Naval Submarine Base New London, CT! Happy Hour is Rolling in…..

I am so excited to be here at Naval Submarine Base New London, CT! Thank you to Chief White and Ms. Price for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I hope to see all of you amazing Sailors and Marines while I am here at the Dealy Plaza Center on June 8, 2011 at 0800 & 1000. Come share a laugh and make a change.

Chief White, U.S. Sailors and Master Chief Koshoffer and I!

My brother Sean and I! Me LIVE 🙂 My brother Scott.

Thank you for your comments.  It is impossible to return all Blog comments, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.


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0 Responses to Naval Submarine Base New London, CT! Happy Hour is Rolling in…..

  1. stephen quast

    Great show had great laughs

  2. monte fairchild

    Awesome show…laughed almost the whole time. Thanks for taking time to come out.

  3. STS2/SS Louttit

    Great show! Thanks for the laughs!

  4. FT1/SS Powers

    Great show at the Submarine Base. Thanks for the story and the laughs.

  5. Brian

    Im actually very glad i got to go to your first showing. I have to admit I thought it was going to be another one of those dry boring “death by power points” type of thing, but your comedy made it alot better.

  6. Dirk Smith

    Great show today (0800). Powerful message at the end. Can definately relate to a lot of it. Lost my father to alcohol. Thanks for taking the time.

  7. Steve Spence

    Thanks for coming out. I had a blast at your show!

  8. James Dennison


    I wanted to thank you for your service to us. I really hope that your story touched atleast 1 person today.


  9. ET2(ss) Moats

    I was At the Groton SubBase Show. I thought put on a great show. It’s a great thing that you do up on stage for the troops. Thank you.

  10. James Anderson

    Great show. I really enjoyed it, and thought you did a great job of blending your message into your routine. More effective than most seminars on this subject.

  11. Frederick Schaefer

    “It f*** sucked…” Hey that’s what you said to write. In all honesty, I was a great show. Inspirational and funny. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us all.

  12. Jeremiah Minner

    Great show. Much better than a power point!

  13. Jeff Smith

    Funny way to pass on serious information>

  14. Mike Torres

    Bernie, great show all around. Great transition from the comedy to a more serious topic. You won the crowd over and delivered a great possitive message to our sailors. Thank you for taking the time to be a great role model. The sailors appreciate it.

  15. Fuhrman, Daniel

    peanut butter and M@M sandwiches for lunch

  16. Rich Nebelski

    The BEST mandatory training I ever attended!!! Great job!!!

  17. Daniel Mahoney

    My brother was the same way. I only make one short bus comment, “My brother rode the short bus.” Thanks for making it relatable.

  18. Brian Babb

    Great Show it was extremely inspirational. I really hope that everyone took something from your experiences, and I look forward to seeing you again.

  19. Jerry Guiser

    Brian, great show! You really can reach out to the younger crowd!

  20. Brian

    Great show! I think it was highly effective training with a great message! Thanks.

  21. Charles Nimmons III

    Your show was excellent! You thank us for serving and protecting the freedom of our nation, but it is used who should be thanking you for taking the time out of your busy career and personal life to share your experiences early on to help us make good choices.

  22. Brad

    I was At the Groton SubBase Show. Very good mando training.


    loved the show in groton. best alcohol related training i’ve been to.

  24. BM2 hughes

    great show best training I’ve had. lots of laughs

  25. TM1 Fry

    Great training! I saw the show today and I just had to stay awake for the whole thing. Thanks for keeping it real. You really know how to hit home.

  26. jared jackson

    great show thanks

  27. STS2/ss Farar

    Absolutely hilarious! I was lucky enough to attend the 0800 “training”. Thanks for taking the time to come out.

  28. Ricardo Parr

    Great show, one of the best training sessions I went to in the military

  29. CS1 Brian C. Pearson

    Good Show. I’ve seen alot drug and alcohol and suicide prevention training. You made everyone in that room listen. I have never seen that. I applaud you sir. In 12 years I have never seen a whole room full of people waiting to hear the next thing. Thank you and God Bless.

  30. MM2 Matthew Roney

    Thanks for your time, and old message with a new approach, I like it.

  31. ET1 Ford

    Great show. didn’t know I was gonna start off the morning like that

  32. ETC Johnson

    Great show, congrats on 23yrs alcohol free. I hope your show reached the unreachable today. Glad I was able to make it today. You’ve set the bar high for our next divisional training.

  33. EMCS(SS) Brooke

    Great show. I wish all training could be that good. It keeps people engaged so they actually listen to your message.

  34. EMC (SS) Mills

    Great training, Thanks. I think the junior guys can really use you as a positive influence when making these decisions.

  35. M Smith


    Thanks so much for coming to SUBASE and sharing your story and furthering your message. Great works! Thanks again. M Smith

  36. Adam Kisinger

    Thank you for bringing your story to SUBASE, the best training sessions I have been to in my almost twenty years. I hope your story touched at least one sailor on that parallel path, and makes them decide to alter course.

  37. STS2(SS) Farrell

    Great show today, very funny and informative, keep up the good work.

  38. El Guapo...

    I think it was probably one of the best training sessions I have ever seen!!!
    Thank you for sharing your story and not being a POWER-point-RANGER…..

  39. Rob

    Best training ever

  40. Michael Fischer

    Hey man, actually had some good laughs. Not at all what I thought it was going to be. Thanks.

  41. frederick hodgson

    The show was about as good as it was last year, which wasn’t very good at all. Thanks though.

  42. Gerald


    I saw your first show today. I enjoyed it very much. Brings the point home about drinking and driving, drug use in a great forum. It is good that we are able to laugh at our mistakes. Just like Richard Pryor was able to do. We all can learn it. Best wishes to you and your brother Sean. My Scott rest in peace. I know and understand how you must have felt that day and everyday since. Godspeed

  43. justin beltz

    Great show today (0800). Powerful message at the end. Can definately relate to a lot of it.

  44. MM1(SS) Schaeffer

    great show today bernie! i thought it was going to be another boring “mando” thing, but you story is one that really can touch people. you said how much you love us military people. i just wish there were more people out there willing to share their stories to allow us to learn from the mistakes of the past to better everyone’s future. thank you!

  45. JC Almonte

    Truth be told that was the best awareness/training I have ever been too. The message you sent out was inspirational and touching. A lesson has definitely been learned and I will pass that message on. I will be that friend that helps and not turn his back. Thanks again!!

  46. James W. Lambert III

    Awesome show Bernie, thanks for the laughs… Thank you for what you do for us sailors and troops, we appreciate it. I have had a DUI and some ups and downs in life, I hope everybody gets your message… I am sorry for your loss for your brother Scott. And It is really awesome to see how you are with your brother Sean. Take it easy brother…Carpe Diem…

  47. Matthew Hesse

    Best training Ever hit home man THX.

  48. ET1(SS)

    Great show, Great message! Thanks for everything

  49. Jeremy Hulme

    I was at your show in Groton at 0800. Awesome show. That was the most I enjoyed being educated since I watched Carmen Sandiego as a kid. Congrats on being 23 years sober. When the show was over, I definitely recommended others to catch your 1000 show. Thanks for taking the time to care.