Ft Campbell, KY- Happy Hour is Rolling In………ADDED BONUS- Bernie McGrenahan and staff are adding a second winner for Ft Campbell, thanks for the tremendous turnout!

I am so happy to be here at Ft Campbell.  Thank you Tiffany, Karen, Rex, Matthew, Abrell, Tony, Joe and EVERYONE else who did for working on this tour.  Ft Campbell was one of the bases on my radar that I always wanted to perform at, and now finally had the chance.  Almost 2,000 of your soldiers filled the room ‘mandatorily’…but you still FILLED IT!  laugh. I hope my Comedy ‘With a Message’ show brought you some laughs and also left you with some thought.   I want you soldiers to know I care about you and hope I provided a few laughs this week.   Thank you for my Freedom!   HooRah!!!!

Pre-show, cool soldiers, & one great team!  Not sure why the Colonel was clipped out of this photo! I better find out and fix it!
Facebook Lips, soldiers filling the room for the show, & my special brother Sean!

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81 Responses to Ft Campbell, KY- Happy Hour is Rolling In………ADDED BONUS- Bernie McGrenahan and staff are adding a second winner for Ft Campbell, thanks for the tremendous turnout!

  1. Collin hoffmeyer

    Loved it man! Thanks

  2. Tyler S

    Great show! ^ The above beat me to the punch but he told me he does not even want the book….

  3. Spc connolly, tabitha

    Thank you so much for coming and sharing your story. You were awesome and I can’t tell you how how great full I am you gave me chills with your twin brothers as I am a twin. Thank you and I hope you can come back.

  4. jason petty

    Good show, i enjoyed it

  5. SGT Andrew Mitchell

    Without a doubt this is the best way to reach out to Soldiers in a game we know so well, comedy. I would sit through Bernie’s briefings the entire duty day. He keeps everyone laughing hard and thinking harder about making better choices and getting help when you need it. Thank you again Bernie from Ft. Campbell “Air Assault!”

  6. Frank Larsen

    Thank’s for the great show! That’s the way to do training!! 🙂

  7. SSG Loudermilk, Roy

    Great Show!! Keep it up!! you are doing great things for people!!!

  8. Robert Card

    AWESOME show. Thank You for coming and sharing your stories. I hope people hear your message!!

  9. William Brantley

    Thanks for the show today!

  10. Joshua Hoffman

    That was the best brieffing ever. thought it was going to be lame but it wasnt

  11. Anthony Rocco

    Good show!

  12. Tom Hall

    Awesome show. First time i ever enjoyed a mandatory event in the Army.

  13. Jason Horn

    Genuine Story. Great Message. Great Comedy. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Joseph Colomb

    Loved he show. Thank you for ding this for us!

  15. craig keith

    Great message, woven into a hilarious show. Thanks for what you do.

  16. george miller

    Great show! Good message

  17. eddie torres

    Thanks for the laughs and sharing your story

  18. donald shay

    Nice show man your still talking on stage lol
    really inspiring
    thanks man you changed alot of my opinions on lofe thanks bernie

  19. SPC Gary Murphy

    Thanks for the excellent show. Glad I got the opportunity to attend.

  20. Michael Gilpin

    The Army is lucky to have you on the team, the delivery of your message to this target audience is spot on

  21. Spc Bussu, Abraha.

    Had a blast at the show. By far the best way too reach out and touch soldiers. i couldn’t see a better way to get the message across. awesome comedian, lots of laughs and alot of fun

  22. Shane

    U broke the code! fantastic way to reach the soldiers with an awesome message….first training in my 16+ years where soldiers didn’t fall asleep !!! keep doing what you’re doing awesome job !

    Chief Campos

  23. Pvt Wyse, Richard

    I had a grand ol time and am so glad that I went. Thank you for the laughs and the message.

  24. Brant Love

    Awesome show!!!! I Really enjoyed it.

  25. Eric Batson

    Very awesome show !

  26. Daniel Casique

    Hey great show I really enjoyed mandatory fun haha.
    It was a fun time and a great message take care brother.

  27. Magana, Rob

    I laughed a couple of times………. I don’t always have fun, but when I do it is definetly mandatory.

  28. Shawn Manning

    Your Lady Gaga joke killed me, had a great laugh.

  29. Nicholas Beaudoin

    Bernie, you’re the man!! Thanks for the laughs, i appreciate what you do for us!!

  30. SPC Evans, Barbara

    Thanks for coming to Fort Campbell and talking to us. Your stories were very inspiring and funny. You were GREAT! It was a blast.

  31. cory breegle

    I just want the book

  32. SGT Bond, Melissa

    I enjoyed the show. One of the funniest parts of your stand up was when you asked one of the Soldiers (from NY) where he was from. He told you the Bronx. Oh, yeah whereabouts, he couldn’t name a street. LOL…silence

  33. Spc Kevin Kitchens

    Truly a great show with an awesome message with very funny material and lots of variety for everyone. You are absolutely right about not missing a moment of your life by drowning yourself in alcohol or drugs. You cannot let your life be consumed by outside influences. Family will have your back no matter how low in life you can get and they will always be there to talk or help you no matter what happens in life.

    It is an awesome thing that you can be there for your brother now. I understand that having a special needs child is hard but a blessing and you have to cherish and enjoy every moment you can with them. I have an Autistic son and a daughter that was born with multiple birth defects. And yes the road has been long and hard between doctor’s appointment and many long nights of crying and pain we cannot control. But I look back and see how far they have come and grown and realize that I am truly blessed to have them. No matter what I would do anything for them and anything I could to keep them safe and keep them from harm and always make sure that they have someone to talk to because that is what families do.

    It truly is awesome that you get to spend time with your brother and that he looks forward to your call and spending time with you. It also is a blessing to take care of someone with special needs and have the patience and understanding that a lot of people don’t know and will never know.
    Thank you for the show great way to start off a week!

  34. SSG Gary Scott

    Awsome great show at ft campbell, ky

  35. richard mack jr

    Just seen your show man it was great I love what your doing keep it up.

  36. Miguel Guerrero

    good show

  37. Lance Reeder

    Very well put together and very entertaining. By fat the best asap training i have attended.

  38. Corey M

    Hilarious!!! The US Army supports Bernie!!!

  39. Joe

    Awesome man thanks

  40. PFC Capetillo Johnny

    Thank you for coming. Very motivaional

  41. SPC Jones, Joshua

    Thanks for the laughs and food for thought!!

  42. CPT Martin

    Great show! I really enjoyed it and think that you got through to a bunch of Soldiers. As a commander I love when we’re able to train Soldiers by connecting to them on an emotional/personal level. Should be at every post.

  43. SPC Morrett

    Thanks your definitely sending out positive messages while providing entertainment! Keep up the great work!

  44. Bob Ake

    Great show. Thanks for doing it.

  45. Kennard Youngs

    Great show! Inspirational story.

  46. Jose Taveras

    Thanks for coming to Fort Campbell.. I really enjoy your time and message that you gave us and thanks for sharing your life experiences… Hope to see you soon

  47. Caleb ollins

    Absolutely the best comedy show i have ever been to. Your dedication and inspiration for the art of comedy is above and beyond of that of the average comedian. I now have more to look forward to in life by hearing and feeling that amazing story about your family. There is hope. Thank you.
    Caleb Collins

  48. Shawn Taylor

    You rock man

  49. SPC Thomas Davis

    Thank you very much for your time! It’s always great to hear another individuals story!

  50. SPC Loscar Kenneth

    Thanks for coming, i wish you could stay and do all the ASAP briefings. This was the first time i didnt feel like i was going to fall asleep at a briefing. Thanks again, “AIR ASSAULT”

  51. Sgt Fraley

    The show was great and inspiring. I am the one with the daughter that has down syndrome. Thanks for coming to Ft. Campbell

  52. PFC Monn

    Great show with a great real life message.

  53. Theodore Sharette

    nice show it was great

  54. Tana

    You did awesome!

  55. Tana Lunsford

    Great show! Strong message

  56. Kent Shaw

    Bernie, thank you for the outstanding message this week to our Soldiers – Our National Treasures. Your message was positive, encouraging, and inspirational. I know you reached a lot of young men and women today. Regards,

  57. Christopher Massey

    Loved the show! Comedy with a message!

  58. Jillian Lopez

    Wonderfully funny and touching!! An amazing performance! Thank you!

  59. SPC Bass, James

    This was an excellent show! I love that you have chosen to use this powerful platform to deliver such an important message. It’s great when learning and training become an experience. That is what you have done with this program. Thank you for all your hard work. It is truly appreciated.

  60. Matthew Smithkey

    Thanks for the show and your time…

  61. Ariel herrera

    Best mandatory thing I’ve ever gone to. Thx for the show Bernie

  62. patrick pham

    Thats a good show you put on in Campbell

  63. Douglas Dbl D Dalton

    awesome show

  64. Ian McDermott

    Hey man the show was great, I had a blast. Thanks for coming.

  65. SSG Burgess

    Bernie man loved the show and keep up the great work sharing your story with Soldiers. I really enjoyed it and glad I took the chance to come hear what you had to say. Thanks.

  66. SPC Cortney McGuire

    Love it, absolutey hilarious, and amazing message

  67. petrina james

    Hey bernie,

    Loved the show didnt expect to laugh so hard. Valuable lesson too!!

  68. James Fish

    Great show today. Like some others, I thought that this was going to be another lame briefing. You showed us that comedy is a great way to reach out and send a message. Incidentally, all the above people that posted all told me that they did not want a copy of the book…ha ha

  69. Michael street

    Great show it hit home with me thank you HOOAH

  70. SGT Robert Whitehurst

    you put on an amazing show. Thank you so much. It was very informative and will do a lot of good for a lot of people. I appreciate everything you do for all of the troops. Thanks again. Take care.

  71. Spc delagarza

    Thanks for the well needed laughs…

  72. Sean Herman

    Great show today!It’s good work that you do!

  73. Clint

    Good show, thanks for speaking to all of us.

  74. Phillip Cassida

    Great show I was there

  75. Owen Julien

    Great show. Currahee CAV!!!

  76. Joshua feindel

    Great Show! Thanks .

  77. SSG Bohon

    Lots of laughs, a few tears & a very powerful message. Hopefully your experiences will impact at least one lost soul that doesn’t know they need help. As a leader we read the daily PLRs and all too often alcohol is a factor to the loss of a valuable young Service Member.

  78. rivera

    Great show and the perfect way to deliver a message to soldiers I lmao great

  79. SGT Deana Hill

    Bernie, I was there. Great show! Thanks for taking the time to come see us.

  80. SPC Alex Brown

    Fantastic presentation, humor and creation of a safe space to think about a difficult subject for some. Thanks for sharing your story to help us realize we may not be alone when dealing with substance abuse and that there’s time to make changes before things get much worse. Thanks for coming!

  81. Jake Dodd

    Hey Bernie, It was a real pleasure to have you at Ft. Campbell. You genuinely had me laughing at first & relating deeply toward the end. You made a lot of sense while getting our attention. Your show was a real treat & not what I expected but definitely needed. You made important & valid points while actually keeping us very entertained. Quite a combination delivering humor & relevance. Thank You.