Naval Station Norfolk, VA- Happy Hour is back!

It feels great to be back here at Naval Station Norfolk, VA. Beautiful. Thank you Naval Station Norfolk for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. We appreciate all that you do. My hat is off to you amazing Sailors and Marines. You are why our Freedom is possible. Thank you for your service. Come say hello and share a laugh…make a change! Naval Station Auditorium Bldg c-9 at 0800 & 1230 on November 4, 2011.

My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE πŸ™‚ My brother Scott.

Thank you for your comments. It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the β€˜Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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43 Responses to Naval Station Norfolk, VA- Happy Hour is back!

  1. Sydney

    Loved it. Great show!

  2. Ball

    Thank you for coming to NS Norfolk and not bringing a power point.

  3. Jon Seys

    What a great message! Thanks for sharing your time and story with our Sailors!

  4. Joey Saylor

    You were really good, much better than those boring PowerPoint!!

  5. Tiffany Savory

    thanks for the laughs i really enjoyed it.

  6. Travis Robinson

    I enjoyed your show today at C-9 on Norfolk Naval Base, You put out and outstanding message to everyone. I hope that you continue your journey and congrats on being Alcohol and Drug free for that long.
    GM2 Robinson

  7. Ashleigh Webster

    Great show today, thank-you! πŸ™‚

  8. Dion Knox

    really thought it was going to be a loooong boring lecture, caught me off guard lol. Enjoyed the show man, keep it up.

  9. Brittnee Collins

    Absolutely loved the show! Loved waking up on a friday, getting a good laugh first thing in the morning and learning a valuable lesson. πŸ™‚

  10. Chris Wilson

    Great show, really needed that laugh.

  11. Vincent Gutierrez

    Hey brother! I appreciate you coming out and sharing your experiences with us. Outstanding show today, and remarkable way to get the word out on drug and alcohol abuse. Thanks again!!!

  12. Laurette Scarlett

    I really enjoyed myself this morning at your comedy show. I was going in there thinking that it was going to be powerpoints and long lectures. It started off as a comedy show and ended with a real serious message. A lot of people don’t have the courage to come forward and put themselves out there but you did and I admire that. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!




    BIG THANK YOU for your support NOB NORFOLK. i had a blast and very informative on important topics especially for the military. you are very funny and very motivated. wishing you the best and thank you for your time. i really enjoyed it and i am still laughing inside. thanks

  15. Ivana Nieves

    Huge thanks to you for coming out to NOB Norfolk. The show was halarious but your message is what was the best part. The different approach was very captivating. I wish you all the best with yourself and career. I’m sure I speak for everyone there today when I say, we support you and your efforts to get the message across. We appreciate your support as well. It is comforting to know we have the support and love of our nation and we do what we do for the country and people like you. Once again thanks for taking time to visit us. We can always use a good training and warm laughs<3

  16. NCCM Joe Leff

    Thank you very much you were able to reach out to our young Sailors the ones that really need it.

  17. Joe

    I left there feeling very suprised, I really appreciate the message and I’m sure it helped more than a few people. You are welcome back anytime.

  18. barton mccoy

    Hey Bernie great show today. Pleasantly suprised with how funny it was but more importantly great message. Light years better then death by PowerPoint.

  19. Carlyssa white

    I attended your seminar today the 4th and truly loved the message. Although my ship didnt have material still a great time and understanding.

  20. Kristina Hogans

    Your seminar today was amazing. Truly hit home, hopefully this has opened up people’s eyes. Thank you for coming.

  21. Kellie Cook

    Best military training I have experienced in the 16 years I have been in the Navy. Great show!

  22. Luis M. Villegas

    Thank you sir for coming out and making us laugh today. Obviously God has had his hand on you from the beginning. Everything you went through in life was for a purpose. You now have the ability to change peoples lives through your comedy and testimonies. I pray that God continues to bless and uplift you and your family. Thank You for your contributions.

  23. Jess

    First of all, congratulations on your success and your 23 years of sobriety– you’ve been sober for as long as i’ve been alive! haha. Not to make you feel old or anything.. πŸ™‚
    Second, thanks for coming to our base and bringing your story, comedy and message to us.
    All of us in the military DREAD any type of training because all they do is show us graphs and facts all on the good ol’ powerpoint presentation. BORING!!!!
    Your “training” was something personal, you used comedy to keep us engaged and entertained and I appreciate that.
    Great show, effective training, great way to get the message across!

  24. Mark

    Thanks for coming out, if you reach just one person it was worth it

  25. Ken Rappuhn


  26. Nicole Holmes

    Nothing like getting kicked out of the building! Good thing it was at the end of your show!!

  27. Stacy myers

    Thanks for the laugh!! It was funny and sad at the same time!! Best military training yet!!

  28. wagner

    great job thank you

  29. Barbara

    thanks for coming out. got me laughing at 8 in the morning. i apperciate it.

  30. Jill

    That was a great show. I liked listening to your message and story behind it.

  31. Scott

    Thanks for coming to Norfolk. I was at the afternoon show and it was nice to have a good time at training. Keep doing what you are doing.

  32. Joe Gomez

    I’ve been to so much training in my 23 years and yours made my top five list. Informative and a great blend of laughter that kept us wanting to know what were you going to say next. Thanks for the info and keep up the great work!! I know that you definitely made a difference in many sailors lives today.

  33. Ty robbins

    Funny as he’ll, I probably would have been nodding off if we had to sit through an hour power point like normal

  34. Rodney cole

    Way better than another boring beat down!

  35. curry

    How are you doing bernie. CS3 Curry here, I just wanted to say that the show that you put on today for the 12:30 pm crowd was not only inspirational but a true testiment to how people can overcome something and push beyond what people belive is possible. It was my off day and i wasnt too excited about showing up but by the end of your show i was very pleased and walked away with a tremendous amount of respect for you, what you had been through, and what you have accomplished. You are what i would call a role model. I hope you return in the future and keep doing what you are doing for yourself aswell as others.

  36. Wil Hope


    Great show today at Naval Station Norfolk (C-9 Auditorium, @ 1230). Providing the facts with fun was very entertaining and informative. Thank you, and keep killin’.


  37. Ashley Moore

    Best “mandatory” training I have ever been to! Great show and awesome message. Thank you

  38. GM1 Michael Gamma


    Thank you for taking time to make the sailors laugh and put forth a strong message about drinking and driving. My brother was almost killed while DUI. His car was totaled and he was no where to be found. The next day we learned he walked away from the crash and ended up at a friends house some 5 miles away. He was very lucky. Today he still drinks and Like you I tell him to quit there is so much more out there.I’m hoping somehow I can show him what you do so he realizes what he needs to do with his life. Thank you again for the opening a lot of eyes this morning and keep doing what you do. One of the best training’s to date.


  39. Kyile Byrd

    I agree best mandatory show I’ve seen in sometime.Love to get my hands on that book!

  40. Pritchard

    Thank you so much Bernie you did a great job today!

  41. John

    Great time. Thanks!

  42. Carrie

    Thanks for coming to NOB and talking with us!

  43. Terrence Benjamin

    Hey Bernie I left an Email after the show cause I didnt see this on my pc in the Great Great show. Best I seen in my 19+ yrs. It’s always good too see a person from The Bronx over come and do well in life. Thanks again for the laughter and point.