Ft Hood, TX – Congrats SSG Carter and Nicole Hale- I KILLED WINNERS!

The last few days has been simply amazing here at Ft Hood.  Thank you Mrs. Sutton and staff for asking me to bring the tour to Killeen and share with soldiers how much I love them.  To all you troops who attended, thank you for coming even if you HAD TO!  laugh.  Especially thanks to those who did not SLEEP during the show!  🙂  I have been spending the last couple days returning many personal emails to many of you.  Every time a soldier tells me I made him/her laugh, I smile.  Every time a soldier tells me I made him/her think, it makes me want to work the rest of my life.  I do not take my freedom for granted soldiers.  I know the price you have paid for my luxury.  Thank you.  Congrats to SSG Carter and Nicole Hale, who were chosen from our Los Angeles office as show raffle winners!  Anyone else can contact our office for a copy by clicking the CONTACT link on this site. Thank you Ft Hood!  HOORAH!  




 It is impossible to return all Blog messages, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at www.FaceBook.com/ComedianBernie ! Thank you for coming to the show! .


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93 Responses to Ft Hood, TX – Congrats SSG Carter and Nicole Hale- I KILLED WINNERS!

  1. Nicholas Perri

    Thanks for the laughs.

    • Adam Straub

      thanks for the show.

  2. SFC Michael Conner

    Great show thanks for continue support of our military

    God Bless America
    SFC Conner

  3. Nicole krampitz

    You were awesome thank you so much !!!

  4. Jeff Moore

    Good show Bernie. Thank you.

    I like my odds, Post #4

  5. Angel

    Thanks for the laughs, thank you for sharing some of your time with us and for bringing a positive outlook to life through your experiences. You are a great comedian and a great supporter. On a personal level, thank you, I appreciate what you are doing and have been doing.

  6. Tim Valis

    Thanks for the show, Bernie. A welcome relief to the standard “death by powerpoint” presentation.

  7. Craig Gunderson

    Great show thanks for the support and God Bless you and your Family!

  8. Paul Adams

    Saw you this morning, it was really great. Thanks for coming here, we appreciate people like you.

  9. Krista Finch

    Bernie. Dont quit your day job… (see what I did there?!) hope to see you back here again! Funny stuff 🙂

    Cant wait to read the book!

  10. daniel wesch

    Saw your show this morning…hilarious
    keep it up, definitly a welcome change of pace from the usual

  11. Candy Montoya

    Finally a ‘brief’ no one fell asleep to!!! You were great, thanks for coming!

  12. christian delgado

    Thanks for the laughs

  13. Richard Colon

    Great show! Thanks for the laughs and for sharing your story. Come back soon!

  14. Stephen Niederriter

    Thanks Bernie – didnt think my Monday Mandatory training would be like this!

  15. Joshua Pinkston

    Thanks for the laughs man, You made my Monday better.

  16. Leslie Flores

    I was at your show this afternoon. Thank you so much for making our mandatory class a joy to be at. Your story about your little brothers got me a little teary eyed. Great great show!

  17. rod sanders

    u did an awesome JOB…do u know arsenio hall

  18. Joseph Smith

    Awesome show this afternoon, Bernie! It was great to have some comedy added into a briefing like that. Your words were inspirational as well. Keep it up!

  19. Will

    That’s the first time I didn’t have to try and force myself to stay awake for a brief. That was a much appreciated way to start off a Monday.

  20. Doug K

    Bernie, thank you. Your show was great. Much more than I expected. Appreciate what you do for the military members, and even though you make a point of not having worn the “boots”, you have obviously been down the path many in the military have in personal terms. Please keep up the good works, God bless you and yours. And tell your little-big brother “HOWDY”…”HOWDY”…”howdy”!!!

  21. Jim Ambrose

    Great show, and yes, VERY refreshing to have someone address the problems that our military faces without boring us to death with a power point presentation that most are not going to listen to anyway. Lots of good life lessons and laughs. Thanks again!

  22. Kevin M

    Awesome show man way better than the usual power point, you kept us entertained and interested the whole time good job

  23. Stephen Kyle

    I was there, very funny!

  24. Bryant C.

    I enjoyed your show this morning. You hit us with something we least expected. Keep up the good work!!!!!! If only ALL training was like this!!!!!!! 🙂

  25. Patrick M.

    Awesome show. Great way to break the stigma of depression. Hopefully this takes hold and we can avoid more senseless suicides!! Thanks!!

  26. AJ

    Your show was awesome. Very funny but also very informative. You did a great job keeping my attention and getting the severity of the message to us soldiers. Thank you for your dedication to the troop..

  27. Mike Harper

    Great show, glad they allow comedy bit for training, believe more people will relate and actually get something out of it.

  28. Chase Woollen

    Thanks for the laughs and your support!

  29. Camilo Lucas

    Excelent show! I really enjoyed it.

  30. Michael Arceneaux

    Great show, not what I expected from a mandetory class. Thanks for caring.

  31. Lee Cawley

    Great Show look forward to seeing you again.

  32. Daniel Greenfield

    Definitely a lot more effective than the general Alcohol/Drug classes. Thank you for the great show

  33. Taylor karst

    You were the best maditory thing I have ever had to go to thatnks for the stories and the laughs

  34. al

    thanks for making evrybody laugh!

  35. Maria Alberto Padilla

    thanks for making everybody laugh and getting points across to soldiers !

  36. Ahmadou Jabbi

    I had great laugh Berni and thanks for the awesome work you are doing for us. may god bless you and your family. I love the day today and you made that happen. Please come back again soon!!!

  37. John Wolter

    Hey Bernie I was there…. Great show.

  38. steph

    Awesome show!!!

  39. Manuel Martinez

    Bernie that was awesome

  40. Leon

    Good show!!!! Funny

  41. PFC Christina Price

    Bernie. Amazing job. You really motivated me and made me laugh. With a job as hard as ours, we soldiers need as many laughs as we can get.
    Thank you and blessings,

  42. Ray Schone

    Hey Bernie I was there

  43. Lacey Duffy

    Thanks for the most entertaining briefing to date. Unfortunately I can relate to the story about your brother. Thank you so much for supporting the troops!!!

  44. Jake Jacques


    great entertaintment with information embedded in it. was great to talk with you before and after the show! good stuff, wish all the classes we had were like this more people would take more out of it then just having death by power point! Thank you Bernie!

    Eric Jacques
    1st Cav

  45. Nicole Hale


    Thanks for all you do! Your show was truely AWESOME!!! It was a great change of pace from what we are used to, and we all look forward to having you back soon! I am truely sorry to hear about your brothers, but I know you took the positives away from it, and have used the situations to help others. You are a truely gifted comedian, and you wstories DO, DO, DO change the life of more people than we will ever know. Again, thanks for sharing your life experiences with FT Hood, and be blessed!

  46. Chief G

    Thanks Bernie!!! 17.5 years of military service and that had to be one of the most successful training programs; covering some of the most life changing and challenging subjects that mankind goes thru. God bless you and all your loved ones. If you do come back to the area let me know. I will pay for a ticket to see your comedy/ training.

  47. luis

    hey man

    all i have to say is

    thanks for suporting our troops and sharing your story with us

  48. Jonathan Harris

    dear bernie…. your funny as hell im glad i finally got a briefing that was worth listening to and definately wasnt death by power point….

    thanks again man


    great job had some good laughs thanks for everything

  50. Heather McQueary

    I’m lookin at you on stage right now laughing about single people. Thanks for the show. Great times. Oh, and I want a copy, signed. 😀 Love ya, bro!!

  51. SPC rojas

    I was there great job!!!

    God bless

  52. andrew hubbard

    Awesome show

  53. Hector G Fernandez

    Thank you for your support!! Gladly appreciate your comedy and uplifting spirit!! May God Bless your family and welcome to the married life!!

  54. vin chiang

    this is the second time i have seen your show. Your stories are still just as inspirational!

  55. Zachary Leonard

    Great show! Keep doing what youre doing! Much love!

  56. pvt keath j ryan

    Yo bernie! I’m sittin’ ova here. Thanks for the laughs and great story dude. Best wishes to ya and hope to hear more of ya.

  57. Mike Parks

    Bernie, you are freaking hilarious! Dreaded going to mandatory stuff, til today. Thanks for your support. Ps I really want to win that book!

  58. sam garrett

    Great show, I’m pretty sure my truck is stillcrappier than your fiat

  59. Elric Jalo

    Thanks for the laughs, much better than powerpoint!

  60. SFC Newton Rose

    Great performance today, this is by far the best suicide awareness and prevention training, as a matter of fact there was lots of Alcohol awareness included also. I hope that the Army will continue to use this type of foramt for future mandatory trainin of this type. Thanks for supporting us.

  61. Shevon Hurst

    Had a blast today. By far this has been the best manditory class ever. Beats watching death by power point slides. The ice breaker was amazing especially the joke about the speeding camera snap shot. I laughed so hard. Even texted my boyfriend the joke. The message was great drinking and drugs is what a lot of these soldiers face and it was a great idea to promote awareness through comedy. Kept everyone up also at the end looking at your family beautiful family. Thanks again for all you do. You should make a trip up to ft drum Ny if you already haven’t 🙂

  62. W01 Ricardo Silva

    This was great. Having lost my brother years ago I could feel what you were saying. Thanks for the new training concept.

  63. michael newkirk

    I was there it was funny and good stories

  64. Tyler Pahl

    Thanks for coming to Fort Hood! Great session, made my day!

  65. Bryan La Madrid

    Thanks for taking your time to come out to fort hood! Im a firm believer that Comedy IS the cure. 🙂

  66. SPC. Scott, Rodney

    Bernie, thanx for coming out to speak to us soldiers we appreciate the laughs and stories you shared it was alot better then slideshows lol.

  67. SPC Jeremy Killian

    Great presentation. Best mandatory event I had to go to.

  68. Benjamin Kyle Brannan

    Your presentation was awesome. Not at all what I expected when I showed up. Thanks for sharing your experiences and for the laughs.

  69. Matthew Adams

    Thanks for supporting the troops. We all greatly appreciate it. Today was not the first time i have seen you here at Ft Hood. It was great both times. Anyways I just want to say thanks.

  70. Thomas Boghosian

    Thanx for the laughs your show was awesome. Keep up the hard work

  71. Christina

    enjoyed the show!!

  72. Tommy long

    Thanks for the show Bernie! Man that was def different than what I was used to and it is very much appreciated! Good luck in everything you do bro!

  73. Frederick Riley IV

    Due to a paperwork snafu, I actually ended up at the show twice lol. Once alone, another with a buddy of mine from the platoon. Great change from the normal death by power point. Thanks for the show!

  74. Keith miller

    Bernie good show at Ft hood turned my day around.

  75. Andrew baker

    Awesome show. Way better than any other suicide prevention or alcohol awareness brief I’ve ever had



  77. Joseph Williams

    Hi I’m SPC Williams, I was sitting in the front row of your 9:30 to 11:30 class on Aug 29. Thanks for the laughs.

  78. Sheryl Valentine

    Wonderful show!

  79. PFC Kevin Kronenburg

    Really enjoyed the show…You relay a wonderful message. hope to see you again…friggn hilarious!

  80. PFC Banks

    Great show at the howze theater! You are pretty damnfunny! I’m ready to win your book!

  81. SSG Carter


    Your show today was great just like last years! I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I have been having serious issues lately with the effects of those conditions. Your show really hit home with me today and no treatments so far have been helping. Just about to give up hope on all treatments that I have received so far and look for another means of how to cope with my issues.

    Thank you for all you do for us and hope you keep saving lives!!

  82. Michelle Reinsmith

    Thanks for sharing your story, and for the great laughs!

  83. Koroso

    Thanks for the laugh and inspiring message ever keep up the good work for the soldiers i salute you sir.

  84. Spc Jeremy Fleming

    Great show bearnie, you killed it!

  85. PFC Welch

    thanks for the laughs

  86. PFC Hodde (pronounced "HOTTIE" - crazy, right), Kristin

    Bernie – I wanted to personally thank you for the “SAFETY BRIEFING” you gave the troops today. Unfortunately, the tears were beginning to roll and I couldn’t stop them… Thank you for sharing your story and your laughter… PFC Hodde

  87. SFC Hansen

    Appreciate the show and the message. MUCH better than our standard briefings on these things. Thanks & tell Sean that Fort Hood says Howdy.

  88. Chris Browning

    Thanks for everything you do. It’s one thing to be able to do something great because you are good at it, but to do something great for the troops because it may “reach” someone is totally different! Thank you again for the message! *Salute*

  89. Thomas

    Loved the show

  90. SSG Scott Reynolds

    Bernie, I would like to start by saying what a wonderful comedy stint you did today. OMG, I laughed so hard. I was in the third row so I had a great shot. Absolutely fabulous. The message was loud and clear to the Soldiers in the audience. The room was somber and quiet, all of us were engaged in your speech. Comedy is a great was to bring up important situations. It keeps the audience targeted and amused. I appreciate it. Being a staff sergeant I had to run out afterwards to get back to my unit. The reason why I was there to begin with is my sergeant set me up being that they asked him for a name and I was on leave. Guess his joke backfired on him and I got to brag about the show for the rest of the day. Thank you once again, keep them laughing, Scott

  91. Shawn Schneckloth

    Great show!

  92. London Du'Bois


    I tryuly enjoyed your show. I was wondering how you were going bring the message after having me laughing so hard, but you were brilliant in your transition. Our stories are similiar, except for me not losing a brother. God has given you a talent to reach people that others may not be able to, use it well my friend. I hope that you will be able to make it back to Ft Knox one day. The people loved you here. Take care my friend.