Offutt AFB, NE Home of the 55th Wing

I am so excited and jazzed on being here at Offutt AFB, NEand had a blast on stage.  Thank you SSgt Tucker, Col Brawley., Airman Gardner, and the entire 55 Wing for hosing my Comedy with a SAfety Message tour!  Trying to bring a program to make you laugh but also make us all think a little.  Hope you men and women who watched the live feed all across the base enjoyed it as well.  We are all delivering our Mission & Vision. I appreciate each of you, and Thank You for my freedom!

Amazing Airmen, myself and my brother Sean and I!

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  1. Ashley lefler

    Not only was he funny he was very informative. He was able to relate to most if the airmen and connect with us on a different level then others can. He was an amazing comedian and I would pay to see him anytime any price!!! Thanks a lot Bernie for everything and be safe!!!

  2. Patrick Thomas

    Awesome brief at Offutt today, will alway remember your outstanding presentation.

  3. Joseph F Pacheco

    Thanks for your continued support.

  4. Allison

    What a great way to spend an hour of our time! A great message that we all need to hear. Keep up the good work.

  5. Kendall Steffen

    Thanks again for coming down to Offutt! The show was great!

  6. Jose Rivera

    I would just like to say that you put on an incredible show today and we at offutt thank you so much for taking the time to give us a great comedy as well as sharing a part of yourself with us. This was my first time hearing of you as a comedian and look forward to hearing much more. Once again thank you (^_^)

  7. Phil

    Thanks, enjoyed the show, good mix of comedy with real life experiences.

  8. Vincent Vasquez

    Was a good show with a good message.

  9. Jessi Eby

    Thanks for the break out of our day to come and relax, have a few laughs and here a message that should be a given to all. I realize it isn’t, and am glad to see that you have found a way to make it more than just another lecture. Thanks again.

  10. Adrian

    Bernie your show was awesome. Alot of good things came out of the show and makes me not want to drink. I dont drink but this will motivate me to not drink. Awesome show and thanks for what you do for us troops all around the world.

  11. Nathan

    great show, thanks

  12. jonathan suthard

    Bernie, great show! I think that your comments and personal interaction with the topics yuo used, will make a huge impact. After 22 years in the Air Force, I think that your approach will make the biggest difference.

  13. Stephen

    Honestly, I hadn’t heard of you and was not excited about having to see you. That being said, I was glad I got the opportunity. You were quite funny and very informative. I used to drink alot, and quit, but here lately had been struggling with starting again. I appreciate you reminding me why I quit. Keep up the good work.

  14. Dan

    Absolutely awesome show. Thanks for bringing your immense talent and personal experiences to the Offutt community. I think your message was right on target and if it changes even one Airman’s mind about doing something unsafe like drinking and driving…consider today a win. Thank you for your support. Good luck to you.

  15. Duane Hulbert

    Todays show was amazing. Thanks for coming out and giving us a show and showing your support for the Military. Your message was clear and hopefully everyone listened and will make the right choices. Thank You!

  16. Nate

    Great show today Bernie! Loved your comedy and definitely can relate to some of your stories. Thank you for your support! We need more Americans like you around. Thanks for all you do.

  17. Skyler Devereaux

    Great show…. I was glad to meet you and shake your hand… I hope the best for you and your family….

  18. Jay Miller

    That was the best Mandatory comedy show ever!

  19. George Holmes

    Thank you for sharing your own personal turn of events with us. I hope your message gets across to the ones who are reaching out and no one is there.

  20. Bradley Gravos

    I enjoyed your show today. Keep up the good work

  21. Jeremy B

    I laughed my ass off. By far the best safety brief I’ve been to in my career. I will definatly be passing your name on to friends of mine.

  22. Matt Burns

    Not bad for being mandatory!

  23. Steven

    Great show. It definitely broke up the monotony of the usual safety briefs and I didn’t feel like i was going to fall asleep. Your a funny guy, thanks for doing this for us.

  24. Andy Burroughs

    I enjoyed the show. Some of the topics really hit home and the show was funny! Thank you for not killing us with powerpoint slides before the long weekend!

  25. Chris

    Great show Bernie, what a way to end the work week.

  26. Brytanie

    Awesome show. I dont laugh out loud very often but you made a bad day GOOD! :)

  27. Corey Reichenberg

    Awesome show today! You convey the safety message well and you’re funny as hell too! Thanks!!

  28. Heather M Thomas

    Todays show that Bernie put on at Offutt Air Force Base was awesome. Not many people can pull off being both funny and informational while still keeping the audiences attention. High fives to you. Please keep doing what you are doing. If you cause even one person to think twice about their actions and get help it is all worth it. Thank-you for what you are doing.

  29. Jenna Alderman

    Wonderful show today! Its great that you used your own experiences to pass a great message about both alchol and watching out for your fellow wingmen. Thank you and congratulations on your many years of sobriety.

  30. Rafael Paulino

    Great show at Offutt. Definitely loved it!!

  31. Justin Shepherd

    Best Mandatory Fun I have been to. Very informative but most of all memorable.

  32. Dock

    Just wanted to say that was the best “training” show I have seen in the Air Force. Thank you for coming to Offutt and showing support. Very Funny!!

  33. David Woolery

    Great Show, I want to thank you for coming to Offutt, and presenting such a great message.

  34. Danielle H.

    Bernie you are a truly talented person! You sucked us in from the beginning with the funny stuff and was able to hold on to our attention through the hard parts. That is a tough talent to master and you definitely did it!

    Thanks for stopping by Offutt and spreading your message!!!

  35. David Omolayo

    Thanks for the show. It was funny but with good timeless lessons for everybody. I hope you do this for a long time.

  36. Bradlely Clear

    Thanks for the entertaining and informative show!

  37. Aaron Hazen

    Thanks Bernie, was truly a very entertaining show.

  38. Dustin Hoffmann

    Great show! Really enjoyed having you at Offutt.

  39. Eric Nelson

    Amazing show! I don’t think anybody likes “forced fun”, but I walked out of there having laughed so hard, I wanted more. Great message, great show.

  40. Richard Scaglione

    Great show Bernie. Thanks for giving some life to our safety day.

  41. Adam Oles

    At first when I was told I had to go to the comedy show I was a little annoyed. I made my way to the auditorium considering ditching out and going home. I made it to the point where I was at a cross roads. Go straight (be off base), take a right (be forced to to something I didn’t want to do). Within the first two minuted of the show I realized I had made the right decision. The show was the highlight of my day.

    Usually when the Air Force talk to us about drinking, drugs, and being irresponsible. We all tune it out and have a “ya ya” attitude. The last thing I want to hear is the Air Force trying to tell me how to run my personal life. The show for me was the total opposite. For the first time I wasn’t being told not to do something. Instead I was getting first hand experience of how things can go and how they can affect people. I had a time when I suffered from depression and you never really think about anyone except yourself. If I had seen your show 8 years ago it would have changed the course of my life at one of the critical points.

    Thank you for bringing your story to us at Offutt AFB. Your story was inspirational and will be remembered by me.

  42. Stephanie

    Awesome show Bernie! Wasn’t excited for a mandatory comedy show, but really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing such an intimate part of your life with all of us. All the best!

  43. Aaron

    Thanks Bernie for coming here to Offutt, your show was great! I am glad that you shared your story and that you are such a supporter of the military. Thanks!!!

  44. Jack Shanahan


    Sorry I missed the opportunity to say goodbye and thanks. I am not a bit surprised by the uniformly positive feedback on your show…we get caught up in “death by PowerPoint” and your approach is one of the few ways to get through to people who otherwise tune out. Your show was outstanding. Right message to the right people at the right time. Go Sox!