Beale AFB, CA! Bernie is back!

I have to say I love California- It feels amazing to be back here at Beale AFB. Thank you Chief Hammond for hosting my tour. You Airmen make our Freedom possible, whick I neve take for granted. Thank you for your Service to our Country. Please come and say hello November 16, 2011 at Doc #5 at 0930 & 1530. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Me doing what I love- greeting troops, Live on Stage, My sister Debra and brother Sean!

My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE πŸ™‚ My brother Scott.

Thank you for your comments. It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the β€˜Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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33 Responses to Beale AFB, CA! Bernie is back!

  1. Corissa

    Thanks for coming out to Beale AFB you were great!

  2. Megan Dunaway

    Good show, I enjoyed it

  3. David Howansky

    Best comedy show I was ever forced to go to…twice! (Great job and thanks!)

  4. Richard Eggert

    Thanks for the show at Beale, needed the laughs.

  5. Justin

    Thanks for coming out to the middle of nowhere. I loved your show and your message!

  6. Tom

    Good show!

  7. Christopher Leroux

    Thank you for coming to Beale to share your comedy and stories. It was a great show.

  8. Sarah Rezai

    I thought you were hilarious!! Loved the P-Diddy joke!! Thank you so much for coming out to visit the Base!

  9. Cas Caruso

    Great Message Bernie! Thanks for coming out to Beale!

  10. Adam Fornataro

    Thanks for coming out to beale!

  11. Tashi Hatchell

    Great show! Very very funny. We definitely appreciate you using your gift to send a well-needed message. Thank

  12. Tamela

    Bernie you were awesome. The show was great, I laughed a lot and thank you for sharing your experiences and story with us. It’s definitly made me think back on some decisions I could have made better and I hope it’s helped some others who needed it too.

  13. Jessica

    Haha!! Best MANDATORY event i ever had to attend!! Thanks for coming!!

  14. Christopher Cross

    Wow! The show was amazing and thank you for comming out and sharing your stories with us you really reached out and touched base with the important facts about drinking and suicide I hope everything will be good ans mat GOD bless us all!

  15. Ronald

    You killed me! Thanks for the comedic yet touching briefing. It was awesome without the power slides.

  16. pearl christian

    yo πŸ™‚

  17. pearl christian

    great show πŸ™‚

  18. Kit Manuel

    Awesome show! You are hilarious!!! Thank you so much for doing what you do. God bless you and keep sharing your message.

  19. Bill Davis

    Well done! Great message sent thru a different style and approach. Really cool you shared some serious personal issues but put a funny spin on it. I can respect that. Thanks!

  20. Nicole

    Thanks for coming to Beale AFB and giving the troops the best DUI briefing ever!! It feels great to know there are people out there who support those of us that fight to defend this country! Keep doing what your doing!! GREAT JOB!!

  21. Adam Nelson

    Thanks for coming out Bernie! I think you really connected with a lot of people! I appreciated your story and the positive changes you made in your life! Take good care of your brother!

  22. krystal eddis

    Thanks for coming up to Beale!!! I had a lot of laughs and Ur story hit home. Ive lost a lot of loved ones to alcohol related incidents. Thanks so much for caring about us airmen. And I enjoyed coming to Ur show!!!!!! And I hope we can reach our goal.

  23. William Boykin

    Enjoyed the story thank you very much.

  24. Jina Callahan

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your stories with us. Thanks for not having a boring power point presentation either. My friend and I got a picture with you, so I hope you post it soon! πŸ™‚

  25. MaryEllen

    Great message and touching story! Thanks so much for the laughs! Take care and keep doing what you are doing.

  26. Erika

    Thank for taking time out of your busy schedule to tell your personal story in a way that was extremely enjoyable with laughs accompaning your story. awesome way to spend the middle of the week and before the holidays! Thank you for your support in helping us meet our 90 day goal w/o a DUI by telling you personal story.

  27. Paul

    I was there

  28. Mylenne Sarnate

    Really enjoyed you’re show! very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your story! Godbless you and your family!

  29. Glenn Davis


    Appreciate you taking the time out to come to Beale…it’s easy for folks to not see the “big picture” when it’s comes to drinking and having a plan and the many lives that WE can effect. Thank you for sharing your story with the Military members across all branches.

  30. Pierre Sutton

    Bernie, I loved the show. I must admit I was very skeptical in the beginning but you did a great job delivering a message without being boring and preachy. Best wishes to you.

  31. jakob kurtz

    Hey, Bernie thanks for coming out…still haven’t eaten my pizza yet, still putting all the fixens on it.

  32. Sarah Phillips

    thanks for the awesome show πŸ˜€ !

  33. JO

    Great show. Thanks