Ft Lee, VA! Happy Hour is Rolling In……

It feels great to be here at Ft Lee. Amazing.. Thank you Mr. Pegram for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. We appreciate all that you do. My hat is off to you Soldiers. You are why our Freedom is possible. Thank you for your service. Come say hello and share a laugh…make a change! Base Theater at 1030 & 2000 on Dec 6. 2011  and 1300 & 1830 on Dec 7, 2011.  See you soon…..

My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE 🙂 My brother Scott.

Thank you for your comments. It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at www.FaceBook.com/ComedianBernie ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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57 Responses to Ft Lee, VA! Happy Hour is Rolling In……

  1. Ethan Gerlach

    Thanks for the laughs! Bout time we get something funny and serious for a change. Ha ha.

  2. Stephen DiDonato

    just want to say thanks for providing a spectacular evening for the troops here at Fort Lee, VA. It’s always nice to have some laughs and fun due to the stresses involved within the defense business. I wish you the best in all you do. Good luck and godspeed! Take care.

  3. emilo hernandez

    Bernie, I was there. You are the man! Say hi to Sean!

  4. Dustin Gonyer

    Hey Bernie! Great show, I really enjoyed the laughs and comedy for a change compared to bein locked in basic with no laughs haha. I appreciate what you do to keep soldiers safe and give a laugh at the same time. Thanks for your time and I yea, I WAS AT THE SHOW!! So let’s win tht book raffle lol

  5. Zelaya Oliver

    Hey what’s up thanks for the laugh you suck if you come to fort again well kill you lmao you said to put that lol but hey appreciate the laughs thanks for coming by helping my battle buddies and I make it through training merry Christmas

  6. Sgt Jesse Showe

    The show was great to bad people wouldn’t shut up and it was hot.

  7. PFC Colvin, Terra

    Show was great and really heartfelt. I enjoyed the laughs and it was nice to do something different instead of regular safety breifings. Thanks for coming to fort lee , Virginia, my home!

  8. pvt malinowski shaina

    thankyou for coming out and sharing your story with us you brought a few tears to my eyes. thankyou very much again

  9. SSG Diepeveen, Sean

    Thanks for the laughs and supporting the military.

  10. PVT Hazelip

    Your show was really inspiring and impacting. I hope you are blessed with more opportunities to spread the truth.

  11. PFC Crispell

    Thanks for the message tonight. I appreciate the humor and `the inspiration u `give to many. Hope all is well and say hi to Sean for me.

  12. PFC Matthew Weaver

    Thanks for the great show tonight! I know alot of the soldiers were pissed off bc they had to be there but i loved the jokes as well as the energy you brought to the room. Thank you. I want to win the raffle!

  13. Malm, Aaron W.

    Hey great job tonight! Really enjoyed it thanks so much

  14. PV2 Filmore

    “I was there”
    Great show. Good job and thank you.

  15. Pvt Quinones

    I was there, they told me training i was like what now but turned out it was you thanks for the show! Keep going on inspiring people to have a reality check i used to be at that point of the party life and all it got me was court dates

  16. zachary murphy

    “I was there” thanks for the laughs really needed it

  17. PVT Statler, Justin

    hey Bernie,
    the show last night touched me it really did… you prolly wont ever know who i am but Im glad you came out to Ft. Lee. They told us it was going to be some lame safety brief, but who would have known that i would leave with a new found respect for people like my little brother… he has about the same problems as your brother sean… so thank you very much. (i was there)

  18. PFC Setser, Crystal

    Thank you for coming to Ft. Lee, Va.. We all enjoyed your show. God Bless you…

  19. graham

    Great safety breif , and I want the book lol

  20. Julia Mitchell

    That was the best safety briefing that ft. Lee has ever had

  21. Joshua

    Great job, inspirational message

  22. Lee Maddox

    Just got out of your show and you were amazing mad respect for you man. thanks for coming through and giving us soldiers here at fort lee a great holiday breifing.

  23. Patrick Johnson

    thanks for coming. it was a nice change to things. i hope to hear you again sometime.

  24. Chris

    Thanks for the laughs!

  25. Chris

    Thanks for the laughs! Really enjoyed it

  26. PFC Sievers

    Thanks for the laughs. I saw your Ft. Lee show.

  27. anthony smith

    thanks for the laughs. it about time we had some good training here at ft. lee.

  28. Francis Calimbas

    Thank you for sharing your stories, giving us encouragement, and making us laugh! God Bless!

  29. Amy

    Thanks for the great show at Fort Lee! Lots of laughs!

  30. Veronica Briggs

    Thank you for giving us laughs with a twist of safety and most importantly a true story to remember. Your life story was very heartfelt, and it takes much to open oneself to a group of strangers with a true story about yourself. Take care and keep doing what you do. God Bless You!

  31. Nicholle

    Bernie! You the man!

  32. SGT Kyle Ratkovec

    Thanks for coming to Fort Lee. It was nice to have a new way to look at a safety briefing. Most of the time they are dry and monotonous. The same old thing. But having you come here to tell some jokes and your life story was great. Thanks for the memories.

  33. SPC Hernandez, Carole (54TH)

    Explored your site and you are absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed the wonderful laughs and I thank you for getting the soldiers out of work for some R&R. You put a new twist on “Safety Briefing” as I was told was mandatory. I find much inspiration within your soul and the divine spirit if which you carry reaches out to many people who need it. There are so many people who don’t want to admit that they have a problem and so many won’t live to realize it because it will be too late. If only there were more people who could touch the lives if so many in such a short time then maybe there would be fewer tragedies and more responsible persons to take a stand–because after all it’s cooler to be the one known as the “lifesaver”. Your personal story was touching and heartfelt. I know that Scott is in Geaven and watching over you and Sean. As you said–one day the two of you will meet again and know that Scott already knows what you wanted to say that day and how you felt and feel today. Never lose your Faith and always follow your heart. May God bless you and yours always and keep you safe. 🙂 your mother i know is very proud of all your accomplishments. Congratulations on your commitment and accomplihments, I know you are proud.

  34. MSgt Carson

    Thanks for the show. GREAT message. It really hit home. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. It was humbling. Don’t get me wrong, most of it was freaking hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Nakia Wallace

    “I was there” I never had safety brief like that. Loved you show….

  36. David Majestic


    Thanks for the show. I really enjoyed the stories, I have to say that is the best safety briefing I have had in my 12 years in the military. I will have to look you up when I get back to L.A. Take care of yourself.

    God Bless you.

  37. SPC Kadlec

    Bernie thanks for great show. It was the best mandatory thing I’ve had to do in the army!

  38. Dave

    Bernie, thanks for carryinig the message. Dave.

  39. pfc vacanti

    Thanks for coming to ft Lee

  40. christopher

    good work tonight

  41. Emily Godoy

    Thank you for your time and sharing your personal experiences. It was a great show – a lot of laughs and very touching. I appreciate what you do and your support for the troops. God bless.

  42. 2LT William faulk III

    Great show best safety brief I have every heard!

  43. Sammie Evans

    Hey Bernie, thank you for coming to speak to us today. It made me realize how drinking can change a persons life within seconds. Everyone make decisions in their life, that wrong decision you decide to make can be the end of your life or others. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule I come talk to us.

  44. SSgt Kelvin Scott

    Initially I was there because I had to bring my Marines there. I sat in the back and played angry birds in my phone. As I was listening it got more and more interesting and I found myself listening to the best safety brief I’ve ever heard in my 15 years in the Marine Corps. I will share your story to my family and friends. Just want to say thank you for the brief and good luck to you and your family.

  45. Darlene Marker


    First of all, let me thank you for speaking to us today on safety and taking your time out for the military. It was one of the best safety briefs I have heard in quite some time. I also know how it is to lose a family member who was very close.

  46. Spencer Waters

    Hey Bernie,

    Just wanna let you know, you killed it on Tuesday. It was the best brief Ive ever had.


  47. Ethan Daugherty

    Amazing and truely touching story.. Its amazing how you can grab everyone’s attention with the comedy and flip the script with delivering a powerful message to follow! Any comedian can make you laugh but to bring a message into their skirt is brilliant! Outstanding stuff Bernie thanks for the show!

  48. R. GILL

    Great show Bernie! Thanks for coming to Fort Lee!

  49. PFC Brown

    Hey Bearnie,
    Your talk, it really hit home, my family has the same sorts of problems. It’s almost like you were talking about me. I lost a brother to suicide, my other brother is a heavy drinker, and I’ve lost quite a few friends overseas. Your story meant a lot, I’m glad you do what you do, keep going, and keep bringing the laughs.

    PFC Brown, Matthew.

  50. Pedro S. Hernandez

    I was there, thank you very much for what you are doing. The brief it me more then I wanted it to. Thanks again it is somthing I plan to take to heart.

  51. Steven Parkhurst

    Thanks for the show, was a blast having you here. Happy Holidays

  52. Zackarih Hartford

    I was there. To be truthful I didn’t find you funny, but I got the message that you were there for.

  53. Michael Harmon

    I wanted to thank you Bernie for coming to Fort Lee and performing for us. It was great how you infused messages of saftey into your comedy. It was the best holiday shows I’ve seen yet, and hopefully it won’t be the last holiday show with you. Thanks for performing and bringing your personal life as examples into it.
    SPC Harmon

  54. K. Beaster

    I saw the show yesterday afternoon and I thought it was wonderful. I think that people don’t realize how serious this problem has affected many lives, especially the lives of those around them. Your message was serious but was also mixed in with a touch of fun, which is a huge improvement to most of the safety shows I have ever seen. Thank you for coming to speak to my fellow soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors it means a lot to us.

  55. LaSonia Kelley-Jones

    Very Good show Bernie!!! I’m glad I came. God bless you and your family and keep doing what you do.

  56. Pfc estrada,mark

    Thanks for the.show.it was great!

  57. PVT Keiley Evans

    Thank you so much for the concert/safety breif. it really was amazing. sorry that i am so terribly late on putting this message up. i got back home. hope you are doing well and that God is keeping you safe.