NAS Pensacola, FL! Happy Hour is Rolling In……

It feels great to be here at NAS Pensacola, FL! Beautiful. Thank you NAS Pensacola  for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. We appreciate all that you do. My hat is off to you amazing Sailors and Marines. You are why our Freedom is possible. Thank you for your service. Come say hello and share a laugh…make a change! July 10, 2012 at 1000 & 1300.



My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE :) My brother Scott.

Thank you for your comments. It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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79 Responses to NAS Pensacola, FL! Happy Hour is Rolling In……

  1. Yanique Biek

    Your show today was quite inspiring and I am quite sure it touched everyone who was present, so much so that I just had to skip chow to leave a comment (I wanted the book too lol). Keep doing what you’re doing as I’m sure God’s plan for you is to save lives through your work. Many thanks for visiting the NAS Pensacola.

    Airman Biek

  2. Rachael Lee

    Bernie, I just saw your show for NAS today and absolutely loved it. You story about your brother, Scott, hit right at home for me due to my struggles with an alcoholic father. Thank you so much, you killed me!

  3. signaret morehead

    Thank you for the laughs today and the story. I was heading down the same road as your brother until my family saved my life.

  4. nathaniel sanchez

    You made my day I appreciate you coming out here to see us. It was funny and inspiring.

  5. Thomas Hagy

    Thanks for the show, and thanks for the support.

  6. Nicholas Maxwell

    Bernie, I went to your Happy Hour Tour in NAS Pensacola. Normally Military Training is dull, long, and boring. Your Happy Hour tour was none of those. I found it funny, entertaining and imformative. Thank You

    P.S. I support your Waiting Rooms with EPSN in grocery stores. Lets get going on that. lol

  7. Jennifer King

    I went to your show today at NAS and thought it was great! It was nice to have someone share personal (trumatic) experience with us. It’s puts things on a more personal level. Presenting such a serious topic with a light heart and jokes helped me pay attention and maybe “wake up” to things around me and my actions. Thank you for your visit-

  8. A0 Travis Clark

    Your stories about your Life & brothers were very inspiring…Bernie I personally believe that the world needs more people like U! Take care & may GOD bless U & yourS & thnks’ 4 tha laughs 2Day h0000000yah NavY…btway I got married like 2 wks ago 4 tha 1st time as well @ 33 yrs young, we built 4 this ;-)!!!

  9. Braxton James

    Great Show1

  10. Luke Harlin

    Hey Bernie I was at your Happy hour here at NAS Pensacola. Thanks for the great laughs and inspiration. Everything you said is so true. I’m glad that there are people like you who are willing to go against the grain of society and do such shows that actually have a message.I know personally suicide hits home with me. Sadly i have a few friends that are gone because of alcohol and suicides. Sad to say i’m only 18…..but what ever you do don’t stop doing this. comedy really does cure.

  11. Daniel allen

    Great show bernie

  12. Christian McLaughlin

    The show was awsome, lots of jokes and humor and you eased it right into the serious part very well. Everything tied together and made sense and it was very touching. I was able to take something from you being here, thanks so much

  13. Maria Caceres

    NAS Pensacola 10 July 12 @ 1000 session. A total moving, eloquent, engaging and well balanced presentation not never before. I laughed, I cry, and I laugh again. What an amazing talent. God bless.


  14. Alex Firehammer

    I was quite moved by your story about your family. God has a plan for all of us. Thank you for coming down to Pensacola. May God Bless You and Keep You.


  15. Josh

    Good show was funny. It got hotter than two rats ****ing in a wool sock in there. Not your fault though.

  16. Randall


    I just wanted to say that you killed it today. Thank you for coming out it was a pleasure having you here in Pensacola. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

    Randall Lundy

  17. Shelia McNeely

    Mixed bag of emotions today great laughter sprinkled with tears. Lives will be changed today. Thanks again for bringing your life story to us. We are our brothers/sisters keepers.

  18. AN Graham

    Great Show!

  19. Melanie serio

    You killed,
    Awesome show thanks so much for the laughs!

  20. amanda smith

    Loved the show.

  21. ABE2 Tyler Diamond

    Great show sir thank you so much we need more shows and people like you it teaches younger people to think. Once again thatnk you

  22. joseph henderson

    great show sir liked the joke and how u interpreted it into a class and teaching


    you killed

  24. Ronni Nichol

    It was an honor to hear your Happy Hour show at NAS Pensacola. I work at the FFSC so know all too well the impact alcohol and drug abuse has on our military men and women. Your approach opens the door for more people to seek the help they need. Thank you.

  25. LCpl Owens

    That you for coming out for all of us. I enjoyed having a laugh from your humor and listening to your life story and learning from it. I’m sure we all greatly respect you coming out to teach us such an important life lesson and in a way that’s much more enjoyable then how we usually get lectured on these things. OORAH!

  26. Justin Annis

    Hey Bernie, great show! I Love the moral based comedy, it takes some serious talent to combine good clean comedy, with relatable issues in society. I am thankful for your appreciation of the military, and your open willingness to entertain us! Semper Fi brother, keep up the good work!

  27. Joe Daly

    I truly enjoyed your show and talking to you afterwards about my personal experience. Thank you for the advice and inspiration, it meant a lot to me.

  28. victor brinson

    Your show was really great I enjoyed the laughter and appreciated the message you telling the military. You may not be US military but I will say I am proud to fight for such outstanding American person like you. Thank you!

  29. An Baez, Brandyn

    Killed it today, great show. Thanks for supporting.

  30. jason domoleczny

    great show it hit me hard when you were talking about your brother and having a handycap well it made me think of my brother and his problems and it just hits home when i think what me and my brother have been through and how i still talk to him from time to time but not enough to let him know how much i care and well i am just glad i got to see your show and have a good time keep up the good work your doing hope you and your brother keep close so you can enjoy the time you guys get to spend together its a true blessing alot of people dont have enjoy what you do and god bless

  31. DeVaughn Falls

    Blueberry captain crunch all day!

  32. Adrian Leal

    Great show & a great message! I enjoyed all the laughter & thank you very much for coming

  33. Rhea Weatherspoonrhea

    The show was great…keep up the good work

  34. Caleb Shelhamer

    Great show. I enjoyed it very much.

  35. Catherine Scarpitto

    Great show, great message, great inspiration!
    Thank you!

    • DeVaughn Falls

      Haha your first name is Catherine

      • Catherine Scarpitto


  36. Felisha Watkins

    I enjoyed your show very much! Your jokes were funny and your stories were inspiring. Keep up the great work :)

  37. LCpl Freeman

    Thank you so much for coming out and showing us the love Bernie. You KILLED. I was dying laughing in the beginning and on the verge of tears at the end. It was a powerful show, and I know at least everyone that was their with me was moved! We need more role models like you in our lives, alot of people tend to lose sight of themselves here. I struggled with drugs and alcohol myself which one of the many reasons I joined the Corps to begin with. Again, thank you so much!
    God Bless

  38. Kathy Vail

    great show!
    loved to laugh
    was very moved by your story
    I hope our peeps heard and continue to take care of selves and each other!

  39. Nicholas Peat

    Hey Bernie, thank you so much for doing the show today, I really appreciate it. I love comedy and your jokes were very good, I had a fun time. You were also very inspiring, I hope everything continues to go well for you. I hope to see you perform again someday, thanks!

  40. Mademoiselle Nonles

    :) FUN SHOW! Your story was delightful and quite touching as well. I adore your relationship with your brother and the fact that you changed your life rather than letting yourself fall into a deeper hole with what was happening in your life.

    Keep making people laugh and sharing the stories and the jokes!! :p

  41. Jason Simmons

    I really enjoyed the show today Bernie! It was very funny and I’m glad I was forced to go haha. But on a serious note I really enjoyed the message you provided us. It was very inspirational and motivational for myself. Thank you very much!!!

  42. Airman L. Allen

    Loved your show! And greatly appreciate the support! Thank you.

  43. Justin Levine

    Your show today was great, I thank ATT for making us go. I doubt I would have heard about this if they hadn’t have. the jokes were funny with a serious message, i dont think that many comedians can pull that off. Thank you.

  44. Viviana Castillo

    Like most all of us there today I was told I had to be at your show today and was not super excited, but as I was told to leave I again was not super excited about it. I am glad I was forced to be there! It was awesome! Your show was very touching. You are such a survivor and I’m sure a true inspiration to many people. Thank you for your support and keep up the amazing work.

  45. Tyler Jon moehring

    Thank you for the great show. It was a life changer. I went back to my room and called my little sister and brother right away. You fight for lives in your on way. Keep it up

  46. Kevin

    Thanks for the show Bernie, not the first time I’ve seen it, but certainly a worthwhile refresher and a very important message that needs to be reiterated. Thank you again.

  47. Jason Nichols

    Hey Bernie. Thanks for killing me today. Your show was great. Very funny and a very important message. Keep up the good work, your doing a great job.

  48. javier salinas

    Thanks for the awesome show today Bernie. I loved every part of it, it made me laugh and it made me think about what you said. Thank you for your support.

  49. Chase

    Great show! Coolest mandatory event I’ve been to so far. And good message too.

  50. Bazanarauz

    Great Show Today… You were real funny but I did get emotional about your brother passing away. I know what it feel like to lose someone. I lost my son almost two years ago and I got so angry with God that I started doing stupid things also. All I am really trying to say is your story touched me alot in a positive way and I hope other people can be touched the same way. I appreciate You… God Bless

  51. Kristin Burleson

    Great show today! Very funny. Thank you so much! God Bless :)

  52. Tom Barber

    Thanks for the great show, Oorah!

  53. Connor McGarry

    I just wanted to say that your show today was amazing. It was nice to have a break with some great comedy, but along with a message. The way the two incorporate into your show makes it very powerful. Thank you for your story and for helping military members worldwide. Keep up the good work!!

  54. Remy Gooch

    You killed today at your comedy show! Your story was quite inspirational and sorry for your loss! Keep doing what you do and as marines would say, “give em hell.” Thanks for the laughs today, oorah!

  55. AWFAA thornton

    you sucked …. lol well u said to say it but man u were great loved every minute! takes all the horrible dry talks we normally recieve great story and life hope u tour finishes well and u have a blessed day,week,life god bless. brad-

  56. Alexis

    You killed today for sure. I walked into that room thinking this brief was going to be boring. But as soon as you stepped foot out on that stage I sat up in my seat and I was busting up the entire time!!! Then once you started getting into your personal expereince I could relate. I just wanted to thank you and also say that you are great at what you do. Best of luck to you.

  57. Stephen H

    Awesome show! Thanks for making a military presentation NOT boring!

  58. Amanda Criswell

    I was dreading the presentation we had today at NAS, until you got up on stage and moved everyone in the crowd with your awesome jokes, and touching stories. Thank you for sharing your story and opening peoples eye’s to what can really happen when people get careless with alcohol. Amazing show!

  59. Nate Price-Presslaff

    Amazing show today… It was a great break from the everyday military routine. Your story is mind-blowing and incredible. For you to be able to make me laugh, cry, and do some self-reflection in one hour is remarkable! Keep up the good work and Best Wished to you and your family.

  60. Elisapet Masina (AM)

    I love all your jokes… had me rolling on the balcony!! I was having a ‘blah’ of a day but after your show it really brightened my day!! COMEDY IS THE CURE!! I can connect with alcohol having taken the life of a close and love one! But only through God and forgiveness….plus with a lot of laughter and family support are we only to overcome these demons! Have a good week!!

  61. pfc kilpatrick

    you killed it today thank you so much for coming out it was awesome.

  62. Devyn Brower

    I didnt want to come today I thought it was gonna be some stupid thing we were all required to go to but I had an awesome time!!! Your jokes were awesome and I loved everyone of them. And thank you for telling us your story. Not many people would share that stuff. Hope to see you at another base one day. Thank you for giving us a good time!
    God Bless!

  63. John moreira

    I whant to start by saying Thank you for coming to our base to perform. You were really funny and, the Things you were constantly coming up with just kept the laughter going. Of course you were from NYC! Explaines the swag!! I’m from the Bronx as well and I’m glad to see a success story like yours. I had a similar life back in the Bronx, kingsbridge area o be exact,but I feel inspired when I see people as your self do what they do. You were hilariouse thanks again for the show.

  64. James Green

    Thanks for coming to our base today and not only giving us a great show, but an inspiring life story as well. I was NOT expecting to be watching such a great comedy act as well as a motivational speech. You really do great work, and thank you for your support of the military!

  65. Joshua Frank

    What and awesome show, I really enjoyed your comedy along with your life story. Your life story presents the message at hand and the comedy keeps the audience alert. I was very impresssed and I would suggest your presentation to everybody I knew. Very Inspirational!! Thank You!!
    Joshua Frank

  66. Cody Dodd

    awesome show today bernie! thanks for the great comedy and message

  67. Gabrielle Allicia Martinez

    That was one of the best suicide awarness presentations I have ever seen. I personally want to thank you to opening my eyes to realize that some people do need help and sometimes we don’t see it. I’m going to make a point to seek help for my sibling. Thank you for your personal experience and story.

    Airman martinez

  68. Raymond Pirmantgen

    Thank you for the show, and especially for the message. It was truly inspirational.

  69. LCPL Dela Rosa

    Hey Bernie, saw your show today and was honestly touched by your life story. It is becoming all too common now and days for people to stay secluded and afraid to ask for help and now I honestly believe that your show can and will save many of our armed forces service members from making bad decisions. I thank you for making a difference in this world. Thank you Bernie. Hoorah.

  70. justin fischer

    great show. thanks for visiting nas pensacola

  71. Jacob Gamez

    Hey thanks for coming out here, I miss chow but is okay, I better get one of those books, hahhahaha

    your stories were really emotional, it really made me realize how stupid we are at times.

    Thanks for what you are doing out there.
    good work.

  72. SN Nickolas Politika

    Thanks for the laughs and the message. Good luck, kill them good in your future shows. PS I was there

  73. PFC Montiel Mayoral

    Thanks for coming out and telling your life story. I really thought that it was gonna be a boring lecture on alcohol and suicide. I thought I was gonna fall asleep through It but I am sure that a lot of us are greatful for the mandatory comedy show. I thought your show was great! I was deffinitely inspired and I’m sure to watch my fellow brothers and sisters and to watch out for any sort of warning signs.
    I really admire you for your strength of telling your story countless times just so you can prevent the pain of losing anyone to the dangers of alcoholism and depression.
    I also wanna meet your brother and I understand how you think he’s has an amazing life bc I know what it’s like to live with people with disabilities.

    You really made an impact on me today and I thank you.
    God Bless You Bernie
    Semper Fi

  74. Peter Lumawag

    This is definitely the most different approach I have seen. I like it. Awesome job! Really funny and effective.

  75. AN Strautmann

    Bernie your show brought me back to some of the more difficult times in my life. It also made me think of decisions I wish I could change from my own past. However, your story was inspirational and hit home for me. I wil not get into detail here. Thanks for coming; I enjoyed the laughs. God bless!

  76. Jose Pulgarin

    Great Show. Thanks

  77. John Wells

    Bernie! Loved the show yesterday here at NAS Pensacola. I was searching the Internet to try and find your CD but can’t find it anywhere! A little help? Thanks!