Naval Support Activity Bahrain- Bernie is here!

I made it here, 27 hours in a plane! Wahoo! Thank you to Ms Marie Parker for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour here at NSA Bahrain. I am glad to be here. The NSA Bahrain Fleet and Family Support Center is meeting the needs of the war-fighter at the tip of the spear. Please come and say hello while I am here on July 28, 2011 at 1900 at the Base Theater. Come share a laugh and make a change.

Bahrain Desert- Captain Hodge and I!

My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE ๐Ÿ™‚ My brother Scott.

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  1. Brian Bonner

    Just left the show and loved it!! Very insperational and impacting. Thank you again for all that you do and the support for the troops! -Isa Fire Dept.-

  2. Jon

    Great show Bernie! Thanks for coming out, and thank you for all you do for us. You’re a good man.

  3. Kenia R Marcucci

    To me this was the saddest most inspirational moment in years maybe in my life! Not only two brothers passed away so young but I too have a brother, Emilio, whom is a child at heart n mind. He is 26. With tears in my eyes I wish I could be with him and my family in Puerto Rico. Sean is my Emilio n right now I wish I could hug him n remind him or show him somehow that he is loved! Thnk u Bernie for loving ur brothers as I do mine n for inspiring me to not be afraid to love my brother regardless of other ppls thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank u for coming to this hot he’ll to bring such inspiring n life changing words! K Rose

  4. tirso sison

    Bernie, thank you so much for braving the heat from 1900-2030 with us. Whether you realize it or not, your jokes and life experience will leave a lasting impact to the military troops. From all of us at Isa Bahrain, thank you for your support to our troops.

  5. chad schulz

    bernie, thank you so much for comeing out tonight i know it ment alot to me and so meny more it was a great showing and made me really think about alot of different things ty so much

  6. Dave S

    Bernie, thanks for coming to Isa. Loved the comedy but more importantly your message was load and clear. No doubt that our soldiers, sailors and airmen will walk away with a much better idea on how they can help each other.

  7. Christian Conklin

    Thank for you coming over here and bringing your show here! Real story I used to have a 1990 Mazda Miata and believe me I did look funny in it!!! Fun to drive and CHEAP!!!

  8. Joe Neacosia

    I didn’t think I was going to enjoy your show, but I really did. It was not the first comedy show with a message, but it was the best. I liked how you started off with just some fun jokes, then got serious and then backed out smoothly with a little more simple fun jokes. The one thing I took from the show was the importance of the bystander when things are going on that shouldn’t mixed with alcohol. Thanks for coming out to ISA Air Base!

  9. Chris murphy

    Saw your show last night it was great to see safety briefs in such a different way
    I think you got the point across pretty good and had a good time doing it.
    Thanks for all the support to the troops here at ISA and else where around the world
    Go for NAVY

  10. Rusty

    Thanks for coming out to Isa last night. I know it must have been uncomfortable, especially since you were leaving a pool on the stage for us. I appreciate the laughs, and the story is inspiring. Thank you for your support, and God bless. Safe travels as you continue your message.

  11. Don Hodge

    Bernie, thank you for blessing us with your show last night. It looks like you touched a lot of people with your message and your comedy. You have a great way about you. Tanks also to Marie, Eric and CDR Dwight for coming to visit us folks and delivering your message as well. We all loved it! You guys are the best!

  12. Paul

    Great job, just as good as your show was in Pensacola. Heck of a job considering the heat. Way to bring the message home. You can’t change from the mistakes in life, but you can learn from them. Thanks for coming all the way over here and good luck.