133rd Airlift Wing, MN! Happpy Hour lands at MSP

It was an honor to take the stage at 0900 this morning for the 133rd Airlift Wing, in MN! A day of Airmen core values and traditions, which I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of. I met so many great Wingmen, and appreciate Chaplain E, Major Todd, Col H, and General C for being in attendance and organizing this day. It was warming up in that puppy today, but your laughter kept me going. I hope you take home something from that show that inspires you to continue being the best you can be. I am thankful that you Airmen defend our Country so proud.

Our incredible AirGuard Wingmen!  Warriors not only on weekends!

  My brother Sean and Sister Debra!

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43 Responses to 133rd Airlift Wing, MN! Happpy Hour lands at MSP

  1. Matthew Larson

    I was there, thanks for the laughs and your story.

  2. gayle poepping

    Enjoyed your show! Thanks for the laughs and sharing your story. Gayle

  3. Erin Kerr

    Great show today!

  4. Brandon Horst

    It was a wonderful show, great laughs and good story.

  5. Stuart Blank

    I was at the show and it was great. Does his comedy and then slaps you with a life lesson when your not looking. Would watch it again in a heartbeat.

  6. Lonnie Ballweg

    Your Happy hour was AWESOME!! Great transition from laughing to getting real and then back to laughing.

  7. Robert Stevens

    Fantastic, great show today.

  8. nick crovetti

    great story, great show. thanks for coming out.

  9. Jee Taylor

    You definitely Killed the show today! Thanks for the laughs!

  10. Carri Beck

    I was there! Thanks for the entertainment!! You were great!

  11. Derek Hanson

    I attended the show! A very creative and entertaining delivery of comedy meets real life struggles. Thank you for sharing your story, God Bless.

  12. Jamy Tikalsky

    Awesome show!!!! Thanks for sharing your story and message.

  13. Maria Schoenbeck

    I attended the show!!! Thank you so much for making our Wingman Day more memorable!! You definately killed the show! Thanks for sharing and making a difference!

  14. Scott Leffler

    I was sitting next to Maria and Jamy (See comments) and they were laughing their heads off. Great show, you killed it…

  15. David Lockhart

    Fav part: “I’m wondering how many butts have sat on this stool….this is prolly why I’m sick..” Great show! Thanks

  16. Kyle

    I usually don’t find many comedians to be all that funny, however you were hilarious!!!!! Great job today and great takeaway!! Very inspiring!!

  17. Jake Brenholdt

    Thanks for a great show! 133rd AW

  18. Mike Westenberger

    Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your show today at work. I went there not knowing anything about you or even that our base was hosting a comedian that day. I was happily surprised by the humor and would like to comment also that it was inspirational/relational to me on a number of levels.

  19. Yvette Schue

    Thanks for coming. Your show was funny, but also touching. God Bless You!

  20. Marty Schiltz

    Great show..very funny! Also a very powerful story. Thanks for sharing with us.

  21. Chad Lybarger

    Great show. Fantastic way to get your message across.

  22. Amanda Nowell

    Wow! So many laughes!! What a powerful story! It was great to hear the bad go to worse and then rise up and be inspirational. One of the best trainings we’ve had. Thanks for sharing.

  23. MSgt Rich Krivanek

    Thank you for coming to the 133rd AW and sharing your story. While on active duty, I had 3 fellow crew members commit suicide. I thought of them today. My pleasure to give you the patch off of my flight suit.

  24. Ted Nicholson

    funniest show I have ever watched in my life 🙂

  25. Brian Douville

    It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so much, and I’ve never reflected so deeply on life’s challenges and blessings. Many thanks for sharing your unique perspective, Bernie!

  26. Brad Volk

    The show was great and the lesson was greater!!! You killed it!!

  27. John Doerschuk

    Awesome show at the 133rd Air Wing you are one of the funniest comedians and I thought the message you delivered was eye opening. Keep delivering that message and keep being one of the funniest comedians.

  28. Alex Stuart

    Incredible show! Thanks for making us laugh and sharing your life with us

  29. Robert Gregor

    Thank you for bringing your show to the 133rd. In my 10 years in the military this is one of the best training events I have attended.

  30. Natalie Hedberg

    Absolutely loved your show! We are consistently bombarded with the same videos and power points. Your show was not only incredibly entertaining, but also really got your message across. Keep doing what you’re doing! You really are making a difference!

  31. Jeff Smith

    Thanks for a great show Bernie! I think many of us were dreading another briefing, but your humor made it great! Thanks for taking the time to support your country in this way.

  32. Travis Miles


    Thanks for the great show and making training fun!! The only problem is everyone asked me the rest of the day if I really do wear a Speedo. Keep up the great work!

  33. Samantha

    You were awesome! Thanks so much for coming!

  34. Becky Tongen

    Great show! Definitly went from being hilarious to very realistic…… Thanks for sharing! 

  35. Robert Potter

    Thank you Bernie for your gift of humor, and the courage to share your story. [(:{)

  36. Sandy Best

    You Killed! From laughter to tears and back, it was very enjoyable, entertaining and touching! Thank you!

  37. Wesley Musgrove

    Incredible show! Thanks for making us laugh and helping us understand what’s important in life!

  38. Sarah Miller

    What a great show! I wasn’t that excited about ‘mandatory laughter,’ but you killed. Thanks!

  39. Chris Christiansen

    Great show Bernie, thanks for sharing your story!

  40. Tony Jones

    Great message Bernie McGrenahan! I work Joint with Army and Air and would like to share your message form Sunday morning with the 3 Army guys that were not present. How can I get a copy of this presentation or another one that you may have? Thanks again.

  41. Rory Papenfuss

    You definitely KILLED IT Bernie!! What a great way to get an important but often uncomfortable and difficult message across! I look forward to the show again!

  42. Steve Randall

    Great show Bernie. Thank you!!!

  43. Shey

    Comedy is defiantly the cure. Your show was great, very inspirational. The way you delivered the message was great with an outstanding approach.
    You kept the attention of the soldiers and civilians making them laugh and really pulled them in when you delivered the most important message. It takes skill to do what you do and I appreciate you. God bless!!!