Ft Eustis!

Ft Eustis is a place with some of the most amazing soldiers in our country.  To meet the 11th, 24th, and 53rd Brigades as well as 7th Sustainment was a true honor. Most of us do not know what you do on a daily basis, what you sacrifice, but my appreciation and the gratitude of millions are thankful.  . Thank you for my freedom. Thank you to Col Cherry for caring so much for your troops. We appreciate all that you do. Raffle winners from show are Sgt Chavez and Sgt Victoria Lampton.  Contact Jamie@ComedyistheCure.com to claim your book prize. Thank you soldiers, for being so amazing last friday. Hoorah!!!

My brother Sean and I! Me 🙂 My brother Scott.

Thank you for your comments. It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at www.FaceBook.com/ComedianBernie ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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  1. Spc Jason Sherrill


    Thanks so much for sharing your message with us today, If you got through to just one soldier, then it was worth everything. Tell your brother Sean he’s our Hero and we hope to see you again, Thanks so much.

  2. SGT Dreher, Eddie

    Thanks So Much It Was A Change Of Pace, And Much Better Than Power Point..

  3. michael vermette

    Thank you for your inspiring show! It means alot to me that you took out time from your schedule to share your story and keep us motivated! JBLE!

  4. jessica

    I just saw your show and it was amazing!! It def kept me laughing. I wanted to thank you for telling your story, it def hit home for me….my brother is autistic and he’s the best person I know, you described him to the T. Great show!!!

  5. SPC Featherston, Thomas

    Enjoyed the show man it was funny and informative. Thanks for doing this for the troops we appreciate it. By the way I was in the audience. You said to tell you that.

  6. SPC Danny Feehan

    Thanks for coming and doing your show here sir, that was the best required training that I have done in the army.
    The army says Hooah, the Marines say Hoorah, and the navy says Haaeeeyy(with a lisp).

  7. SPC Danny Feehan

    I was also in the audience today, forgot to write that.

  8. Aaron Bryant

    Thank you sir for the show! It was amazing! You were able to address serious issues and hold the attention of the audience. Often are training gets dry with the powerpoints. Thanks for the lively training.

  9. SPC Jason Lassiter

    Thanks for coming and doing your show today. That was so much better than death by powerpoint. I had no trouble staying awake in those nice chairs listing to your message than looking at the computer screen.

  10. Jeremy Armstead

    I just left Fort Eustis theatre and your comedy is amazing. Your life story was very interesting about what made you quit doing drugs, especially alcohol. And congrates on your 24th year of drug free; it really motivated me to keep up what im doin. By the way I am 1 month free of Alcohol.

  11. Fallon

    Thank u for coming and speaking to us and telling ur story u killed it 🙂 I actually left there with something learned

  12. Pfc flavell,Katherine

    It was great having you at Jacob’s theater at ft. Eustis….thought it was funny how u pointed out
    English ppl. …I guess u saw me crossing my arms LOL..
    Keep up the great work on teaching soldiers things oh and cone to ft story in VA beach. …you would have a
    lot of fun. …11th transportation battalion all day..over the shore we run dis

  13. pvt Andy swanick

    Thanks much man. I was falling asleep til u came on it really is a great and more or less innovative what you’re doing. Thanks again. Your comedy is actually really funny keep doing what you’re doing man. Btw, I did sue my mother for my looks, I lost. That’s why I had to join the army lol

  14. spc. driver, vince

    Hey bernie this is the second time I’ve seen ur show it’s and it still touched me the same as the first. I think it’s amazing what you do and I hope to get to see your show again. One year sober in march and going strong thanks again Bernie.

  15. PV2 Sharon Coates

    Today at Jacobs theatre in ft eustis we got the honor of having you as our guest. Definitely hands down one of the best comedians I’ve ever heard..haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Your story really touched a lot of hearts, thank you for giving up your time to travel around and get the message out to the troops..

  16. carol

    Love the show this morning! Great

  17. Spc Donald Forbes

    Thanks for your show at Ft. Eustis. I enjoyed your show and thanks for sharing your story with all of us. I can’t wait to read your book “I killed”. Again thanks for the show.

  18. SSG eldridge

    Thanks for the performance today. It was a powerful message.

  19. SSG eldridge

    Thank you for the powerful message today at JBLE.

  20. SSG Hubbard

    I was at your show. I never been to a comedy show with a messege. I thought it was awesome. Keep on keepin’ on. Thanks.

  21. SPC Bayne

    Thank you for being here at JBLE. I have never been to or seen a comedy show with such a powerful message, especially one that sent a message to the service men and women across the globe. Awesome show, thanks again.

  22. Rodney

    I have to say that it was an amazing show today on 20 January 2012 at Ft. Eustis, VA. It touched everyone in the room in some sort of way. Hopefully people take it into consideration and not let things that are harmful affect their lives. Help is around, but people have to swallow their pride and get the help needed. You were amazing. God bless.

  23. Chad Love

    Bernie, your message this morning was really moving. I believe it touched alot of people in this Brigade. I know it made me think alot about what is going on my life. You could sense the attitude change through out your performance. I want to thank you for some well needed laughter, because i know i needed it as well as everyone else.

    Again Thank you so much for your testimony Bernie.

    SPC Danny Feehan :I was also in the audience today, forgot to write that.

  24. LTC B

    Bernie – can’t thank you enough for the exceptional message and I appreciate you adjusting your schedule to fit us in on such short notice – great reviews from all levels – thank you thank you thank you!

  25. SPC Dunn

    Bernie You killed today! Keep doing what you do Comedy truly is the cure.
    God Bless.

  26. Jake Cohen

    your show was well put together and thought out…thank you for sharing the intimate details of your life and the trials, tribulations and struggles you have gone through to help each of us…youre doing great work man, many thanks

  27. PFC Wilson

    I absolutely loved your show today at Ft. Eustis. Thank you very much for your message.

  28. spc knott, glen

    the show to day was great. i enjoyed it very much. it was a nice change to the same old training


    Thank u so much for what u do on a daily basis. U make a difference and inspire many. U never know what u got til it’s gone! I think the suicide part where u mentioned how the bullets hit the whole family really hit a home run for me! Thanks again.


    I was in the audience and would also like to add that u killed it!!! Lol

  31. Spc Michelle Petty

    You were absolutely AMAZING today~~ I really needed a good laugh and that was the most fun I have ever had at mandatory training lol~~ hope you can come back to Eustis soon

  32. SGT Llontop

    I loved the show you killed it!

  33. SGT Guerrero

    Thank you very much for a wonderful show today at Ft Eustis, loved it!

  34. SPC Stancil

    I enjoyed the show today. Thank you.

  35. CW2 Joseph Ried

    Thank you for your support, message, inspiration and motivation. Your story and ability to articulate it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by any means. God bless and again thank you!

  36. John

    Hi Bernie. Don’t even want to be a part of the raffle. I will purchase your book as I think your work is nothing short of amazing and deserves to be rewarded, but stopped by to thank you for the great message delivered today. Your honesty and huge heart touched us more than any Army presentation ever will.

  37. SGT Patterson, Steven

    Thanks for comedic relief. It was a nice change of pace for training. Thank you for sharing your personal issues with us today. Your story was inspiring. Thank you.

  38. SGT Lampton, Victoria

    You were soooooooo AWESOME! I can’t begin to tell you how much your presentation meant. I have been going through alot and that was the first time I have laughed like that in a while. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are an inspiration. Please don’t stop doing what you are doing. I know you helped me, so I’m sure you touched alot more of us. Keep it up!!!!

  39. SPC Vice


    Thank you so much for coming back to Ft. Eustis. You are hilarious, your story is inspirational, and your message is strong! Keep up the great work. I hope you enjoy your gift, I wish I could have made one for Sean.

  40. James Triplett

    Best training I have been to in 24 years of service. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with us. I wish I could have had my family in there. Keep it up!

  41. SGT Joshua Olsen

    You were awesome today! Thank you so much for coming out and delivering a real heart felt moment with us. I know that you definately left your mark on a lot of people today including me!! Thanks again buddy!!

  42. SGT Steven Webb

    Great show. Definitely a change of pace with a very powerful and inspiring story in it. Hope you are able to continue to share your story with everyone. Hope to see you again in the near future.

  43. SPC Nouv

    I was in the audience today and really loved your show! Thank you for telling us your story. It was very inspiring! Definately the best mandatory training I have done in the Army!!! You have endured a lot in your life and have overcome it all. It really gives me hope to have heard your story! Thank you so much!

  44. SGT Leatham

    Thank you for an amazing show. Your message was well recieved by all I think!

  45. Eldridge Harmon

    I was there. Great show

  46. John Mikels

    Man your show rocked yesterday! I was all pissed off about mandatory training then your show started I had a blast man way to hit it out of the park. I’m sure you got through to 1 troop and many more! Thanks

  47. SPC Vibbert, Christopher

    Hey man, you were great. The message was really awesome. I have dealt with similiar situations so it really hot home. Thanks man

  48. SGT Cuellar, Robert

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and comedy with us! You had a powerful message to share. You help me realize that I need to step back and take a look at my own life. Thank you again for your inspiration!


    Hey Bernie, Thank you for sharing that part of your life….It really meant alot to us. Great presentation…You ROCKED!!!!!!

  50. spc aquino

    hey men good show i saw you at ft.eustis very funny show but very touching at the same time keep up the good work n can u say hi to ur brother for me thanx

  51. Tom

    Thanks again Bernie for coming to JBLE. This is the second time I’ve seen your show, and it’s wonderful. It hits home no matter what. Thank you for what you do for us all in uniform!