Ramstein AFB, Germany! Bamm Bernie is here!

I must say, Ramstein AFB is amazing. Thank you Ramstein AFB for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I hope all of you Airmen make it a point to come and say hello while I am here May 4, 2012.  I bring more than laughs…….I make you think! Come see for yourself!

God Bless America! Mt brother Sean and I, Me LIVE!

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0 Responses to Ramstein AFB, Germany! Bamm Bernie is here!

  1. Jessica Mack

    You did a AWESOME job yesterday at Vogelweh I Really enjoyed your message.

  2. Kenneth Bourns

    Bernie, you were absolutely hilarious today (4 May). Regardless of the “crowd” the message was loud and clear and you delivered it beautifully. I’d even pay to see you again. Bless you and the work you’re doing. Please say hello to Sean from all of us at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, and tell him that he has an awesome big brother.

    Ken Bourns

  3. Jessi Brown

    Great show today! I had a lot of good laughs! Hope to see you again in Ramstein. I will definitely encourage people to come out and enjoy your show.

  4. Mike Ruggiero

    Bernie, awesome show today! Thank you so much for coming out here and making all of us laugh despite the crowd. I always appreciate the good people who come out for the troops to either put on a show, deliver a message (In your case both) or even just say hello and thank you for your service. I’m sure we needed a good laugh and thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with all of us, and also the message that they conveyed. Say hi to your brother Sean for me and I hope to see you again someday!

  5. KD Allen

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your story today at Ramstein. It was a great show and I really had a great time. Continue to share your story, it will make a difference in many lives! Thanks again.


  6. Christian Rodgers

    Sir! Was amazing and funny. Wife and I laughed! (May 4th show, ramstein – Crowd of 14 – Best crowd ever)