Ft Polk, LA- Bernie is in the building!

I had a blast today in the Bayou Theater. Thank you Tom, Larry, Mary, Collette, Debra for hosting my show.  Thank you to the many great soldiers and civilians who attended today.  Hearing you guys respond today really made me want to work harder.  I hope I brought you a few laughs and maybe even left you with a story which you will remember.  Life is good.  Only because you troops provide us the FREEDOM we love and enjoy.  Thank you Ft Polk.  PS…Debra.  The Egg rolls were AWESOME!! 


God Bless America!  Me LIVE!

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76 Responses to Ft Polk, LA- Bernie is in the building!

  1. Earl Bradshaw

    Bernie, thanks forthe laughs but most of all for the message!

    • Lindsay

      Bernie you were awesome my cheeks hurt!!!!

  2. Tami Culbreath

    You have a great way of getting this extremely important message across, laughter and seriousness seemed to go hand in hand!

  3. Shane Jones


    What you said today hit so close to home. You were me until January 4th of this year. We can talk more about it, but not in this venue. Thank you for the laughs and the message, I sincerely pray that those that needed to hear it take heed of your advice.

  4. LaToyia Sanowar

    I must say, at first I was dreading coming to what I figured would be a mandatory “death-by-powerpoint” mass briefing. Boy, was I wrong! It was a refreshing and funny change to the norm! May God continue to bless you in you travels and you mission.

  5. Roxsanna Varela

    Thank you for the laughs that we have today. Good lesson for those that drink. Everything happen for a reason and you found yours. God bless your mother, and your family.

  6. Leneive Carter

    Thank You for uplifting comedy show and using your personal life to give us a well needed message.

  7. Shawna

    I was there…

  8. Antonio harmon

    I really enjoyed you today. I needed that. thankyou very much.

  9. Luci Buch

    Bernie, really great job. Loved the comedy and the message!

  10. Gloria Alfred

    I was there 😀

    Great show. You were actually funny. lol. Thanks for coming out here to not only entertain us but also put out a message.. God Bless and stay safe

  11. Darnell Singleton

    Great performance today Bernie, thanks for coming out! Come again!

  12. Devyn trampe

    bernie, by far the greatest show ive seen in a long time. you had us all in tears from lafter but you also made very valueable points. i hope to see your show again.

  13. Devyn trampe

    dont judge on my grammar lol, i meant laughter


    BERNIE brother i was always laugh every time i see your act. never gets old at all.You really need to stop stalking me though.APRIL FOOlS.One thing i would like to see in the future is you doing your thing during deployment thats when we can use the laughs alot….Maybe ill see you down range and give you a tour of what i do..KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB SEE YOU AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!


    POWERFUL MESSAGE AND we all stayed awake

  16. Tina

    Great show I have seen in awhile, my face hurt from all the laughing!

  17. Cece Harris

    Bernie…. You were soooo funny. It was the best mandatory training anyone could be ask to attend… I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed and apperciate your time… It was a we’ll need it to ear testimony… God bless

  18. Chris Rodgers

    Great show, it was entertaining with a stron message. Thank you for your time and keep up the great show!

  19. Jonathan

    Great show, not going to lie i dreaded coming because any other mandatory army class is boring but i was surprised this one wasn’t. Now only if the army can do that for other classes maybe people wouldn’t hate it so much.

  20. Renate Tucker

    I was there:) and Loved every minute!! The Best manatory training I ever attended!
    Thank you Bernie!:) Your performance was awesome! You have such a great uplifting personality! Keep up the great work! Keep on Smiling!:)”Comedy is the cure”!!:)

    Sincerely Thank you to you Bernie you Rock!
    “Fort Polk Louisiana need’s your Inspiration”!!

  21. Jamie Greenfield

    Caught the show today (my husband was the English guy)! Very inspirational, funny, & not what I expected;)

  22. Veronica Jarnagin

    Your show was awesome today! The message was so powerful and you kept me laughing. Thank you for coming to Ft. Polk!

  23. Jermaine Watkins

    Great show…remember whenever your in a hotel and decide to write on mirrors put motivational words at the top before I will Kill Tomorrow. Enjoyed myself

  24. Charron Santelices

    “Bernie on the Rocks”! No doubt your message resonated with those who were on the fence. And to think, all that comedy without a drink! You blew us away – mandatory fun with a message – hilarious!

  25. Christopher presley

    Thanks for the message and keep doing what you are doing

  26. Leslie

    Thank you for making mandatory training FUN. We can all relate. I will contact you privately . I know you touched a lot of people with your story. Keep up the great work.

  27. Shamecca Williams


    You were AWESOME! This is the Febreze Lady…remember to always keep you a bottle handy in your back pocket…Blessings to you!

  28. Joel Locklear

    Bernie, you are a true professional. Thanks for what you do for all service members. Next time, lets go out to get some crawfish.

    Casualty Assistance Center

  29. nick waterman

    Thanks very funny from fort polk

  30. Juanita Phillips

    Bernie Thanks for the laughs and for taking time out of your schedule to do something positive for the Soldiers. Serious message with a twist thanks again.

  31. Angela Craig

    Loved your show today. Was glad I elected to attend. Thank you

  32. barbara menser

    The show was awesome…. touched home a lil and i think it will help make a difference n my life!

    Loved it!!!!!!

  33. Spc Cromwell, Robert

    I was there today at Fort Polk Bayou theater. Thanks for the training and the laughs.

  34. Louie Varias

    Superb performance. I really took to heart in what u said on todays show.

    Thank you,

  35. Miranda

    Thanks so much….the show was AWESOME! Best training I’ve ever been to =)

  36. Deborah South

    Thanks for putting a new spin on “mandatory training”. The message was awesome, and funny. God Bless you and your family.

  37. Riley Lynch

    Bernie, you were great. I want the book.

  38. Carl Charpia

    Bernie (shorty), thanks for the entertainment today at the Fort Polk Bayou theater. It is so great to get a mandatory class without being killed by power point. I seen you before in Knox and your show never gets old. You are doing a great job for a good cause.

  39. Lucy Ledesma

    Bernie it was an AWESOME show!! Great way of putting such an important message accross.

  40. Roco

    Your such an amazing person..Your service is a great thing for us.. Brother.hope to see you again.thank u for the lessons and inspirations that you have shared,you really made a big difference..youve just earned another New FAN.

  41. Feras

    It was an awesome training .

  42. Valerie Hammond

    GREAT SHOW!!!!!

  43. Amanda Benke

    Thanks for the show! I never thought I would enjoy a mandatory event. You were hilarious, and gave a strong message.

  44. Hayden Keener

    Thanks for the Great show Bernie.. I had a great time and a great change from Power Point.

  45. Nicole Steffani

    You were great! You made training a lot of fun! Also thank you for sharing your story with us the soldiers at Fort Polk!

  46. Robert

    Mr Bernie,
    Great show! Thank you for your time and thank you for your heart touching stories. I have to say that was by far the best mandatory training I have ever attended.
    Thank you again and keep up the great work.

  47. SPC Blade Johnson

    Your show was awesome! I’m glad we had something other than death by PowerPoint. We had someone who could get a great message out in a positive way. I’m sorry you lost you brother but it’s great that you can actually talk about it. I also think its great that you spend as much time as possible with your other brother. Thank you for coming out!

  48. Kate Perry

    Thank you for taking the time to come talk with us. Loved your comedy and your personal experience.

  49. Deloise Harrell

    Wonderful Mandatory Training!!!!

  50. Abbas

    That was a very good training, Thank you for what you are doing to the military.

  51. Janelle Burford

    I loved the show! Thank you for coming and delivering the best mandatory training I have ever attended.

  52. PFC Santiago, Bianca

    Dear Bernie,
    I want to start out by saying ” I drive a Ford econoline 250, full size old school van!” lol I am a mother of 4 and take care of my mother. I was told to come to your show by my chain of command and I am glad I was there! Today I was informed that my Chief with whom I deployed with killed him self yesterday. thank you for helping me cope with this more to say…

  53. Eric Arjon

    Great show Bernie,I would only hope that all the military installations could get a chance to hear your message.Thanks again, and the best of luck to you in your future endeavours.

  54. Luna


    I was one of the lucky ones that could get away from working at the hospital to go see you and it was awesome! I wish my peers here at BJACH had the opportunity to hear your testimony…. Maybe next time!!

  55. Edgardo

    Great way to bring a message. Yesterday in your last show at Fort Polk everybody got a good message with a great comedy show. Thanks for doing this for us and I hope to see your show again.

  56. michael

    Hey man that was a good show the other day i couldnt stop laughing. Keep up the good work and keep spreading the stories of your brother. Hope to see you again.

  57. SFC Jesse Lee Schlomer

    Even though it was funny and a great change of pace from “Death by Power Point”, the message definately got across. I can relate to the impact that it does to family members, friends and fellow Service Members as I have seen it first hand. Keep up the great message!!

  58. Joseph

    Big laughs. Bigger message. Thanks for what you do!

  59. Mary

    Bernie, Thank you for the laughs, the inspiration and your dedication to our Soldiers.

  60. Sunny Graves

    I was going to take a nap…but it turned out I had a good laugh. You were awesome and I sure hope people who have substance abuse problems wake up and change their lives. Only YOU can change YOU!

  61. Lorrie Odom

    I loved your show! Definitely the best mandatory training I’ve ever attended. Thank you for coming to Fort Polk!

  62. Jill Willis

    A. Your honesty was refreshing.
    B. No powerpoint at mandatory training=awesomeness.
    C. Being able to find humor in tragic situations and using that to encourage others is an amazing gift. Thank you for being responsible with it.

  63. Tom G.


    As always great job…From the first time I saw you I knew that your message was special and will touch someone. we have had contact with a few of our Soldiers and two civilians come to seek assistance already. Keep the FIAT moving to other installations and return to Polk soon.

  64. Larry Bryant

    Hey Bernie,

    Thanks for all you do for the Army Family and the other branches of service. I believe you touched many folks and gave them some direction of where to turn for help.

  65. Yvette

    Your message came through “Loud and Clear” to our Soldiers & Civilians. You put on a “Great Show at Bayou Theater Monday, 10 Sept 2012”.

    DHR Staff member

  66. SSG Fountain, Rather

    Great job, most of the soldiers I talk to enjoyed your message. I for one really enjoyed it. Thanks for the Great story.

  67. Cindy Holland

    Best ASAP Class I have had in my life!! Great job.

  68. Debbra Hooks


    Always nice to see you and hear the words from someone who has actually been through it… TRUE STORIES always leave impact. Thank you for sharing and caring for our FM, SM and CIV. Your great at what you do!!! Keep up the great work- Debbra

  69. Nasrin Aryafar

    Bernie,thank you for the HAPPY HOUR…first time ever my cheek was hurting of laugh,while I was learning something ,you are an amazing person,hope see you again in Fort Polk!!
    God Bless You!!

  70. David Thompson

    Thanks Bernie, Lots of jokes and laughter with serious undertones. Show was equally relevant for soldiers and civilians.

    Great job!!!!!!!!!


  71. Natasha

    Thank you, Bernie, for your comedy with a message. It was well received.

  72. Lisa Lord

    Thank you Bernie for sharing your story with all of us here at Fort Polk, it really touched my heart and I believed your story touched others as well. Its people like you who inspire other people to do the right thing and making the first step to get help. Once again thank you for all you do and stay focused.

  73. ks

    Loved the show! I laughed till I cried, was saddened at parts and praying that it helped all those who need it. People relate so much better to those that have been through it.. I had an excellent time. Awesome!!!

  74. ED

    The show was great, thanks!

  75. Aerial

    Thank you for the laughs. Loved the message!