NSA Charleston, SC! Happy Hour Time- Congrats MM3 Moore!

I had a great time at NSA Charleston, SC today, bringing the ‘HAPPY HOUR’  COMEDY ‘With a Message’ tour to the Bowman Center.  Almost 500 Sailors and one cool marine packed the venue today, taking in some entertainment and a story about a guy who liked to party, but let it get out of hand.  Planning is the new way of the future!   I really enjoyed you great students, knowing how hard you study, the sailors in blue, the one marine in Khaki.  To the Chiefs who led the way today, to Santos …Thank you NSA Charleston.  YOU are our future.  YOU are our hope.  You are tomorrow’s leaders of our nation! 


Me doing what I love with our U.S Military!

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23 Responses to NSA Charleston, SC! Happy Hour Time- Congrats MM3 Moore!

  1. Jaclyn Westphal

    Thank you for coming to Charleston! You were awesome. It was a great comedy show/informative session! Keep doing good things!

  2. Salmo

    What you do is admirable in the highest sense. Thank you for providing these sailors with a better look at life, and a good laugh of course!

  3. EM3 Rodden

    Very funny stuff

  4. EM3 Marburg

    Awesome routine. I loved how it was clean, its not something you see today very often with comics.

  5. MM3 Moore

    I had a friend that I’ve known since elementary school commit suicide a few months before I left for boot camp and I have an uncle that is a struggling alcoholic so your show kind of hit home for me. I want to thank you for the what you’re doing. (It’s a lot better than sitting through the same briefs having another chief or officer tell you not to do something.) God bless you and your family.

  6. Fulton Crabtree

    Thank you for giving us a laugh filled show had a blast never seen anyone who can make the topics you talked about as funny

  7. Jeremiah Parker

    Your show was awesome. Great message and good laughs!

  8. MN3 Yuen

    Great show. Thanks for coming to Charleston

  9. CS2(SW) Haeffner

    You’re story really hit home for me a lot of the choices you made in your younger years I made as well. I wised up on my own naturally before things got too bad, all you had to do was look around at family and friends and ask yourself is this where I want to be at thirty?. Unfortunatley one of my best friends never did wise up and his story is a lot like your brother Scott’s. Keep up the positivity your message is getting thru!

  10. Ian Watson

    Thanks for the great training! Best training I’ve had so far in the Navy. Thanks for stopping by NNPTC


  11. MM3 Johnson

    Thank you so much for your time! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the message you are trying to spread!

  12. Aaron

    Lets get this book!

    Thank you for the show, was forced to go and dreading it but left happy to have seen it.

  13. BekcaAnn Armstrong

    Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your honesty and hearing about your experiences. Thank you for your support of all the Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen!

  14. EM3 Mullins

    Very funny! Way better than a powerpoint 🙂

  15. EM3 Alonso

    Thank you for coming out to charleston I enjoyed the show a lot.

  16. Curtis Moon

    amazing show! thank you very much!

  17. Andrea Rathsack

    Hi, I wasthere. Thank you for coming.

  18. ET3 Myers

    I really enjoyed your show Bernie. I also really appreciate the message that you send with your comedy. Its great to be able to laugh while still learning a serious life lesson from your mistakes. Thank you

  19. IT2 Griffin

    Hey Bernie thanks again for coming out! It means a lot to us for shows like this. at first i was skeptical about the show. i thought how can you make suicide funny. but you made that show perfect. i hope you and your brother have a good time this weekend i cant wait to see mine.

    Anyways have a good weekend Bernie travel safe.

    IT2 Griffin

  20. ET3 Hunter

    When I was told by my chief about a stand-up comedian briefing us about suicide prevention, I thought the worst. How was a comedian going to present a subject like that? Very well, as it turns out. The message and the delivery were conveyed with great skill, and I hope it goes on to help many service members in the future. Thanks for coming out to Charleston and visiting us!

    -’86 Mazda

  21. MM3 Hartz

    I really enjoyed your show, it really helped put life into perspective when I was stressed out and gave me a good laugh. Thank you for having the courage to share your story and not be afraid to teach a lesson from it.

  22. Brian Espetitee

    Amazing show, thanks for coming and put a light on issues that affect each and everyone of us. Laughter is really the cure, and a smile can save a life, so smile more!

  23. Yao

    Great show! This kind of training is way better than doing it with powerpoints!