UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY,MD! Honor,Courage, Commitment!

Hello Midshipmen! I had a blast tonight in the Bob Hope Theater/ Alumni Hall.   Thank you to the 4400 midshipmen who attended the show and filled the theater and to the incredible safety team how hosted me and brought me to the Academy.  I will never forget you, my trip to Bancroft Hall, the Chapel, and especially the performance in Alumni Hall.  I hope you had many  laughs and spread the message of choice and responsibility/accountability!  Take it with you into Spring Break and intervene, love, protect your brothers and sisters from harm. Hope to see all of you once again, hit me up if you have time.  Honor, Courage, Commitment.   Due to the incredibly kind and generous number of comments – come back tomorrow at 1500 hrs to see show attendance selectees from the ticket raffle!  Thank you for your service- to our nation.

Pre-Show inside the Bob Hope Theater.  4400 midshipmen are about to fill these seats!

Post show- meeting the brave men and women embarking on their courageous journeys!

Safety Team, Character team, leadership.

My brother Scott! Me doing what I love!

Hit me here with a comment, but it will not post immediately. It will post shortly, so come back and you will see it. It is impossible to return all Blog messages, however if you want a reply from me, click on the ‘Contact’ link on this site and write me privately. I personally return all those messages myself. Facebook faithful you can hit me up at www.FaceBook.com/ComedianBernie ! Thank you for coming to the show! Pics from show coming soon.

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  1. Brett Libby


  2. Eric Mills

    Thanks for the laugh bro. Powerful message

  3. matt wittkopp

    I was at the show! It was awesome!

  4. Jamie Deal

    Great show man. Good laughs and great message.

  5. Clarence Bell

    Hey thanks man. We’re glad you came! It was a lot different than we get but it was awesome!!

  6. andy muscarello

    Very funny and powerfil message. Thanks bro!

  7. Jim Temple

    Great show! Please come back.

  8. Brian Gureck

    Great Show Bernie! Really powerful message. Keep doing what you do!

  9. Hope Potter

    Thanks for the powerful message mixed with good laughs.

  10. Jeremy Harbaugh

    Bernie, you suck…only took the academy four years since I’ve been here to get something right.

  11. Chris Hoffmann

    Thanks for visiting us tonight. Family means everything. God Bless you!

  12. Jon Kappel

    Absolutely hilarious! Beats any other alcohol training! Come back next year!

  13. Zak Baker

    You the man Bernie! Great message, come on back next year!

  14. Tom

    Great show with a powerful message. Thanks.

  15. James Cheung

    Thanks for coming Bernie.

  16. Evan Mlynarek

    Awesome show tonight Bernie, thanks for the message and best of luck with everything in the future!

  17. Aaron

    Great Show!

  18. Jeff Bland

    Great show!

  19. Nicholas Denney

    The only “manditory fun” evolution we have ever had that was actually fun. Thanks for a great show Bernie!

  20. Tyler Sacjett

    Awesome show hope they bring you back.

  21. Scott Oberst

    Great new way to get alcohol training. Great Show!

  22. Tyler Sackett

    Thanks. Awesome show hope they bring you back

  23. Corey Schulz

    That was a great presentation of a very powerful message. Thank you for what you do and for addressing an issue that touches everyone’s life in different ways.

  24. Keegan

    Thanks Bernie for the laughs and the powerful message!

  25. Shane Martin

    Awesome show. Loved it!

  26. BERNIE'S number one Fan

    You killed it tonight bravo bravo

  27. Melanie Arden

    Thank you so much for coming! You were amazing!

  28. John Gale

    Great show.

  29. John Pollock

    Very funny, and definitely worth it. Thanks

  30. Nic

    Great time, thanks for the show

  31. Justin Dion

    Great show man! Thanks!

  32. Scott Strompolis

    Wonderful show, you have a strong message and I would like to thank you for sharing it.

  33. mike

    great show!

  34. Pierce Torrence

    Thanks Uncle Bernie, gave us something to think about and a few laughs too. Great Show.

  35. Jonathan DeSimone

    your show was dope.
    come back again!

  36. Adam Goetz

    Good show!

  37. Cody

    I was sweating like bernie at a comedy show

    Now where is my damn book

  38. Michael Ballester

    Thanks for a good laugh and powerful message. By far the best kind of alcohol training I’ve ever gotten.

  39. Josh

    Thanks for comin out.

  40. Chris Crowe

    Thanks for the great show and message you gave!

  41. Christian Freudenberger

    Awesome show.

  42. Christopher Leiby

    you were awesome Bernie!

  43. Morgan

    Really funny! Thanks for coming!

  44. Lily Powers

    Great show tonight! I might have even attended if it wasn’t mandatory fun!

  45. Nick Driscoll

    Thanks so much bernie! You really knew how to connect with us and your message was great! Good Luck with everything.

  46. Kurt B

    Awesome show, moving message, thanks!

  47. Alex Schueckler

    Great Show! Powerful message…and everyone could always use a good laugh.

  48. Mike Larson

    Bernie, unbelievable show, thanks for the laughs but more importantly the message!!

  49. Ryan Rabe

    Thanks, much better than the last three year of a fire fighter saying: “Then your knees will be bent backwards as you are thrown from the car and have your face ripped off by the shards of safety glass.”

  50. Stephen

    Great show definitely a good break from the powerpoints.

  51. Jake Reid

    Great show dude, come back again soon

  52. James Lights

    That was awesome. Definitely the best “mandatory fun” we have had. Thanks for the lesson and the laughs.

  53. Kevin Naks

    Hey good show and even better training.

  54. Ben

    great show and great message. thanks for the laughs and taking time out of your schedule. best alcohol training yet!

  55. Patrick Laughlin

    Awesome Show! Thank you so much for coming to the Academy!

  56. Alexander Azor

    Lt. Crunch! Thanks for the message boss. Take Care.

  57. Dan Schneider

    yo bernie, i was there, pick me!

    thanks for the laughs and the memory. It was very funny.

  58. Mike Labrada

    You’re funny.

  59. steve

    great show.

  60. Nicolas Garcia

    Thanks for the laughs. Your story is incredible!

  61. Eric Wootten

    Thank you for such an important life lesson.

  62. Scott


  63. Kenny Evans

    Great way to change up the message. Thanks for coming out.

  64. Nik Lutton

    very funny show with a gooey heart felt center

  65. Norman Overfield

    Great show Bernie! and powerful message. Keep doing what you do.

  66. Samantha Gonzales

    nice show!!

  67. Brittany Churchey

    Thanks for the great show! It was certainly MUCH BETTER than power point!

  68. Sonia

    Thanks for making mandatory fun actually fun. Great message! I hope you come again.

  69. Babak Khoshroo

    Great show!

  70. Chance Jones

    Thanks for a great night. I am sorry about your brother Scot. Keep spreading your words to people. i hope you other brother is doing well.

  71. Joy Nameth

    Great show! and great message. Thank you for coming to the Academy.

  72. Autumn Sylvester

    You were outstanding! You’re message was extremely powerful and your story was very heart-filled.I know we all appreciate you sharing your story with us and I only hope you can come back and give another show like the one you gave tonight! Thank you so much and our hearts go out to you and your family!!!

  73. Maryanna Sheck

    Thanks for coming! Awesome message great delivery!!!

  74. Mark P

    Come again please, great show.

  75. Ashley Aitken

    “Snooze button… you i’m ya bbbboooooyyy!!!” HILARIOUS, Great message thank you so much.

  76. Jon Monti

    Unique medium to convey a serious message. Great show, powerful story. Thanks for coming to Annapolis.

  77. MIDN 4/c Jones

    Bernie, i loved your message and you blended it well with the comedy to keep me interested.

  78. Anthony Naccarato

    Thanks a lot for coming and sharing your story. Good luck with everything. God Bless

  79. David

    Hey Bernie, great show tonight! You do us a great service by keeping us aware between fun and dumb-fun. Keep the show going and hope to see you next year! BEAT ARMY! and BEAT BORING SLIDE SHOWS!!!

  80. Chris Memminger

    Hey Bernie,
    Thanks for the message and the good night. Kept it real!

  81. Katherine Ashton

    Thanks for the great laughs and the good message.

  82. Parker Bailey

    Thanks for the laughs and the message. Come back next year.

  83. Jeremiah Derrick

    Best mandatory training we’ve ever had. thanks

  84. Ryan Furtner

    Great show, thanks for coming!

  85. Ben W.

    Great show, come back next year!

  86. Daniel Kent

    Great show!

  87. James Mannier

    Thanks for the great show man! You got to come back.

  88. tino

    Thanks for coming out, I hope you make it back next year.

  89. Cody

    did they need someone to edit the book?

  90. Charles Talisse

    Great show. Probably the only brief at the Academy so far which was genuinely enjoyable. Thanks! Come again!

  91. MIDN 4/C Simonson

    Awesome show man, I really liked the fact that your message comes from “the other side of the fence” instead of someone on a soap box who has never experienced what substance abuse does firsthand.

  92. Knox Holliday

    Thanks for the great show! When its the weekend we move it like Bernie!

  93. J.J. Helms

    Great Show!

  94. Mike

    Keep on keepin’ on


    Your message was well recieved. I have a family that has been partially destroyed by alcohol abuse and I am glad there are still people who use their lives to share the message of the evils that drug abuse entails.

  96. Daniel G. R.

    Definitely not a power point presentation. Awesome job, thank you very much.

  97. Leah Woodman

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and providing many laughs! You were wicked awesome!

  98. Andrew Nesburg

    Great show, one the best trainings we have had in awhile.

  99. Race Uto

    That was a awesome. Best training we have had all year. Thanks!

  100. Garrett

    Great show, powerful message. Thank you.

  101. Jackie

    Awesome show!

  102. Jen De Loach

    Awesome show and a great message for all. Thanks for sharing your story with us tonight, it meant a lot to us.

  103. Fallon

    Great show. Best mandatory brief I have had to go to in a while. Powerful story and message!

  104. Jim

    Thanks for coming out… a great way to get a great message out!

  105. Andrew

    Thanks for the show tonight. Great message and very entertaining!

  106. Tom

    Thanks for coming!

  107. Tyler Pichard

    Loved the show!

  108. Lyle McDonald

    Funny how this was mandatory, and it was mandatory fun unintentionally. You’ve got a great message. Thanks for sharing it with us. Congratulations on making it to 22 years. Keep strong; we’re behind you. Come back next year.
    All the best to you and to your brother!

  109. Samantha Blea

    Awesome job! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  110. Brett Resue

    Thanks for the coming to the Academy. Your message and way of presenting it was great. Keep spreading your message.

  111. Edmonds

    Very eye opening message. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. By far the best mandotory event i have had to go to.

  112. Phil Rouse

    Bernie, your presence here at the Naval Academy was an absolute God-sent. I don’t think I experienced such a wide range of emotions in such a short period of time. I went from laughing almost to the point of passing out to teary eyes within a couple of minutes. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are a true inspiration.

  113. Arin

    Thank you for your time, it was a wonderful message. I wish the world could hear your message. God bless you!

  114. Cody Chenoweth

    Great show Bernie! I thought you were hilarious and on top of it all had a great message! Thanks for coming

  115. Uziel Ladaw

    Thanks for the awesome show! It was really inspiring and had a powerful message to us all. God Bless!

  116. Jackson Hummeldorf

    Thanks for the show!

  117. Deidre Coulson

    Thanks for the great show! Best Spring Break safety brief we’ve had since I’ve been a Midshipman. Keep up the good work!

  118. Paul Daly

    Thanks for the show, laughs, and message!

  119. Matt Lutch

    Great Show, Great Message, hope to see you next year. Congrats on the 22 years sober.

  120. Ryan Dendler

    Great job! Much better than any other mandatory event we’ve had. Keep up the good work and spread your message to as many people as possible.

  121. Dillon Scherger

    Thanks for the laughs and the powerful message to reflect on. Life beats Cap’n Crunch any day of the week…

  122. Michael Hoefler

    The show tonight was amazing, your blend of comedy and a good message was a refreshing change from the usual “death by PowerPoint” and general amorality of most comedy. Keep doing what you are doing and I hope to see you again someday.

  123. Umberto Fournier

    I am really glad you came out and made this fun rather than another DEATH BY POWER POINT. God bless you and I wish you great success in your future endeavors.

  124. Gregory Wynn

    Really enjoyed the show man! Thank you so much for sharing your story

  125. Katie Ruffin

    Awesome message! Thanks for taking a brief that’s normally boring, not to mention one we were all dreading going to, and turning it into a great experience!

  126. Christine

    Thanks for coming to the Academy. You had a great message to share with all of us and congrats on your 22 years sober! That is an amazing accomplishment and I wish you all the best.

  127. Jon Schneckenburger

    Thanks for the good show!

  128. Andrew Flora

    You were the best surprise I’ve had at the Academy in a while…great show and great message. Thank you for what you do.

  129. Erik

    Thanks for the show.

  130. Pat Sullivan

    Hey Bernie, great show, powerful message. Thanks for spending time with us!

  131. Tracy Fridye

    Wow! You truly have an amazing talent so that you can spread your message to others. God bless you and your family.

  132. Ryan Clifford

    Good material and a great message, BZ Bernie!

  133. Jack Chang

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your experiences with us Bernie! My classmates and I had a blast! Thank YOU for your service 🙂

  134. Naomi Marcelo

    Thank you so much for the great show and great message!

  135. Annmarie

    Bernie thanks for coming to do the show tonight! It was funny and very powerful. Thanks for breaking up the monotony and sharing your story and congratulations on your 22 years sober!!

  136. Jordan Kronshage

    Thanx for making a mando brief funny! good luck with ur tours!

  137. Gordon Law

    Awesome show, awesome message.

  138. Marc Austria

    Thank you for sharing your story

  139. J. Omar Vasquez


  140. Andrew Robinson

    Fantastic, great story compared to a powerpoint!

  141. Peter Fabbri

    Thanks. Not everybody gets it like you.

  142. Nathan Kren

    Great show. Thanks for taking the time to come talk to us.

  143. Ivan Subialdea

    Thanks for bringing us something I’m sure most of us didn’t expect, and certainly took to heart. Loved it, great show and a moving message. Thank you.

  144. spock

    incredible show tonight bernie, please do another show here again sometime

  145. Kevin

    awesome show!! (I was there)

  146. Marcus Anthony Lewis

    Hey have a great tour, really appreciate you coming out here.

  147. Bill

    Awesome stuff Bernie! Thanks for the great laughs and message.

  148. Adam J

    Great message

  149. Paul Cho

    Thank you for taking time out of your day to come to the USNA, to tell us about your life, wither it was your mistakes or happier times, with a smile on your face. Tell your brother I said hello.

    Best Wishes

  150. Morgan O'Brien

    Thank you so much for sharing your message with us! It was great!

  151. Johnny

    Awesome show and great message, thank you!

  152. Matt Disher

    Great show…never expected a comedian at a mando brief

  153. Caleb Gerard

    Enjoyed the show

  154. Sam Martinette

    Great show! Good message! Glad you came!

  155. CJ SMITH

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I really enjoyed your message.

  156. Kaitlin

    Tonight’s show has probably been the only alcohol awareness brief that I have paid attention to since I have been here. I am glad that you were able to share your story with us, and it has made me think about decisions I have made and drinking in general. Thank You.

  157. Jarred Mack

    Bernie my man. This was awesome. Powerful message. It really hit home

  158. Nora

    Hey your show was awesome! Come back next year pleaseee.

  159. Josh

    Thanks for taking the time to share and leave us with a solid message.

  160. Ben O'Neill

    Great show, Bernie. Definitely wasn’t expecting a comedy routine to accompany one of our usual mandatory briefs. I will forever refer to that paper toilet-seat-thingy as an “ass gasket”.

  161. Michael

    Great show Bernie! Really enjoyed it! Please come back next year!

  162. Elle

    Thanks for coming. You really got our attention.

  163. Brian

    Thanks for bringing the laughs and the message to USNA. You definitely set the bar for the next mandatory event here on the Yard.

  164. Kareem Radwan

    great show

  165. Will Frietag

    Very awesome. Powerful message, I really enjoyed that

  166. Mike McMonagle

    Stop it, Bernie, you’re making me blush!! 😛

  167. Amanda Huginkiss

    God I hope the Dant doesn’t see me working out in my headband underwear…

  168. Emerson

    Sick show. Great laughs. Strong message!
    keep it real!

  169. Colin Kelly

    Great show Bernie! You were both hilarious and poignant, keep doing what you do!

  170. Gary

    Great show! Sorry for the loss with your brother. It’d be great if you could come back out next year.

  171. Josh Reyes

    Bernie, like you I got a younger bro like Sean, I have more appreciation than ever to see him when go home for spring break. Thank you for the laughs and message, we all really appreciate it!

  172. Ryan Hurtz

    great show

  173. Richard

    Great show!

  174. Bennett T.

    Thanks for coming out and for the laughs! Great show and good luck with you future tours.

  175. Cory Leviton

    Amazing show, Bernie, thank you so much for reliving your own past just to help us make our futures better. May your ideals always remain so strong.

  176. Kristina C

    Thanks for providing a different outlook. I hope that your message clicked with some people.

  177. Yechan Kim

    God Bless your family.

  178. Anthony Seda

    Awesome show!

  179. Mike Dobrinen

    Awesome show, thank you so much!

  180. Stephen Moss

    Thanks again for coming to see us here at the Academy. I’ve lost too many people to drunk driving so it’s nice to see a new approach for communicating the message. Keep doing what you’re doing! Best of luck for the rest of your tour.

  181. William Rodin

    Bernie, thank you for putting on that show and sharing some laughs, experience and message with us. We all appreciate it.

  182. Sean Dzierzanowski

    Thanks for the powerful message and the laughs. . .

  183. L B

    Hey thank you a lot bro for everything you are doing. It impacts lives man. God Bless.

  184. Jordan Heller

    Great story and show, thanks for taking our minds off of the abbreviation MANDO!

  185. Benjamin Murphy

    Awesome show, thanks!

  186. melissa

    Please come back next year!!! We are blessed to have had you speak and though your story is not the most happy, you definitely made the best of it and I am so grateful that you are changing lives by retelling it. There are so many messages that are positive in your show beyond don’t drink and drive and I really appreciate it.

  187. John Aselton

    Thanks, great show and powerful message. Stay strong!

  188. Drew Presnell

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show Bernie!!!

  189. Justin Riddick

    Great performance, thanks for the laughs!

  190. Kristin Lein

    Thanks for coming out tonight, a great show with an incredible message!!

  191. Jack Dembowski

    Amazing story with laughs mixed in. You are a role model for many of us out there.

  192. Tyshan Larry

    Thanks Bernie, Awesome Message!!!

  193. Katie Smith

    Thanks of a great show. Liked the laughs, loved the message.

  194. Pat

    Hey! A lot better safety show than the usual doom & gloom. My brother is also learning disabled, so it’s really encouraging to hear you can make time for him when you’re active in your career. Thanks!

  195. Jean-Luc

    Thanks Bernie. The show was great. Humor always works better than PowerPoint. I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting this at all.

  196. Victor

    Awesome show, say hi to Sean for us!

  197. Charlie

    Thank you for the excellent show and message. I very much appreciated your frankness and stark depiction of the dangers of drinking. Hopefully someday no one will have to go through what you did.

  198. Rafael Vargas

    Awesome show! Great message! By far the best pre-spring break safety brief during my time at the Academy.

  199. amy


    Thank you for your inspiring message. It will definitely help my fiance with his DUI/drinking problem. Thank you again! 🙂

  200. The Woj

    Thanks for the lulz Bernie

  201. Erin McKenna

    Thanks for the show, Bernie! You have a lot of courage to share as you do and I can already tell it made a difference here. Hope you come back again!

  202. Dave Nartker

    Thanks for the message tonight man. It really was powerful and you are the first speaker to tell us it was our choice and you weren’t telling us what to do. Thank you for sharing your story.

  203. Ben

    Great show man!! The first time I actually stayed awake in the Alumni Hall and the best spring break safety brief ever. I think I gotta change my spring break a bit since I was planing to get drunk down in Florida. Thanks for the inspiring and excellent message and saving my soul before I get another 45 days of restriction.

  204. A.J. Roman

    Good stuff.

  205. Ian

    Great show. I actually put down my reading for this brief! Those safety briefs are useless but I actually took a message away from yours and had fun.

  206. Albrey

    This was a great show and a powerful message.

  207. Alex Mund

    Hello Bernie,
    keep up the good show.
    I was there.

  208. Meghan

    Loved the show! I thought it was going to be a boring lecture, but it turned out to be funny and enjoyable. Thanks for the powerful message!

  209. Hawkes

    Thanks Bernie! I liked the comic relief with a good message.

  210. Megan Glancey

    Thank you so much! Great message, it was nice to have laughter incorporated into something so serious. I really appreciated it.

  211. Paco Yerkes Medina

    Thanks for the great show

  212. Amanda Phelps

    I had one hour of sleep last night and was not looking forward to another mando brief tonight when I could have been sleeping. BUT, you had me laughing the entire time, and the message was very powerful, I am extremely glad you came. Thanks for all that you do!

  213. Spencer

    Great show, great message. Thanks for the laughs, and thanks for sticking around to talk to us after the show.

  214. Jimmy P

    Yer Da Bomb!

  215. Patrick McCrary

    thanks for the laughs and the good message. The show reminded me of the “cost of living high” jamey johnson song lol.Keep up the good work and keep telling your message god bless

  216. Mark Flynn

    Bernie, I really was hoping for more comedy. I enjoyed the opening a lot, but the end was kind of a buzz kill, no pun intended.

  217. Ryan Ewanchew

    Thank you Bernie for the great show! I was the one you called out for having the 1990 MX-6. Thanks again for the wonderful show and the more important message along with it!

  218. Michael O

    Thanks for the laughs, a truly effective way to get the message out there

  219. Justin Mueller

    Great show tonight! I really enjoyed the message and the context from which is came. Great job.

  220. Tony Broll

    Thank you Bernie! I loved the show!

  221. Amanda

    Thanks! it was a great show. it was inspiring and funny at the same time.

  222. Caleb Bekemeier

    Thanks for coming and telling your story. I hope you enjoy the Blue & Gold Jacket.

  223. derek

    great show man

  224. Bill Ward

    This was a GREAT SHOW!

  225. G.Hill

    Great show tonight keep it up

  226. Will Cunha

    Thanks! Great show!

  227. Franklin Roberson

    Thanks Bernie. Great show!!

  228. Brennan Wyatt

    Thanks Bernie, great show! I really appreciate you coming to present. Great message.

  229. Matt

    Great show…I DO know what you are talking about when you asked if we ever forgot reading materials in the bathroom. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I was able to get on your website from my smartphone and enter this message! Great Show!

  230. Dan DeLand

    Excellent show bro.

  231. Josh Hildebrand

    Hooyahh, great speech tonight!

  232. Max

    Thanks Bernie,
    I wish you and your family the best. Thanks for helping others by sharing your life experiences.

  233. mario mastriano

    Great Show! Thanks for the laughs!

  234. Shane

    Thanks for coming, it was definitely a nice break from all the death by powerpoints!

  235. Enick Neely


    Great laughs, man. Thanks for the awesome show and the powerful message. Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your family.

  236. Mike P

    Good Show. Enjoyed the message you shared.

  237. Ryan Hagelin

    Hey Bernie,
    Thanks a lot for coming tonight. I thought you had a great message that we can all take something away from. Best of luck with the future!

  238. Blake

    Nice show, thanks.

  239. Claire Fletcher

    Great show. Thanks for coming.

  240. Adam Geuss

    Great speech tonight Really enjoyed it

  241. Geoff Grooms

    Thank you for the laughs and powerful message Bernie. Best of luck in the future and may God bless you and your family.

  242. Brett

    Thanks Bernie. Thank you very much

  243. Lindsay

    Hey Bernie, thanks so much for the show. It was unforgetable and educational, unlike any brief I have been to before. Thank you for your kind words of comedy and reality. I really appreciate it. Stay blessed and keep sending out a good message.

  244. Craig Stocker

    You put a new spin on this type of brief that I think the brigade really appreciated, thanks and God bless

  245. Maggie Puch

    Great show! I really enjoyed your presentation tonight and thought your message taught every midshipman something about your experiences. Thank you for coming to the Academy!

  246. Paul

    Thank you very much, it was much appreciated.

  247. David Rodriguez

    Really Enjoyed the Show!

  248. Jason

    Great Show

  249. Aaron R

    That was AWESome. Everything you got. But really enjoyed it. Thanks

  250. William F

    You tickled my fancy.

  251. Rich Rod

    Thanks for the show!

  252. Brian Ackerman

    Great Job. Very Funny, Plus great message, thanks for sharing with us. You affected my life in a positive way.

  253. Brandon H

    Awesome show. Thank you for spreading this message and for sharing your story with us. May God bless you and your family. Thanks again.

  254. David

    Thanks for the show bra, keep up the good work.

  255. Superman

    Thanks for coming and talking to us. Some powerful stuff to think about before Spring Break..

  256. Angel Morales

    WOW! That was a great show. Thanks for having the courage to share your story with so many people through comedy. It must be hard sometimes. Awesome Thanks!!!!

  257. Brent Teague

    Great show. Best brief Ive ever been to. Thank you.

  258. Gomez

    Bronx up +1!

    Great show, great message, and great way to keep the entire Brigade’s attention! Keep doing what you’re doing, it makes me more proud coming out of the gutters of NYC.

  259. Soup

    Your show was truly inspiring. Changed my life.

  260. Dillon

    I thought you had a powerful message tonight. I’ve seen some of my friends start down the same road and pray they find a way out of it. Great show and keep up the good work Bernie.

  261. Giancarlo Palazzo

    Amazing show….you MUST come back!!!

  262. Jake Spaulding

    Wish I would’ve had the opportunity to listen to your talk in high school. Thanks m’man.

  263. Matt

    First time I haven’t had to struggle to stay awake in Alumni hall in two years.

  264. Wondo

    Great show tonight Uncle Bernie! Keep up the good fight!

  265. Jen

    Thanks for tonight!!!!

  266. Giiehti Christian

    Loved the show! I appreciate you taking the time to mix humor and seriousness.

  267. Michael

    Thanks for the mesaage. It was a great show!

  268. Bob Kruse

    Awesome show and very good way to get a message out! Thanks!

  269. Matt Carmody

    Good show tonight, I enjoyed it. I hope I win your book.

  270. Jaime Ireland

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