Shaw AFB, Enjoy the ride but do so safely

We  had an amazing 0900 Presentation of the ‘HAPPY HOUR’ Program with all of you driven Airmen!   Looking forward to returning at 1400 hrs for a second show!  Thank you to the20th FW  Safety  Team for bringing me to Shaw!

My brother Sean and I!

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0 Responses to Shaw AFB, Enjoy the ride but do so safely

  1. Ronald Rice

    Bernie, I wanted to say thank you again. I really enjoyed your show and think what you are doing is great.

  2. Alan Clapp

    nice job this morning Bernie, i think we all needed a good laugh before the start of our day.

  3. Nick Johnson

    Thanks for coming out Bernie I really enjoyed the show, i think we all need a good laugh every now and then, and the message really got across well

  4. Sandra Thrash

    I would have to say that this 101 Critical Days of Summer kick off was WAY BETTER than the usual STATs briefings we have. A couple of laughs before the “real message”. Even then, the “real message” had jokes. AWESOME!! I needed a good laugh. :-D

  5. marrion lomboy

    Thanks Barnie for comming to shaw and entertaining us. Your story reached out to all of us and I respect everything that you said. Thank you again and hope to hear from you again.

    PS your funny as hell.

  6. SrA Mark A. Willett

    I just wanted to say thank you for coming out and doing Happy Hour. I enjoyed everything that you said and had to share. I enjoyed the comedy as well as hearing personal experiences in which I can look at when I put into a situation and think… I heard this before.. it hasn’t turned out well.

    I definatly would enjoy seeing your future endevours.

    Thank you again.
    -SrA Willett, Shaw AFB SC

  7. Lloyd Chatman

    Hey Bernie, just watched the show and you are WAY better than another safety briefing. Thank you for doing what you do. You said to leave a comment saying “you suck”, so…”you rocked”. Thanks again.

  8. Justin Hart

    Loved the show and what a touching story. God Bless

  9. Jovitta Childress

    I really enjoyed your show. Thanks for coming out and supporting us. I was touched by the story about your brother because I had a handicapped sister, but she died at age 11 2 years ago. Keep up the good work! Thanks again!

  10. Matthew Robinson

    Great show and honestly is the best required to attend show I have ever been to.

  11. Barbara Garcia

    Thank you for the hilarious show… and the book! i promise to read yours last!

  12. eric allen

    Really enjoyed your show! Loved the serious message that was blended with the comedy. My wife saw you when she was in college and loved your show too. Thanks!

  13. Timothy Saxton

    Bernice you were awesome. Hope too see a show soon.

  14. Brandi Coleman

    Hi was at the show today, really enjoyed it! Thanks!

  15. Cheetah

    Bernie, great message…spot on!!! Keep doing a great job!!!

  16. Crystal

    Bernie, you provided a wonderful show to all Airman at Shaw AFB! Thank you for sharing your life story with the world. Hopefully your story will keep someone from making a mistake that will cost them for the rest of their life. Again, THANK YOU! God Bless!

  17. Lindsey Critser

    What an awesome show today, i couldnt stop laughing!! I was laughing so hard i started to cry!! I think what you do is amazing and i just wanted to say Thank You!!!!

  18. Jason Chandler

    Loved the show! Funny as hell! Enjoyed it a lot!

  19. SSgt Kimberly Stephens

    Awesome show. Very touching and well thought out. Would go to another performance…Keep up the good work in passing a great message.

  20. Michael Burns

    Great show! thanks for breaking up the death by powerpoint

  21. SSgt Michael Pasley

    Great show today! Thanks for the visit!

  22. Lauren Fair

    Hey thanks for making this show not another briefing about stats and boring hey dont do those. I appreciate that you relate to your own life and that everything truely happens for a reason. Take care and God bless.

  23. A1C Marquita Campbell

    Hey Bernie my man whats up!!:)
    Thanks for coming to Shaw.
    I really enjoyed the show

  24. chris baumer

    hey man i just wanted to say ur funny as hell and had a really good message. I would have to say the way you deliver your message gets acrossed alot more then the normal saftey breifings we have to go to. good job keep it up

  25. Megan Kamphaus

    Loved the show! it is rare where a comedy routine can send such a strong message, and still be that entertainig. I admire your mission and your humor at yourself. I find the love you have for your brother and he has for you, just amazing. Take care!

  26. Eric Fazekas

    Great show, great story, great message(s). Keep up the great work.

  27. Devon Williams

    Thanks for coming to Shaw Bernie. You give an Awesome safety briefing. You truly do “Kill it.” Good luck, and keep up the Good Work.

  28. Chris Doolittle

    You were great Bernie. You managed to keep us laughing and still get across a very serious message. I only wish all of our safety briefs could be as enjoyable as the one you put on today. Thank you for coming out.

  29. Leonard Marez


    This was the best 101 Critical Days of Summer briefing my entire career. Through your humor there was a real message I know many Airmen will take to heart. Thank you for your support and all of the good laughs. You Rock!!!

  30. Carl

    Definately better than the usual “death by powerpoint” the military so adores. Thanks for the change of pace.

  31. Lafe Moore

    22 years in the military and this was the best 101 Critical Days of Summer brief I’ve ever had. Thanks for making it enjoyable.

  32. Scott Eck

    Thank you for sharing your powerful, heartfelt message with Shaw. It was a great show and we had a great time. Take care.


  33. Darius Harper


    Your show was amazing, you and you experiences are truly a blessing. Good luck, and God Speed!


  34. Joe Moore

    Great having you here at Shaw! Hope you get to come back again.
    Keep up the good work getting the safety message out there!

  35. Vann Coker

    Thanks Bernie, your show was very isnpirational.

  36. chris

    Hey Bernie. For some reason your comments have been unviewable for some time now. I wanted to read some of the other comments on here. Did you announce the winner of your book yet?