JBLM- Happy Hour is Rolls into Evergreen Theater!

Soldiers defending America! I am so excited to finally be here at JBLM. Thank you to Col Webster and the 3rd Stryker Brigade 2nd infantry Division  for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour.  You men and women are serious and focused with your mission.  I can see it in your eyes.  Keep the focus and have a safe summer.  Appreciate Jim Woodke’s assistance as well. Please come by and say hello while I am here June 22 at 1000 & 1400 and June 23 and 24 at 1000 at the Evergreen Theater. Come share a laugh and make a change! Hope to see you soon.



My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE 🙂 My brother Scott.

Thank you for your comments.  It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at www.FaceBook.com/ComedianBernie ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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  1. Brook Cummings

    Thank you for a funny and informative show.

  2. Ian brothers

    Good show, alot more interesting than the normal safety brief.

  3. Jeremy Jones

    Bernie wasup add me on Facebook…great show

  4. Frank andrade

    You killed today brotha!!

  5. john mead

    Great show Berney had a lot of fun thank you for ur support

  6. Cory Chandler

    Great show, please save us from the incomming powerpoint presentations! Don’t leave us! Hahaha

  7. Frank andrade

    You killed today brotha!!!


    The show was awesome enjoyed it. Thanks for coming out and making us laugh and sharing your a part of your life with us here. It was great to have comedy and safety.

  9. Derek Marlowe

    You killed, thanks for the show.

  10. Brian Winkler

    Great show! Thanks for sharing your message

  11. Adan Reyes

    Great show! Hope to see you again. Keep it up!!!

  12. Michael Pelotte

    Great show, did not expect that today. Thank you for the laughs, alot of us needed it. Thanks for your support. Good job mass killing today

  13. Joshua Sipes

    I wasn’t expecting a comedy show during duty hours but it was great and the message really hits home with me! Thanks for starting off the work week so well and may God follow and Bless you. Kill’em bro!

  14. SGT Jamie Mola

    It was extraordinary to have soldiers from all walks of life in the same room, laughing together and learning from your jokes and advice! You went full circle, from discussing underage drinking to jail to your brother’s suicide…your life experiences are a great lesson for us all. Thank you and Bravo…you “killed it”!

  15. ray lawson

    Great show!

  16. David Beutler

    Great show dude! It was very “out side the box” way of doing a safety brief and I would say the best safety brief I have ever been to. It was funny and got the point to be safe. Thank you for share the tough times of your life to help others. Thanks!

  17. Derek Kilborn

    That was probably the best delivery of a safety brief i’ve ever seen. and just so you know, the offer still stands. my accent for your fiat. the hyundai is really good on gas man!

  18. Brandon Moncrief

    Saw you today at the evergreen.

  19. spc steven bostelmann

    Thanks for the awesome show. I loved the show and appreciate it very much that you came to jblm.

  20. SGT Greer Cory

    Great show today bro. That was the best safety brief I have got in like 4 years! AND, I didnt fall asleep in it! It was great man, and I took alot out of it. Hope to see another show soon! Take it easy, God Bless you, your brother, and the rest of your family!

  21. Daniel Stuck

    That was a really good show. Well needed boost of morale for everybody. The message you put out was really good. I know it got my attention. Hope to see you backing the area sometime. Best wishes to you and your family.

  22. Leticia

    Just wanted to let you know that you were funny and putting a great message about drinking and driving, drugs and etc with your jokes. Thanks for all you do.

    SSG Ruelas

  23. Nate

    Thanks for coming to JBLM Bernie. Im sure most if any of our soldiers have never received such an entertaining brief. As a leader in Arrowhead Brigade, I can truly say you effectively got across a message to the soldiers that we preach every friday before the weekend starts. Thank you again, and we hope to have you back again!

  24. SSG Joseph Bauer


    Thanks for bringing the message in reality to the troops that the use of Spice, Bath Salts, Drinking and Driving, under age drinking and Marijuana is not the right choice for our careers. Your story of your personal full-circle turn around is remarkable. I will save your story for last in the book. Keep up the fight!

  25. SPC Noble

    @Brook Cummings
    very funny,thanks for the message, your message was clear and the fact the you were using comedy in your message kept people entertained

  26. Adam

    Bernie, outstanding show. It’s a great way to get a message across in a way that everyone can access.

  27. Miguel Quiros

    Thanks for a much needed laugh. I hope that your message gets across everyone that listened. You “killed it”.

  28. PFC Caywood

    Thank you for the funny yet informative show that you gave, and I pray that God keeps blessing you and your family in all you do. It was a safety brief that I can really take to heart. Thank you again.

  29. PFC Welch

    You are very funny and blessed!!

  30. Wendy Reitmeier

    Great show Bernie! What a wonderful way to get a strong message out. Thank you for coming out to JBLM!

  31. Dave Polizzotti


    Great show today at Evergreen. You made Soldiers laugh and think at the same time. Thank you!

  32. SPC Gehrin

    Bernie great show! You killed big time. Very strong message you sent to all of us. Im honored that you were able to come and speak to our unit today. Thanks for the great show and hope that you can come back soon! Say hi to the family for me and take care Bernie.

  33. Jason Blackston

    What a great show! Thanks for everything you do for the Soldiers.

  34. Sean Thompson

    Awesome show. You really put yourself out there and brought an awesome message in a fun way. Thank you so much. You killed!

  35. SGT Molina, Miguel

    great show funny but everyone got the message thank you for take one hour of your time to talk to us take care keep it safe

  36. Joshua Perry

    Joshua Perry :
    Thanks for making mandatory training tolerable!

  37. Rich Spalla

    Thanks for the great show. Inspiring, motivating, and fun! A refreshing symposium!!!

  38. Andrew Neblock

    Great show Bernie.

  39. Clinton Gorbett

    Hey well done Bernie. Thanks for spending your time traveling to places like this to talk to soldiers. You were an inspiration and their are a lot of soldiers that need to hear a message like yours. Thanks. You killed it

  40. jeff barnes

    loved the show, very funny and a good message. take care and thanks.

  41. Dillan Farmer

    Great show Bernie!

  42. Michael Maratas

    Awesome show! Not the old usual boring briefs for once!

  43. Phillip Iverson

    I want to thank you for the great show as was said earlyer in your comments you killed. Thanks a million over.

  44. Long

    Great show.

  45. Jason wilson

    Excellent show. Superb way to hold a safety briefing! Looking forward to hearing your cd.

  46. Olson

    Good laughs! Thanks

  47. Michael Weinstein

    Thank you for sharing yourself. I’ll take any help I can get when it comes to curbing my young soldiers’ wild partying habits.

  48. SFC Hansen

    Excellent show Bernie! One of the best safety briefs I have seen. You had my attention the entire time. Thanks!

  49. josh opolski

    Hey bernie thanks so much the comedy was great it made my day.

  50. Shane Fale

    Great show with a great message..thanks for coming out…we needed the laugh

  51. Travis Combs

    awesome show it was nice to relax and laugh at work for a change sometimes we get away from having fun and are always serious. Thank you again

  52. Kyle Tharpe

    Yo bro. You Kill yesterday. That was a great show

  53. Justin Goelz

    You killed today brother!! Thanks for the laughs and the great message. I have been through some of the things you talked about and it just reminds me to be responsible and make the right choices. Once again it was a great show!!

  54. Jamie

    You killed them today at the Evergreen theater. I enjoyed the show.

  55. Randy

    If insightful comedy were my rent money I’d cross state lines and blow you in Vegas.

  56. H

    Thanks again for visiting JBLM. I’ll admit at first I was a little skeptical, considering I’ve sat thru hundreds of awareness speeches. However, the message you delivered was on point! Everything from fact to funny, I was highly impressed. Well done sir…

  57. schaz allen

    hey thanks for the show, im dealing with the whole alcohol problem now, ive had 1 dui and its rough enough, i have 4 sons and a wife so hearing you was really good for me… o yea u were kinda funny too…lol

  58. chris

    great show

  59. sgt sadler, anthony

    Thanks for motivation, courage, and remorse you exude on the stage brother. We soldiers learn alot of our lessons the hard way as well, unfortunately so I hope the people I know personally that needed an uplifting, yet reality check type storyteller or speaker were paying attention. I’m sure you know there are several of them. You and I know had a lot of the same issues as teenagers and young adults so thanks for your brutal honesty. I would like to have that book I Killed but more importantly I wanted to express my gratitude for your support and comedy show. You killed. Also I will be contacting you on you personal email or page to ask advice for a friend who is struggling severely with heavy drugs. Thanks again……Tony

  60. PFC Cheek

    great show….keep doing great things!

  61. Jon Swope

    Great message way to go on the 23 years sobriety. I hope everyone takes into account that sometimes the best bet for some of us is to stop drinking all togather. Funny stuff! thanks http://servicemembersrecovery.blogspot.com/

  62. Nickolas Murphy

    Great show bro. Great story as well

  63. SFC Michael K. Johnson

    Bernie, I wanted to thank you for the great job you and everyone involved in this awareness campaign have done! It is a refreshing method to get this type of education from real people and in a way that doesn’t bore us to tears. The “Death by Powerpoint” Army Standard. Keep up the great work! By the way, my POS 84 GMC Jimmy eats Fiats for breakfast! Thanks for the laughs!

  64. Jordan Stinson

    Thanks for the show.

  65. Michael Tucker

    Thank you for coming and speaking to 5/20 today. Your set was hilarious!


    Bernie is a true inspiration to all military! thats the second time i had the priviledge to see his act, i seen him at ft leonardwood as well, thank you for all you do, i was at the evergreen theatre today and enjoyed ur stories

  67. christian olivarez

    Bernie! Dude the act was real good your funny as hell and real! Just posting some love trying to get a free sighned book!

  68. Tom Walsh

    Thanks for sharing your story. Truly inspirational. Funny, yet personal with an important message. Again thanks.

  69. Scott Nill

    Best resiliency brief ever, go Yankees!!

  70. shawn brown

    great job Bernie, you made my day bro! now wheres my free signed book

  71. Thomas Trott

    Great show. Would like to see him again.

  72. joshua silverman

    great show today

  73. murphy,james

    Hey boss really enjoyed the show today wish my family was there they would have loved it. My son is 13 he would still be rolling on the ground. If i wouldve known you had books there i wouldve brought some money but thats the way it goes. Thanks and keep up your good work.

  74. brandon larocque

    Great show today! Alot better than your typical brief!

  75. Ashley Olson

    I thought that you were hilarious. And I loved that you encouraged saftey in a way that makes people WANT to listen. You sent out a great inspiring message. And I will certainly tell my friends and family about you and the message that you bring. Very empowering.

  76. Michael Kay

    Great show and message! First Army safety training I have seen that kept the audience’s attention from start to finish.

  77. SPC Cartagena

    Amazing show this morning..Very informative n really makes you open your eyes to the dangers of poor decision making..Thanx man

  78. LTC Steve Soika

    Bernie thanks a million for the laughs and sage advice/guidance. I spoke with the boys after and you received great reviews. It is 1800 and I am still hearing comments in the headquarters. Appreciate you mission. – steve

  79. PFC Cerik Harbert

    Yo Bernie way to throw it down bro you had me laughing the whole time. Keep doing what you are doing man you are great at it. Thanks again for everything you do.

  80. Chris Beale

    Thank you for comeing out to jblm and giving us all a great time. That was the best safty brief I have ever had….. thanks Again….

  81. russell holloway

    great show loved it

  82. Rrichard DeAngelo

    Yo man, really truly the best prevention class I have had in my 6 years inthe Army. Ty for the great show and your a strong individual. Your story was deep and your jokes funny as hell! Keep it up it’s working. Thank you!

  83. SGT langley

    Loved the show…….laughed so much…….I know my soldiers n other ones will learn something about ur message bc u make it personal…..thx

  84. Randy Leyba

    That is one of the best if not the best for us troops to hear. It covered a range of topics that really made some solid points for us to think about. Keep motivating us and please come back. 24 june 1000 show

  85. Quinia Chenault

    Thank you for your story and time…you killed it..lol

  86. Byron melgar

    Yo Bern I’m here at ur show JBLM. Great show. Hit me up.

  87. Alicia English

    Awesome show today! You killed!!!

  88. randy reagh

    Show was awesome, and the story was really touching. thank you for the show.

  89. fred winslow

    Thanks for the laughs and for sharing your story.

  90. Nicholas Nelmsoverholtzer

    I was there!

  91. Lucius

    May God continue to bless you, I laughed till I cried and got the message.

  92. jackie stoneback

    The show was awesome you made me laugh alot. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I really enjoyed you talking about your brother sean, my brother is the same way with his disabilitys and instead of being in a group home he lives with me. I get laughs everyday. He is my bestfriend lol

  93. SGT Lawrence Rutt

    I saw your show I was there with 3-2 but I was part of the 62nd Med Brigade. You asked how much money the woman from McDonalds’s was paid for being burned by the hot coffee and I yelled out 70Million.
    Your show was inspiring and an amazing story and it was a good way to laugh and learn about safety.

  94. brandon hannem

    good job today. you killed. lol very funny

  95. Brittany Bardell

    Great show on 24JUN11…what an effective way to provide a safety brief to Soldiers! Thank you!

  96. SGT Z

    Funny I was just looking in the paper today and thinking of going to a comedy show. Was truly a divine appointment to end up going to a briefing and you being there. What a wonderfull suprise and privledge to hear your story. The passion you bring makes it not just hit your gut, but also your heart. Made me take an honest look at my life and gave me hope that one day i can be happy with life. Been a very bad year for me but you brought a smile to my face. For that I Salute you! ~Z~

  97. Michael Davis

    Saw you today at evergreen theatre, you were awesome very funny

  98. James Bissenas

    Hey thanks for coming. glad you came to JBLM

  99. Christie Stewart

    Thank you Mr. McGrenahan for sharing your story with the Soldiers of the 296th BSB 3/2SBCT Ft. Lewis. From the looks on the faces of the Soldiers in the audienance; I truly believe that your life experiences touched them. Continue sharing and spreading the knowledge of the effects of substance abuse. I will definitely share your mission with future assignments in the hopes that they will invite you to our location. Your work must echo throughout the Armed Forces ranks.

    Take care of that family and yourself,


  100. Ann Marie J

    I wanted to thank you for presenting at the 3/2 BCT Evergreen Theater. Your family stories made me cry, but I was happy you over came your habits and became a better son, brother and overall person. Thank you for making that hour the best hour of my day. It was so wonderful to see a real human that has had issues and listen to the way he over came all obstacles. Being a soldier is the same where we have to over come obstacles on a daily basis but it is good to see all the good it can come from it. Again thank you for all your support to all our military members and family and thank you even more for your love of your family.

  101. Spc mark powell

    I really enjoyed ur visit , u were really awsome, hope to see ya again on jblm,
    I really needed the laughter u brought to us. Thank u

  102. PFC Amanda Nelsen

    I had a blast at your show today! Thanks for stopping by Ft. Lewis and giving us soldiers a memorable safety brief… It was nice to hear your story on alcoholism, as it has played a big role in my life as far as the people I have known. Good luck in your career and please come back and do another show at Lewis!

  103. Josh Jaquess

    Thanks for the laughs and the stories. Have a good one, how to hear you again soon

  104. Boggsyboy

    If not for the mandatory part, I wouldn’t have seen and awsome comedy show! You rock!

  105. Luisa Ojeda

    just want to say thank you for coming and putting on a GREAT show. Hope to see you back again!!

  106. Spc Oaks

    Funny ass show! You need to play in WA more!

  107. David Martinez

    hey you killed today man that was an amazing show come back soon we all love ya bro

  108. Quinteros'

    Thank you for an amazing show. My husband and I enjoyed it!

  109. Jake McCormack


    I would like to thank you for your heart warming stories, it was truly life awakening. I am positive you got a clear and concise message across to the audience along with keeping a smile on all of our faces at the same time. I am confident you are changing lives everyday with your remarkable shows. I look forward to reading more in the book you were a part of. It would be outstanding to see another one of your shows in the future. Hope you had a safe flight back to see your brother.

  110. William Sanders

    Thank you for the laughs, and I applaud you for overcoming the issues from your early life. Good stuff, and I hope to see you perform again.

  111. Mike Li

    Hey Bernie! That was a great show you put on at Evergreen Theater yesterday. You delivered plenty of laughs and was able to leave us with a deep and thoughtful message of safety and responsibility. I hope you stay safe throughout all your travels, have a great time with your family, and hope you keep getting crowds as lively as 3rd Brigade, 2nd ID! Keep on fighting the good fight brotha! 🙂

  112. Jim

    Bernie and you too Jamie. Thank you, I belive you are making a difference. Hope to see you again Bernie, bring the manager next time to get her out of the office, fishing is great in WA.

  113. gut

    Good show…nice to see a legit comedian

  114. Caroline Webster

    We love you Bernie! Thank you for blessing the Arrowhead Soldiers with your comedy and message!