Naval Station Mayport, FL. Happy Hour is here!

I must say, it is beautiful here at Naval Station Mayport, FL! I am pumped up and ready to Rock and Roll. Thank you Naval Station Mayport  for hosting my Happy Hour Tour. I appreciate my freedom every day, that is only possible because of you amazing Sailors and Marines that defend our Country proud. We salute you. Please come and say hello while I am here June 14, 2012  at 1400 . Come laugh….

My brother Sean and I. Sean,Debra and I. RIP- My brother Scott. I miss him.

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4 Responses to Naval Station Mayport, FL. Happy Hour is here!

  1. CS1 Craig Merrill

    Bernie thanks for the laughs,and the story of your life, I just wish my brother was like yours…oh and at least you got my last name right the first time, it takes these people in the south at least 3 times to get it right… Peace, God bless…

  2. BM2 David Searles

    Hey Bernie,
    Thanks for all the laughs and your story. It takes a lot of guts to do what you do. You definitely killed it today!

  3. ACAN Littler

    Hey Bernie, Thanks so much for the laughs and the great message. It was a great time. I was so glad u showed such an interest in our CSADD program. I was one of the females in the Blue thumbs-up shirts. Our CSADD chapter definitely has some big things planned so keep an eye out for us! I am only 19 and you kept my attention so i have to say that you really killed it today! I hope to get some more great training from you at future duty stations!

  4. EN1 Bryan Pentlin

    Thanks so much for the show!! It was very imformational and extremely funny!!! Your a great entertainer and I appreciate everything you do. Thanks again!