing your message with us today, It was worth everything.

  20. Katresha

    Great show today Bernie. Thank you for sharing with us. It was unique way to get the message across. (Funny, but REAL!)

  21. Jon

    Thank you so much to taking the time to share your story with us today. I totally enjoyed it, and by far the best “manditory training” I have attended!

  22. Michael

    Thank you for your sincere and heartfelt, but still funny, sharing. It beats Power Point any day of the week! I pray for you and your family as you continue to bless others with your message.

  23. Joe

    Mr. McGrenahan, I was truly impressed with your delivery of such a difficult and personnel subject. Your ability to combine comedy with your personnel life experiences is truly inovative and heartfelt, and allowed we the audience, to associate ourselves with you and your emotional struggles. Your honesty and emotional openess is truly admirable, and is the key to conducting such a memorable performance. Thank you for sharing your personnel struggles, for being a real person with whom I could associate with. I will remember your performace for a long time to come, and hope you will continue to share with thousands more, and I truly believe you have developed a great method in presenting this difficult subject by showing us your struggles, your pain, and your enlightenment. Thank you again and the best of luck with a long and successful career, I have no doubt you will continue to change lives for the better for many more years to come.

  24. Joe

    Mr. McGrenahan, I was truly impressed with your delivery of such a difficult and personnel subject. Your ability to combine comedy with your personnel life experiences is truly inovative and heartfelt, and allowed we the audience, to associate ourselves with you and your emotional struggles. Your honesty and emotional openess is truly admirable, and is the key to conducting such a memorable performance. Thank you for sharing your personnel struggles, for being a real person with whom I could associate with. I will remember your performace for a long time to come, and hope you will continue to share with thousands more, and I truly believe you have developed a great method in presenting this difficult subject by showing us your struggles, your pain, and your enlightenment. Thank you again and the best of luck with a long and successful career, I have no doubt you will continue to change lives for the better for many more years to come.

  25. Chris

    Bernie, thank you for making “mandatory training” a much more enjoyable experience! We appreciate what you do for us as well! God bless!

    “Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” – Isaiah 40: 30-31

  26. Matthew

    Thank you for visiting us at Fort Leavenworth and sharing your story. It was very touching and put a lot of problems into a better perspective for me. Keep up the great work and God bless you!

  27. Tom

    Bernie, Amazing show, hooked us in with the great stand-up routine, then delivered one of the most powerful and personal stories to drive the message home. I thank you for sharing with us, but I also thank you for taking it to our Soldiers. I know this was a senior crowd, and as leaders, we pretend we do not have problems and go about our business. You brought every Army message about getting help together. Your impact on our Soldiers and our team is huge.

  28. Kevin Moyer

    Best show ever. US Army should make this the standard for talking about resiliency.

  29. Mike


    Great show. Powerful message. Thanks for your support.

  30. William

    Mandatory laughter is better than death by power point. Great way of getting the message across as I often wonder the value of some of the suicide prevention presentations. Bernie, keep working your magic as there are Soldiers out there who need to hear your story. We are loosing to many fine service men & women to suicide. Thank you for your support!

  31. Miles

    Great Job in making topics that are hard to discuss enjoyable to listen too.
    Thanks for making forced training worth doing.

  32. Lisa

    Bernie, was at your show yesterday afternoon. Was not real happy going because I have so much work to do. But Thank You it was entertaining and put across a very good message. I lost my very best friend this way. Bless you for passing the message.

  33. maria banks

    Thank you for sharing your story with us here at Fort Leavenworth, KS im still sitting in ur show but i wanted a book so I tried to be the first! Love the jokes! God bless u! -pfc banks!

  34. Pete

    Bernie, Great show, I wish that we could only have more training that keeps us all involved. Thanks for the great work.

  35. colleen

    enjoyed your show! if all training was like this maybe more people would stay awake!!!

  36. Stan


    Great show! Really enjoyed it!

  37. PJ Fox

    Great job. Thanks for sharing your powerful personal story with us. Best training of this type in 23 years in the military!

  38. Jerry

    Thanks for stopping by man. Your message resonates on many levels and it’s nice to see someone else that overcame so much to become an advocate instead of a victim. You say it’s an honor to share your story with us, but I assure you, it’s an honor to serve.

  39. Larry

    I saw you today for the second year in a row. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your talents and story. God bless!

  40. Clifton Cribb

    Thanks for sharing, great show. God Bless.

  41. SSG Shawn Jenson

    Loved the show, great message, something all soldiers should see.

  42. Andrew

    Bernie, thanks for sharing your story! Comedy is the cure!

  43. Aly

    Bernie, you truly touched my heart w/ your story (I was teary eyed)! You hit home in so many ways. It is awesome what you do; the way you deliver your message….incredible! Thank you so much for coming out to Fort Leavenworth and giving our soldiers (and civilians) by far the BEST training ever. I know our soldiers can take a piece of what you put out and remember your words. Also, congrats on your 24 yrs of sobriety! Again, thank you for what you do!

  44. Tim

    The U.S. Army Rangers have a saying, “Rangers Lead The Way.” Bernie, You Lead the Way, and May God bless you doing it. Great training!

  45. Barbara

    Great Show! It will touch most everyone, in one way or another. Truly enjoyed it!

  46. Ray

    Great Show! Thanks for sharing such a tragic event from your life to help save other.

  47. Dylan

    Thank-you for coming back to Ft. Leavenworth. You put on a great show. I was really touched by what you had to say and will take it to heart.

  48. Michael

    I just want to thank you for making the training fun and entertaining I went to both shows today and plan on going to both tomorrow thank you very much

  49. Jennifer

    Thanks for the great laughs. Power point can never do what you have achieved. I sit through many briefs and the only way to teach this to our Soldiers is through telling personal experiences. The ugly truth really brings the point home. Thanks for making a difference and I had to pass on some of those jokes especially about vomit and corn.

  50. robert

    Thank you for the touching stories. comedy bit was awesome, good way to let the daily stressors go away.

  51. Robert

    Your story is a wonderful story that I have also went through. Please keep sharing your story as Soldier need to here it . Even if you assist one Soldier, what your doing us worth it. I too went through a period of alcoholism. I have been sober for 7 years. As you said being sober and not wanting alcohol is the best feeling. Thanks again for your efforts.

  52. Mike McC

    Thanks for providing important training in a easily digested format. We will remember your testimony and positive outlook more than any ppt presentation could ever provide. Best to you and your family!

  53. MSG Clements


    Great show today. Comed
    y is the key. Instead of death by PowerPoint. You use laughter to talk about a serious situation that is affecting our military Soldiers today. We need to find ways to get through to our younger generation to let them know that help is out there and
    wrthat we do

  54. MSG Clements


    A jackedup message is what I get for trying to use a cellphone to post a comment. My big fingers and a small key pad do not work but as I was saying ” we need to find ways to get through to our younger generation and let them know that help is out there and that we (Their Senior NCOs) do care about them. They do not have to walk alone. Thanks for your support to all our Men and Women throughout the Armed Forces and the Coast Guard too.

  55. SFC Schwartztrauber

    Great show for a short white guy. Seriously, if you have never seen Bernie live, you are missing great entertainment. The plus was that it was free and required for Soldiers. A man with a message and better than the 80 year old cop that they had do the message the last time we had a stand down day.

  56. Anthony Schwartztrauber

    To add one more thing, I drive a Ford, not a Fiat, and I do grocery shopping, but grocery shopping to me is sitting in the truck without a sandbox. The wife finds ESPN on the radio and texts me when she needs the strong man to carry the bags.

  57. Wayne

    Bernie, your show was awesome. Thanks for coming to FT Leavenworth.

  58. Pete

    Great Message and Great Delivery, Thanks!

  59. Matthew

    Great show! Thanks for opening up and sharing your life. No doubt it impacted all us in some way.

  60. Will B.


    The comedy show was outstanding! I really enjoyed how you were able to advise and teach from your own real-life experiences with humor. I believe what you are doing to support our troops and families will have an everlasting impact in their lives. I am grateful that I had an opportunity to see you perform on Fort Leavenworth, and hear your message with a few laughs. Bernie, please continue to strive forward with your message and laughter. I recommend that you visit as many military installations that you can. I’m sure there is a soldier or family member out there that needs to hear your message, and feel the joy that you bring with your comedy. Now, that I’ve experience your show, I feel that laughter is a cure for some really bad days. Be safe on the road, and thank you for the visit!

  61. Michele

    Your show today was awesome. My son is also a soldier at ft Leavenworth and had to attend this show. I really hope he took something home from this show because I truly worry about him on a daily basis and worry about him drinking to much. Being the daughter of a retired CSM, who was an alcoholic his whole army career, I know what the stress of the military can do to a man and even his family who is also affected. Thanks for a great show and not another death by PowerPoint.

    P.S. hearing you talk about your disabled brother brought tears to my eyes, because my husband also had a disabled brother who passed away when he was 19, I could just imagine my husband and his brother having a relationship like yours.

  62. CHRIS

    Great show and thanks for sharing!

  63. Billy

    Entertaining, powerful, and honest. Well done! Thanks for making this the best training while tackling difficult topics. Continue to be Army Strong and best wishes to you with your family and career.

  64. Rick Escalante


    Thanks for the laughs. Great message. Keep us laughing, keep us alive.

  65. Adam


    Wow! A powerful message brought to life with real world experiences. Thanks for using your God given talent to educate and encourage so many in their time of need. I was especially touched to sense of your love and concern for your brother, Shawn. Keep on being the great example and inspiration you are to so many. God bless you, Brother.

  66. Jim

    Bernie, saw you yesterday. What a great show and great message. Thank you.

  67. James Luxemburg

    Saw your show this morning. Thanks for an awesome show.

  68. Pam Utley

    Saw your show by VTC and it was awesome. It was better than sitting in a boring class watching powerpoint by death. Thanks for your time and your story.

  69. Phil

    Saw you in Grafenwoehr and now in Leavenworth. You are doing a great thing for people and are one of the few making a difference in the world. Keep it up!

  70. LaShaun Haley

    Great show at Ft. Leavenworth! Thanks a million.

  71. Bliss Krause

    Bernie, I cannot thank you enough for what you do! I laughed and cried, your show is fabulous! I recently lost a cousin and very good friend to suicide in just the past couple months, we need to inform everyone that there are people to reach out to and get help. Never feel like there is nobody to turn to, talk about it and get the help!

  72. David

    Too many words for me to tell you how your show affected me. Thank you.

  73. Yemana

    Bernie, thanks for all you do. Truly inspirational show. It really connects with those who have been through or are going through some things. Keep doing what you’re doing brother!

  74. David White

    This was the third show that i worked and i honestly can say that i enjoy it more each year that i have seen it. I also get a better view working the cameras in the AV Booth. Great show and tell Shawn hello from the Fort Leavenworth AV crew.

  75. Ulysses Nunez

    The Show was Great! Thanks Bernie

  76. Kevin

    Bernie, I had the priveledge to watch you perform twice now and must say you are truely amazing. The way you deliver such a difficult message and do it to entertain others is true art. I think I speak for a vast majority of the crowd when I say that we appreciate your honesty and you sharing your life lessons with all of us. I truely beleive that you are changing the younger generation of Soldiers throu your stories. Keep it up and Blessings to you and your famiy always.

    Kevin Wanner

  77. Jessica Reyes

    Sorry I walked in 20 minutes late but parking was a B*@#h and we ended up all the way at the golf course and had to walk to the theater. LOL Your show was educational and entertaining. Great Job!

  78. Joe Peveto

    Great show Bernie and appreciate you sharing your personal experiences with us. Maybe we will see you soon at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

  79. Bob S.

    By far the best training session I have ever attended in over 25 years. Excellent comedian with a strong message!

  80. John

    Great show…I thought there was only supposed to be 10 posts..man my chances of winning just went down…..

  81. Max

    Excellent show! Thanks for your message, heart felt honesty, and great laughs. Continue to be a blessing to your family and a great role model for your brother. God has granted you a great gift in your family and your talent, turning something so tragic into a message that will impact thousands of lives. Thanks again.

  82. Laurie

    Great show – thank you.

  83. Sammi Culbertson

    BURNIE!!!! What a great show!! You had me rollin’ fo sho!! I loved how your program relates to a huge variety of people. I, too, laughed and cried while listening to your story! Peer pressure plays a huge role in our decisions and being 20 years old, I get a lot of it from my all of my friends. Your program has taught me so much more than any other program I’ve ever gone through. You applied the statistics to your own experiences, and through that people are able to get a better understanding of how drugs and alcohol can effect someone’s life. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your past to better our future!

  84. Jen

    Bernie, great show today! Appreciate you coming out and doing any early one at 0800! Safe travels home!

  85. Shane

    Brother Bernie – I enjoyed your show and personal testimony. I was very much moved by your courage and humility while sharing your weaknesses and victories in your own struggle for significance in this life. I am a coach in a Bible based 12 step recovery ministry called, “Celebrate Recovery” at our church, (Word of Life Church…www.wolc.com), and it is my pleasure in assisting folks in discovering freedom and wholeness through Christ’s strength. I myself am a recovered alcoholic & drug abuser. Anyway brother Bernie, God’s grace be with you and thanks for visiting us here at Fort Leavenworth…Peace!

  86. SGT Lopez, Erica

    This training was the best I’ve ever had, 6yrs in the Military and for it being at 0800, it was AWESOME. I was really touched with your personal testimony, I laughed, cried and laughed some more. I dont like too many comedians but you are one of my top with George Lopez and Gabriel Iglesias. I wish you safe travels back home & have a great Movie night with your brother! Thank you for your great work & laughters for us here in Fort Leavenworth! This will be an unforgetable training for me, Take care, Sir!

  87. Steve

    Bernie, thanks for great training and your personal testimony. I loved the pillars of your strong message – God, Mom, Family, Love, and Communications. You are certainly in the top ranks of great comedians. Thanks for your service to the men and women of the Armed Forces. Take Care, God Bless you and all of your family. Thanks for coming to the Heartland of America!

  88. MAJ Sapriya Childs

    Bernie- Just saw your Leavenworth show via video teleconference at Ft. Belvoir, VA. Great show! Thanks for sharing your story and making us laugh!

  89. Larry

    Bernie, awesome show! That was by far the best delivery of such a difficult topic that I’ve ever seen. Keep the message going! I hope that your message gets to as many people as possible so that your example of resiliency will be headed by our great Soldiers, Coast Guardsmen Sailors, Airmen, and Marines!

  90. Rhonda

    Just saw your show thank you for sharing your story and tanks for making me laugh.

  91. Ty Hayden

    Good show, good message. Thank you for the outstanding mandatory class!

  92. Chris

    Thanks for coming and sharing I really enjoyed.

  93. Dan

    You killed it, hope you got to kill the pizza too. Make it a good day!

  94. John

    Walked to this “mandatory fun” dragging my feet. Walked back with a pep in my step!

  95. Scott Hedberg

    Best mandatory training I ever went to. Thank you for coming to Fort Leavenworth and sharing your story.

  96. Mike B

    Watched your show today via VTC out at the Belvoir satellite. Technology worked – your humor was great and discussions with students afterwards were set up well from your personal stories. Thanks for sharing.

  97. Lisa Livingood

    We all know how hard a life on the road is. Thank you for your sacrifice and for the difference you make in our lives.

  98. Michael F

    Bernie, – I wasn’t looking forward to our mandatory training, but your approach definitely hit home on very difficult topics (alcohol abuse, suicide, etc.). Your impact was felt as I went home and shared your stories with my wife. Thank you for sacrificing with your 2’x2′ shower experience and I hope your show at the Commissary “killed” as well.

  99. Tommie Barker

    Loved your show today…. it was a fresh approach to the training and one that really made me think even though we laughed throughout the comedy portion!

  100. Tommy Akin

    Bernie, you are AWESOME! Thanks for your dedication to keeping us ALIVE! Your life is a living testament to the great man that you are! Congrats on your marriage and all my best to you and your family! HOOAH, ARMY STRONG!!!

  101. Trever

    Thanks for your dedication. Your message is amazing. Thank you

  102. Clarissa

    I have been positively affected.

    Thank You!

  103. Belinda

    your show rocked!!! very touching!! thank you

  104. pat

    Brnie- your message is a poignant and necessary this year…..saw you last year and see that you truly DO appreciate the military- but you might want to learn a bit more about your installations- your msg is GREAT for “troop posts”, but Fort Leavenworth is a post FILLED with Majors and Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels-mid-career and senior officers with lots of mandatory education- your MESSAGE is necessary, but you may want to modify your delivery—–all in all, it is a great show with many laughs and a HUGE necessary message. THANK YOU and bless you for caring!!!

  105. Rachel Donatti

    Thanks for sharing ur God given talent of comedy and public speaking with such a heartfelt message! Truly a presentation to remember. Thank you and God Bless!

  106. Cedric Lee

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I had many laughs and your message really spoke to me. God bless and keep on doing what you are doing.

  107. Marc

    Thanks for the great message and terrific show! Thanks for what you do!


    You touch hearts, minds, and funny bones with your amazing presentation. I appreciate what you do, thank you for your attention grabbing contribution to the efforts of suicide prevention. GOD BLESS YOU, sir.

  109. David

    Thanks for sharing your story and hysterical comedy. You made my day with the early laughs. Also thanks for replying back so fast to me e-mails. You made me feel a lot better about my past tragedies. I know we have to keep pushing on even though it feels like our worlds seem to come to an end when bad things happen. As a former OIF soldier and Veteran you are helping a lot of people get through tough times. Thank you so much for what you do and GOD Bless you!!!!!!

  110. Julio

    I was skeptical when I heard we were REQUIRED to attend a suicide comedy show, the two words really didn’t seem to go together. However, after watching your show I was able to appreciate the different way you were able to get the message out to us. Thank you and a job well done!

  111. Myra Caesar

    Thank you for the great show that you provided at Fort Leavenworth this week. Your candid discussion of your own personal story regarding suicide was truly appreciated. I have personally suffered suicide within my family…my first husband committed suicide and it was a very difficult time for my daughter, stepson and me. Today we live life to the fullest and alot of times we find ourselves laughing through the difficult challenges that are thrown at us and the key is that we have survived them all! My daughter, stepson and I are doing well today. I am remarried and enjoying life. Thank you again. Continue doing what you’re doing!

  112. Theresa

    Enjoyed the show, a very touching story with a unique way of presenting it. Thank you for sharing, I am very appreciative!

  113. Mattie'

    Thanks for changing up training!

  114. Tessa

    Excellent show. Bernie, you did a great job weaving in comedy with poignant moments from your life that delivered a big impact. Thanks for sharing your story with everyone.

  115. Leroy

    Bernie – you provided an informative and humorously entertaining performance at the ACGSC in Fort Leavenworth, KS. Your personal DUI lessons learned and suicide/care-provider experiences with your twin brothers displays your strength and character. You re-emphasized the importance of simultaneously taking care of self and others. Thank you again for a great training session and performance.