Croughton AFB, England! Bamm Bernie is in the building- Congrats Robert

Hello Airmen stationed at Croughton AFB, England. You Airmen make it possible for my freedom, something I never take for granted. Thank you. Thank you Croughton AFB for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I am only here May 1st, 2012……….Hope to see all of you soon!


My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE πŸ™‚ My brother Scott.

Thank you for your comments. It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the β€˜Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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0 Responses to Croughton AFB, England! Bamm Bernie is in the building- Congrats Robert

  1. Ryan Barnes

    Great show!!! Glad I was told to go.

  2. Paul Blackstock

    Thanks for the laughs Bernie!! Funny material!

  3. Samantha Hanson

    Fantastic show! Really glad I came! Thank you!

  4. John Crabaugh

    Thanks for the show.

  5. Ryan Smith

    Great show. You performed at Whiteman AFB a couple years ago and I was there for that one as well. You’re a funny man. keep doing what you do. Best regards.

  6. Laura Nardin

    “Cotton candy sweet and low, let me see that tootsie roll!” Dag Nab-that song is totally stuck in my head now, and in my ipod somewhere…..Thanks for the show and I look forward to winning and reading your awesome literary work— πŸ˜‰ Woot woot for Croughton!!!

  7. Robert

    One of the best Mandatory Fun Briefings I have had in 17 years.

  8. Travis

    Good show today. It was the best mandatory briefing I have attended in my 12 years. Congrats to your 24 year mark. It’s a great thing what you are doing for the military.

  9. Steve

    Great show with lots of humor and a good message. Wish all my mandatory appointments were this good!

  10. Ray

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your story. Although, when you said you were going to tell the dirtiest joke in the world I though for sure I was going to get to hear a version of the Aristocrats.

  11. Jay

    Great show. Even greater message! Thanks for not sucking.

  12. Karen Sheffer

    Thanks for coming out here. Great comedy i was laughing the whole time. Best sexual asssult briefing ever!

  13. Clint "Erd" Erdrich

    Well done, it’s people like you that make it easier for us in the funny looking suits to do what we do. Thanks again

  14. Talbot

    Thanks for the great show! The best mandatory fun event I have ever attended, and there numerous ones to compare it to. Great show! Great laughs! Awesome message!

  15. Cody

    Second time seeing the show. Still great comedy and great message! Thanks for what you do and continue doing it!

  16. Nicole Rogers

    Great show! One of the best briefings I have ever been to.

  17. Leigh Copeland

    Incredible show, thanks for the laughs. The best mandatory briefings I have ever gone too.

  18. Leigh-Ann Stout

    Good to know you, Bernie. Excellent show! Thank you for your sincerity on and off stage. Huge hit here at Croughton. Cheers!

  19. Roy Shirley

    Great show. A couple of lines in I realized that I had seen you at Whiteman AFB in Missouri a few years ago. It was still a great show and an even better message. Thank you for coming out to see us giving us a break from work. Cheers!

  20. Ebony Seraphin

    Wonderful! You should come again. Thanks for all the laughs. πŸ™‚

  21. Peter Nardin

    BERNIE!!!! Great show, thanks for dropping in.

  22. C.j Rogers

    Thanks for the show.. the 2nd time was just as good as the 1st… thanks