Travis AFB, CA! Happy Hour Rolls in……..

I love my home State. Digging it here at Travis AFB, CA. Feels good to be back!  Thank you Travis AFB for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I hope all of you Airmen make it a point to come and say hello while I am here June 4-5, 2012.  I bring more than laughs…….I make you think! Come see for yourself!


God Bless America! Mt brother Sean and I, Me LIVE!

Hit me here with a comment, but it will not post immediately. It will post shortly, so come back and you will see it. It is impossible to return all Blog messages, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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84 Responses to Travis AFB, CA! Happy Hour Rolls in……..

  1. Veronica McGregor

    Dude! You were freaking awesome today! Loved your show!

  2. Maggie Mata

    Thanks for the laughs and education on alcohol, drugs, and sexual abuse. Yes, we all have a story. I tell mine to my troops often. God bless you Bernie.

  3. Travis Luttrull

    Hey man, you were awesome today. Very funny, and your story was very informing. Keep it up!!

  4. Simon Shelton

    You, sir, are really funny. I love how you combine humor with important messages. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  5. Kristin Giesler

    That was an awesome show you just put on! Thank you so much for taking the time during your “honeymoon” to hang out with us! You rock! And congrats on the marriage!

  6. Alyssa Turner

    Bernie thank you for your comedy and amazing message! With much appreciation, Lt Turner

  7. Samuel Cash

    Thanks Bernie! I was there!

  8. Yolanda Backus

    Always a complicated message to convey–nothing like some life experience to really touch people. Thank you.

  9. mike doug

    You killed it! Look forward to seeing you come back!

  10. CMSgt John Evalle

    Bernie, On behalf of all Travis Leadership – thank you for sharing your time, comedy, and powerful messages. WR Chief John Evalle, 60 AMW/CCM

  11. Tracy Popey

    Great message – awesome delivery! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  12. amanda solo

    Your act this morning was funny and inspreational. I really enjoyed it. Thank you! And Congrats on your wedding!

    -Amn Solo

  13. Jake Lagodzinski

    Loved the Show Bernie! You made a killin! Keep up the good work;)

  14. Lukas

    You killed Bernie!

  15. Kirk Vanderpool

    Awesome show, you really killed. I enjoyed your message and you really made me laugh.

  16. Danielle Scott

    Thank you for sharing your story!

  17. Roland LaFrance

    What a fantastic show, Bernie, hilarious AND moving–you killed today! Thank you for supporting the world’s best Air Force!

  18. Brandon Costantini

    Thats a very tough message to relay and your presentation was a great way to laugh and definitely get ur message across. Thank You!

  19. Dario Gutierrez

    “you, your funny you!”(my attempt at a Robert Deniro impression) and thank you for your service

  20. courtney harper

    You were great and what a great and hard story you shared with us! Thank you!

  21. Jackson Goss

    Bernie! Great show! I was cracking up about the toilet paper joke, you made me laugh til I was crying. Thanks!

  22. Lt Col Mike Phillips

    We lost my brother 7 years ago, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Your stories today reminded me just how much I miss our Friday afternoon phone calls. Thanks for sharing your stories and message in a way everyone could relate!
    Lt Col Mike Phillips, 60 CS/CC

  23. Steven Nelson

    Awesome show you should defiantly come back again next year. Man area in the grocery store was awesome.

  24. David Rothas

    Congratulations on the recent wedding and thanks for coming to Travis and sharing today.

  25. Mercede Dalton

    Just wanted to say your show was great. I’m aspiring to be a comedian. I especially liked the fact that you have a real valid message for folks. Keep rocking.

  26. Beth Weaver

    Thank u for sharing your story. FIRST comedian to make me laugh. Very touching also.

  27. Travis Reed

    Show was great boss. Looking forward to the next one.

  28. Matthew Garza

    Thanks so much for coming out to Travis. Great message and well delivered. Well done, come back soon!

  29. Maynard Galvez

    Thanks for sharing your life experiences with us. Very inspiring!

  30. Tyler Laude

    Amazing show, Bernie!

  31. Mark

    Great show this morning at the Travis base Theater! Looking forward to your next stop at Beale or LA Air Station!

  32. Adam Bozeman

    You look way older in person than your poster. Great show with a great message. Thanks for doing what you do.

  33. Will Rawlings

    Thanks for the show Bernie. Your message really hits home with me. You brightened my day.

  34. Jason

    I thought your show was very funny. You knew how to mix humor and real world situations to a tee. Thank your for taking your time and talking to the 1%. Keep up the good work.

  35. Chris Reicherts

    Very cool, thank you!

  36. stephen barlak

    BERNIE you killed Travis..Awesome show, hope your shows always kill en. Thanks again.

  37. Ryan Carpenter

    Thanks! Best mandatory event I’ve been to in 15 years!

  38. Craig Heckel

    Thank you for coming to Travis!..and thanks for sharing a great message and powerful story.. come back again!

  39. April Ligato

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  40. SSgt Mariann Harris

    Bernie, it’s been great working with you! You are a true blessing from God! He has given you an AMAZING gift! It was nice being able to make your stay a great one and I am glad that I was part of making this trip happen!! We will be in touch! Thank you for your advise on the loss of my brother as well, I appreciated the time spent talking about our brothers that are in heaven!!!!
    – Mariann, Mental Health Tech

  41. Dwayne Johnson

    Excellent show and even better message! Thanks for visiting Travis AFB.

  42. A1C Melissa Davis

    Hey Bernie, Thanks for everything we talked about and the story you told. Your an inspiration and You Killed your show. I’m sorry for what happened to you but happy that you were strong enough to turn your life around and become the person you are today. Congrats on getting married. 🙂

  43. Raymond Sloan

    Thanks for the food for thought! Great show! Thanks. You killed!

  44. Captain Kimbray McNeal


    Your message was AMAZING!!! Your story reminds me of my favorite scripture in the bible— Jeremiah 29:11 (For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future. I pray that God continues to bless you, as you touch the lives of all you encounter.

    ~LCSW, Mental Health Officer~

  45. Captain Kimbray McNeal

    Forgot to say that I had a GREAT time despite the fact that you called me out for snorting… LOL!!!

  46. Keith Vershay

    Great show. Great message. Keep up the good work!

  47. johan clay

    I was there Mr. B
    Love the show and thanks for supporting the troops

  48. Claire


  49. SSgt Elizabeth Bilyeu

    You killed it today!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your life experiences and delivering such a positive message!!!!! I really appreciate you!!!!

  50. Amanda Wallace

    Great Message!! Very funny and got a great point across! Cant wait to see your show the next time around!

  51. Scott

    Great show! Its great to hear life lessons from someone who has walked that road. Thanks for sharing your story – very powerful!

  52. J.A.C.

    Hey B, that was great today. Those briefings are usually a MAJOR drag so it was nice to have a bit of laughs before the serious stuff. Thanks.

  53. Amanda

    Great show today! Really enjoyed the stand-up and was moved by your life’s story.

  54. George Kreopolidis

    You Killed it today Bernie! Great job!!

  55. Barbara

    BEST briefing I’ve ever attended at Travis AFB Base Theater — totally awesome!!! What a great message! I laughed so hard I cried but, I enjoyed every part. I love it laughter with an amazing life story. Keep on sharing! We need to hear it — your message was so powerful and inspiring! Thank You!

  56. Jerimy Pickering

    Awesome show today thanks for the laughs and your personal story.

  57. Anthony DeVaughn

    I will say I have been to alot worse briefings on the topic. I was there

  58. Josh

    Great show Bernie! I was there. I hope you get to KILL AGAIN SOON!

  59. Jeff Robinson

    I was there and as said above you killed it. maybe your next base will have larger showers for you!

  60. Michael

    Great show thanks for coming! Not only are you hilarious but your message was strong.

  61. Martha Harrah

    I loved your show today! You killed it!

  62. Greg

    I was there, great show Bernie! Thanks for your message!

  63. Jeff

    Awesome show… great comedy and message for all! Moving. Thanks for sharing your lessons so we may not make the same mistakes

  64. Jessica Smith


    Thank you for the show. You managed to turn a mandatory event into something worth attending. Not only were you hilarious, but you were also able to bring home a strong message, that was powerful enough to impact us all! 24 years of sobriety is such a huge accomplishment and not one that will ever go unnoticed by either your family, friends or fans. Thank you for sharing your story and message with us. We all know at least one person struggeling with some sort of substance abuse and we need more people like you who are willing to encourage people to stand up/against one another if/when it is needed. We really appreciate and respect what you’re doing for us. May God always be with you and your family. Have a blessed day.



  65. Sarah Shin

    Nice transition into leaving a heartfelt message

  66. Tommy Mazzone

    You delivered a tough message in the best way possible…using humor. Even during the “message” you found a way to make people smile and laugh. I truly believe what you said resonated with this afternoon’s audience. But if you only made a connection with one person, it was well worth it. I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put in to developing your message, crafting it and delivering it to the military…especially using your own life experiences as the fodder. Thank you very much!

  67. Sean Shepherd

    Thanks for coming out again. Your show is really quite entertaining and even seeing it for a second time I thought it was great. You should give me a book though. I like to read stuff.

  68. Chris

    A perfect combination of comedy and seriousness! Thank you Bernie!

  69. chad

    hey, i am looking at your web site. good show.

  70. David Cushman

    Thanks for coming out & sharing your message. Even though I had to sit through it “Four Freaking Times”, I still enjoyed it and thought you provided a valuable message to our Airmen!

  71. Matt

    Great show that got the message across loud and clear! Thanks for your amazing support of our Men and Women in Uniform.

  72. Katie

    Second time I saw you here at Travis; I still laughed even though I saw your show last time. Thank you for sharing you story and sending a powerful message through laughter.

  73. Sarah

    Thanks for coming out! The show was a lot of fun 🙂

  74. Elisa

    I enjoyed your show. You killed it! Thanks for the laughs and sharing your story.

  75. Jason Barrett

    Sir, your show was inspiring and an absolute roller coaster ride. Thanks for sharing some very personal stories with us. Even for a stand up comedian, that is courageous.

  76. April Barrett

    That was way better than a powerpoint presentation.
    I really enjoyed it and thanks for the laughs and for sharing your emotional and timely stories. I would say that you “killed it” 🙂

  77. Jennifer L. Smith

    Thanks for the Show! It was AWESOME!!

  78. Gary Ash

    Bernie… I know I am sliding in late, but wanted to know you did a great job at Travis AFB. The message was crystal clear and the approach was awesome. THANK YOU for sharing your story. You Rock!

  79. Gary Ash

    Bernie… I know I am sliding in late, but wanted YOU to know you did a great job at Travis AFB. The message was crystal clear and the approach was awesome. THANK YOU for sharing your story. You KILLED it! There, I think I got it right that time. Ha!

  80. Jennifer Bingham

    Bernie, thanks so much for coming out and telling us your story! It was so much better listening to you instead of watching some power point! You are awesome and so brave to tell your story to everyone like that! Thanks!!

  81. Andrew derwae

    Awesome show! Thanks Bernie!

  82. Dana Hendrix

    Great Show! Thanks for the awesome message and visiting Travis AFB

  83. TRAVIS AFB Tyler

    great show. really good message. Also very inspiring

  84. Brad Fiore

    Thanks Bernie, for coming out and speaking to us. You had some awesome lines. I completely agree with you though, everyone has something different that they’ve gone through but it’s a pain all the same. I hadn’t laughed like that in awhile, so thank you for that as well, it was a great morale booster.