Tinker, OK! Happy Hour is Rolling In…….

I love it here at Tinker AFB, OK! Thank you Tinker AFB for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Training. You Sailors and Airmen never fail to impress me. I am honored that you defend our Country proud. Thank you for your Service. We appreciate all that you do day in and day out. I am here July 18, 2012 at  the Tinker Theater at 0800 & 1300. Come say hello, share a laugh…make a difference!




My brother Scott.  Me LIVE :)

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45 Responses to Tinker, OK! Happy Hour is Rolling In…….

  1. Carl

    Great motivational speach! Keep up the good work!

  2. Nicola Martin

    You were great. Thank you!

  3. Drayton Dobbs

    Great Job spreading the word. Thank You.

  4. Chris A Lafler

    Awesome way to give us the training on how drinking can destroy ones life. I loved the comment about our collective laughs though.

  5. michael h

    Great show. Congratulations on your marriage and sorry bout your crap car.

  6. Willis, Jordan

    Very motivational. The jokes help soften us up to get the emotional aspect through. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

  7. Bernie Greteman

    Simply Put Bernie “You killed today.” Best training I’ve had in 18 years. Thanks for what your doing.

  8. Stetson

    Thanks for coming to tinker, best training yet…

  9. Brett Campbell

    Wanted to say that was a great show. Helped keep us awake and part of the show. And thanks for not powerpointing us to death.

  10. Rik Hurst

    Awesome show, thanks for making a lot of tough training subjects tolerable and enjoyable.

  11. Jacob Dow

    It was the best manditory training ever.

  12. Sean Pittman

    Thanks for the training Bernie!! Best training I have had in 22 years in the Navy! Your story is very motivating and your presentation is great! Take care of your brother sand hope to see you again!!

  13. Rick Gisclair

    Great show, Thanks for making the training worth our time.

    Disgruntled ford owner

  14. Craig Frazier

    Best mandatory training ever! Thanks for everything you do. Keep spreading the word.
    You “Killed It”.

  15. matthew

    was amazing training and like u i have struggled with alcohol and know exactly what u have gone through and hearing u say how long u been sober for def gives me hope ty and good luck to u

  16. Angela Chapman

    Thank you for the training today! It was the best mandatory training!

  17. Andrew Eaves

    Awesome training, thanks for the laughs.

  18. Joshua Gibson

    A great spin on all to often, “Dry Training.” Thanks for sharing!


    Pretty dang FUNNY..but kinda depressing end. All in all its Alot better then power point!!

  20. Gracie Wilkerson

    Thank you for the laughs and trainging today! It was the best mandatory training yet.

  21. Kelcey Cruser

    Thanks for the training Bernie!! Best training I have ever had in the Navy! You “killed it” today. I appreciate your time and the effort. Thanks for everything!

  22. Wesley DePue

    Bernie thanks for the motivating, energetic and charismatic presentation that you gave this morning. By far the best memorable training we have recieved bar none. Thanks for what you do and how you deliver the message “Don’t Drink and Drive, Situation awareness and actions have consequences”.

  23. Aaron Nelson

    Thank you for the best informal formal training that I’ve ever experienced. This was the first time I’ve experienced a succesful blend of comedy and Naval training. I hope to see you back again sometime. Wish you and yours the best. God bless.

  24. Jeremy Morris

    Bernie, thank you! Excellent show and I appreciate you taking the time to speak to the Armed Forces.

  25. Steven Raymer

    You killed!!!! Thank you

  26. Chris Chandler

    Great job Bernie! Very well put together message, that is relatable and will have an impact.

  27. Michael bowers

    You “killed” it today. Didn’t find out about this training til yesterday evening. I was thinking oh great more slides, but you brought the show and it was amazing. Great jokes, made everyone laugh, and some great motivational speaking. Thank you for visiting!

  28. Monte Ellis

    Bernie, great message and great presentation. Thanks for sharing your story and for the laughs.

  29. Josh Vargas

    Ignore all these silly people and give me my free book

  30. Bill Schisler

    Outstanding training with great comedic twist. Your naturally gifted to motivate through comedy. Excellent “Kill”!

  31. Erica Schaefer

    Thanks for coming out and giving us a great show! You are proof that anyone can overcome a speedbump and make the best out of negative situations!

  32. Jeff Fick

    That was an amazing show one which had a great meaning and purpose thank you for putting us into your schedule. You definitely need to come back again.

  33. Bill Bitner

    Awesome show Bernie. Your presentation really pulled everyone in and allowed you to deliver your message. Well done!! You Killed!

  34. James McKanna

    You we’re a rock star. Thanks so much for the training. I know you reached people more so then any speaker I’ve seen before.

  35. Eileen Feldman

    Your Happy Hour training at Tinker Air Force Base was the best I’ve attended in 16 years! Thanks for sharing your life stories while also putting valuable information!

  36. Tim Jacobson

    Very powerful story you had, glad to see it being used in a positive way! Thanks for everything!

  37. Ryan Swank

    Thanks for coming out! Way better than the standard power point.

  38. Jeremy

    Thank you for your continued support to the military and alcohol abuse prevention.

  39. MC

    Appreciate you taking the time out of your day to speak to us, it was an excellent start to the day!

  40. jessica boeckman

    Thank you for the amazing performance, it was the best training I’ve ever had! I would see one of your shows even if it was not mandatory! :-D

  41. Jason Smith


    That was an awesome, powerful, and motivational speech today at the Tinker Base Theater. Thanks for sharing your stories and making us all laugh today!!

  42. Mike Brence

    You killed today! Thanks for coming and shearing your life with us.

  43. theresa ramirez

    Awesome show thank you so much way better than death by powerpoint!!!!


    I’m putting you officially on 12’s.

  45. Raquel Guyyoche

    Thanks for sharing your amazing story and making us laugh at the same time. This is the first mandatory training that we the NAVY truly enjoyed. We hope to see you again!!! :)