Redstone Arsenal, Bringing the HAPPY HOUR Message to AL

I am excited and jazzed to be here at Redstone Arsenal!  They deserve our best……….Because they are the best!!!!!
I had a blast at Redsone Arsenal Wednesday.  Thank you to the incredible Trainees and Civilians that came to the shows.  Virginia and Colleen, Thank you!   Also thanks to ASAP for supporting the cause!  Both shows were amazing and I appreciated the laughter and the incredible feedback!  It was a tight departure as I barely made my plane, but I was high as a kite from your laughter and feedback.  I hope the training brought you a new and innovative way to make a point about Alcohol, Risks, and Behaviors we all are faced with!

Here is the ACS & ASAP Staff and Colonel Cusker!

Me, My brother Sean, & Sister Debra!

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0 Responses to Redstone Arsenal, Bringing the HAPPY HOUR Message to AL

  1. LTC Cusker

    Mr. McGrenahan – thanks again for presenting your message today for my battalion. Your work greatly supports our “soldierization” effort. Also thank you for the book, I will enjoy reading it for sure.

    LTC Cusker

  2. Justin Strom


    I wanted to thank you again for you engaging message to the Soldiers here at Redstone. I feel that you have figured “IT” out and anyone that hears your story will think twice before making that wrong choice. Everyone that heard you and your story today has benefited. I hope that more people like you can come speak to our Soldiers and others that serve so they can all benefit. It was great to see how much the Soldiers really stayed engaged the entire time you spoke.

    Thanks Again,

    CPT Strom, C Co 832d

  3. SPC. Chakraborty

    Mr. McGrenahan,

    Your presentation today was a refreshing mixture of humor and sound advice. Appreciate your taking out the time to speak to us. Thank you for the laughs and for sharing your experiences.

    SPC. Chakraborty
    HQ/A Co, 832nd Ord Bn

  4. SPC Loban

    Saw the show today, you were great, great message.

    Thanks for coming to talk to us.

  5. PV2 Berndt-Shibla

    Mr. McGrenahan-
    I thoroughly appreciated and without a doubt enjoyed your show on Wednesday.Thank you very much.
    I related to the material in your show and you really opened my eyes to things that hurt my family and friends. And your jokes were awesome!!!!

    Thank you,

    Pv2 Berndt-Shibla

  6. PFC Demers

    Thanks for the show today. It was very inspiring. Hope to see you again later on in my army career.

    PFC Demers, Nathan

  7. Sgt. Solis Salvador

    What a great message hidden in your comedy act, great way to get it out there epecially to all theese young soldiers here in Redstone Arsenal.

    thanks Sgt Solis

  8. PVT Hardy, Nathaniel

    Hey Bernie,
    I just got to Redstone so I am fresh out of basic, I just wanted to thank you for the show it was just what I need a really good laugh. Good luck with everyting and thank you again.

  9. Stuart Kelly

    I had a really great time at your show at Heiser Hall. you conveyed an awesome message that really spoke to me. Also, I seriously haven’t laughed that hard in the longest time!
    you are a great man with a great message

  10. PVT Barva

    Usually I try to get out of having to go to these mandatory things, but I was really glad I didn’t miss this one! You were hilarious and it was a great message. I no we were talking about you tonight and laughing about your jokes and comparing the two shows. I think you definetly had a positive effect on all of us and we are so glad you came out. So thank you and we wish you continued success.

  11. SGT Haney

    Great act. I hope the message got across to some of the soldiers you preformed for. You humor mixed with a strong and meaningful message may just save someone from going down a path they could avoid. Thanks for coming to Redstone.

    SGT Haney, C Co. 832d

  12. PFC Mike March

    Hey thanks for the fantastic time! you sent a great message to everyone and loved your story! keep on truckin!!! Mike