Ft Stewart, GA! Bernie is back!

I am loving it here Ft Stewart, GA!  Thank you for bringing me back and  hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I am thankful that you Soldiers defend our Country so proud. I would be so honored if all of you Soldiers came to my Presentations September 5, 2012 at 0900 & 1300. Come share a laugh and make a change. See you soon….

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31 Responses to Ft Stewart, GA! Bernie is back!

  1. alexz rodgersglass

    Thanks for a great show bernie im actually looking into becoming a comic everyone says i should do it lol

  2. Darlene Renee Wedel

    Thanks for visiting and the photo.

  3. SPC Joshua Baggett

    Amazing performance Bernie! Telling your story takes a lot of strength in yourself and I am proud to be one of many who have heard such a touching story. I have lost many friends to alcohol and drug abuse while driving in fact 16 from my graduating class alone from high school. It was an honor to hear your story and have some good laughs. Thank you!

  4. Jamie Wells

    Great show!! Really killed it.

  5. Darnell N Sabrina Singleton

    Great Show Bernie!!! Thank you for visiting Fort Stewart and telling your story. You were very entertaining and hilarious…that hour went by too fast! Thanks so much for the laughs.. I needed that today! Your story was very touching 🙁

  6. Marvin Goodman II

    Hey thanks Bernie for the show today, the perfect combination of laughs, message, tears, and more laughs ur story is inspirational. I appreciate you sharing your story with us Thanks
    Marvin Goodman II

  7. Brian Hopp

    Thanks for coming to Fort Stewart. I like how you based most of your show off of your life, and your family members.

  8. SGT Joshuah Theis

    hey bernie your comedy show was outstanding and provided a good message not just for me but for fellow soldiers so thank you from the deepest down in my heart

  9. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

    I had a great time at your show! Best mandatory function I’ve attended : )

  10. James Crawford

    Thanks for a great show. You really KILLED it! Lol

  11. Richard.Graycochea

    Thanks for coming!!! We really need people like you and your jokes to release some of our stress. 🙂

  12. yalanda

    Great show…enjoyed it

  13. Ayesheia C. Martin

    I really enjoyed the show. Very entertaining and touching.

  14. SPC Chavous

    Good show..

  15. James McKinney

    Thanks for the great show. I enjoyed it.

  16. SPC Garvie, Savannah

    Thank you so much for a great show. You had a very positive message for our group. Thank you for telling your story as well. It was great to know part of your life through your comedy!

  17. Conrad Rojas

    Great show Bernie. Need more people like you to get the word out with this same platform….Keep up the great job you’re doing……….

  18. anthony bliss

    I just wanted to say great show. I have a cousin with Down syndrome and like your brother she is a gift from heaven. Keep doing great things…

  19. PFC Joseph Wucka

    I won’t lie, I came in thinking ‘Wonderful, another mandatory training’ and left happy. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, and I really enjoyed the message and your story as well. Thank you for a wonderful show!

  20. John Davis

    Great and inspiring show. Really appreciate what you are doing by sharing your stories keep up the great work

    John Davis

  21. Robin Ellert

    I never thought that such a somber subject could be so artfully infused with humor and humility. Thank you for sharing your history and hard-learned lessons. Well done!

  22. Matthew Bernick

    Alcoholism can and will destroy families!! I’m grateful for the combination of humor and realism that you presented today. Keep up “the fight” and alcoholism and continue to make educate people with your comedy.

  23. Matthew Bernick

    Alcoholism can and will destroy families!! I’m grateful for the combination of humor and realism that you presented today. Keep up “the fight” against alcoholism and continue to educate people with your comedy.

  24. SPC Ellis

    Bernieeeee…I enjoyed your show and the message behind it was great and easy to relate to and understand. Thanks for showing your face at ft. stewart. Guess what I cooked tonight?…yep you got it…a joint (lol)

  25. Eldotha W. Fields

    Thanks for sharing your personal story.

  26. Tom Cunningham

    Bernie, great show; you really killed it. You’ve got a such a tremendous talent, keep sharing it with the public, don’t keep it in let it all hang out.

  27. shantel

    YEYah just want to say i needed the wonderful laugh that had me crying and laughing at the same time. a week ago tommorrow my g-ma that raised me so i calleed her mom died but a month prior she would call me to ask “where are you” are just to ask what day it was cause i was supposed to go home in july for block leave but my unit didnt allow, well she waited for as long as she could but she went and i didnt get to see her or touch her i didnt get to capture in my mind what her last moments where the army took that from me and there has really been a burden in my soul i carry a desperate need to have her here one more time your testimony somewhat is what i been searching the internet for trying to find a soothing way to cope with death that i wasnt ready for so thank you you made it easier for me to breathe today andnothing felt better than that

  28. Reimar Gutierrez

    Fort Stewart – Great show sparky! You killed’em once more .From this moment forth I pronounce you “Comic Warrior”.You’re welcome by the way for the booster seat, i thought you might like to feel a little more like someone who doesn’t need a fake ID, even if just for an hour. Keep working with the military, man, we appreciate it!

  29. Rey Gutierrez

    Oh, so NOOOOOW it connects with my Facebook account!? After i send my message? How wonderful the way technology works sometimes..No offense, you got Honey BooBoo working on your site?

  30. SPC Taveras, Charles

    Thanks for a great show.

  31. SPC Velez, Rosemarie

    It was a great show. Made for good conversation back at the office. Hope to catch ur show again.