MacDill AFB, FL ‘HAPPY HOUR’ Message is here…Safety Team Thank You

I am ready to Rock’N’Roll here at MacDill AFB…………..Spring into Pedestrian Safety: Watch your step and reduce Risks!

Thank you to Colonel Martin, Colonel Wolf, and the entire Safety Team for brining this program to MacDill!  An amazing experience as we had to abandon the microphone and scream our show to almost 2000 Airmen!  What incredible leaders at this base, all inspiring us and guiding our country to freedom!

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0 Responses to MacDill AFB, FL ‘HAPPY HOUR’ Message is here…Safety Team Thank You

  1. Zachary Hutchings

    Bernie, I just wanted to thank you for coming to MacDill AFB and showing us a good time, while sending a very clear message. It hits home because I know people back home that are experiancing problems like that and it’s a very real thing. Awesome show and important message for all us airman who attend. Thank you for coming and good luck with all you do in the future. – v/r A1C Hutchings

  2. Alex Fafinski

    Thanks again for the great show and the great message. It was equally as nice to talk to you after the show. Keep passing along your message cause it really does affect people and make a difference. Thanks for what you do.

    Capt Alex Fafinski

  3. Franklin Sims

    I enjoyed the show. The officers sitting behind me even laughed, but not very much, they are a little uptite. Dude, you have one funny message, my favoriate was the vomit and the corn joke. That happend to me last month. I hope to follow you and your message daily on facebbok, now that we are allowed to look at it while working. I hope you have a great show tomorrow and hope you have better luck getting dates, I know what it is like to have women problems. I now know I need to quit the booze, you have given me inspirations and glad we invited you here.


  4. Arjune Haynes

    Great Job Bernie!! Thanks.

  5. Josh

    I enjoyed the show, very funny and entertaining. You also have a good message to pass along to everyone. Thanks for coming to MacDill.

  6. Nick Sylvestri

    Great show it was a good mix of comedy and a good message

  7. Donovan Thompson

    Thanks for a very funny show with a powerful message.

  8. Fernando Alejandro

    Bernie, you were AWESOME! SPECTACULAR!, You sure brought laughs, inspiration and motivation to our military crowd today. For me, it was just what wrote at the beginning. You are truly a comedian, made me laugh and all, but you were so good that I was a little nervous when you also made ma shock in front of my buddies, got tearie eye with your personal message. WOW, you are extremely good. Someone that can take you in and out of that laugh zone into a serious note and back again, truly has all of those things to be “THE TRUE COMEDIAN” My hats off to you Bernie, Thank you!!!

  9. Bob Beamon

    Really enjoyed your show Sir! I could have used a thicker seat cushion.


  10. Eric

    Just as advertised, a great comical show with a hard hitting message to those who may be making those high risk decisions. Hopefully they will keep your message and remember them when it is time to make those decisions. Thank you for your support to the military and communities with your talent and your personal story.

  11. Mary

    Bernie, thank you for the wonderful show this morning! It was a GREAT way to start my Air Force day!!

  12. Chuck Hollerich

    I was at your 8:00 AM April 29 show. You were awesome. Thank you for the great message and the laughter along with it. Very inspirational for helping others.

    God Bless!!


  13. Jon

    Thank you so very much for brigning your personal story to the men and women at MacDill AFB. Your a funny guy with a very serious message; a difficult balance you achieved effortlessly.
    Take care and God bless.

  14. Howard Fournier


    Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your show. Love the way you were able to time your jokes around the traffic behind you…well, except for one. Seriously, great show and very enjoyable. Thanks.

  15. joshua sanes


  16. joshua sanes

    Bernie, Thanks for the laughs enjoyed the show

  17. Skye Ozburn

    Enjoyed the show today =)

  18. James Scott


    I watched your show twice! You have a powerful message. Thank you so much for bringing it here to MacDill.

  19. Terry Norris

    Awesome show! Thanks for mixing comedy with safety and making it work. Fair Winds and Following Seas to you and your family.

    Semper Fi,

  20. MSgt Jeremy Edwards

    Your show today was phenominal. I truely enjoyed your material especially how it moved into the bones of your message. I dont know how you keep yourself composed when you talk about such a serious topic as the loss you had. Keep up the good work, it is a worthy cause. Nobody ever died from to much information.

  21. Masta Pea

    Thank you Bernie for you the important message you are delivering in a comically way. I pray that message really get to the ears of those who are on the wrong road and think it will lead to happiness.

  22. Charlie Crisp


    Thanks for stopping by……great message! I hope the folks will not need to learn the lessons you spoke of first hand.

    God Bless you and your family.


  23. Danielle Thomas

    Great show Bernie. Thank you for coming to Macdill to share your stories with us.

  24. Melissa Castellanos

    Your show and message was great today. Some of us were skeptical on how you would integrate those important issues with comedy, but you definitely pulled it off and very professionaly. You rock!!! Look forward to hearing from you again.

  25. Amn Woodworth

    Hey, good stuff today! i wish you luck with your career. I can really relate to alot of the stuff you went through, thanks again for the great show!
    -Your Spedo friend from the front row

  26. Bruce Dally

    YO YO YO, I wantz ta win a prize!!!

  27. Andrea

    Great show! Very funny… would like to see again!

  28. Teresa de La Cueva


    A great show with strong messages! Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us…you are definitely part of our Air Force Family.

  29. Nicola Adams


    You KILLLLLLEDDDD it this morning!! ;) I can’t express enough how enjoyable you were to watch. I’ve never kicked off a morning laughing so hard… (esp at a ‘mandatory work function’)! Your humor brought me to tears, your story brought me to tears, and your message hit home! Thanks so much for sharing a piece of “you” with MacDill! I would love to see you again. Enjoy your travels! :)
    ~Nicki Adams~

  30. John


    Great show! Saw you about 2 yr ago, still going strong!! Love the way you open folks up to receive your message.

    Thanks for being a friend to all of our military services….keep on keepin on!


    “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a Day.”
    Jimmy Valvano

  31. Robert Stroud

    Bernie, thanks for the outstanding show and heartfelt message this morning. I’ve been in this business for nearly 29 years and that was the most entertaining and interesting safety talk I’ve attended. What you do for the troops is awesome!

    CMSgt Robert Stroud

  32. A1C Brianna McGuffie

    Great show!!!! Really enjoyed it! Thanks for coming!

  33. Amanda Alves

    My husband and I were there and had an awesome time! Great show.

  34. Brad Robbins, MSgt

    Wow!! Best safety message I have ever heard and most enjoyable “mandatory” event I have attended. Thank you for visiting and passing a great message to the Airmen.

  35. Kevin Lynch

    I know you may have joked or “killed” us about us being required to be at your show but that was the best thing the AF has done. You have to understand we are coming from, The AF doesn’t have anything or one good for entertainment ever come on base. So if they didn’t make it manditory would would have missed your incredible show and message. Keep up the good work, laughter is great and I really needed it, thank you for changing my day, you rock!

  36. Amber

    Bernie! Man, you were awesome!!! Ya know, at first I was like…a Mandatory Safety Briefing from a comedian, this is gonna suck! lol It definitely didn’t suck!! You put comedy in with your powerful, personal story…what an incredibly strong person you are. I was at the morning show, I laughed so hard at one point I was crying!! If you’re ever here in Tampa for a comedy show I would definitely buy tickets! Thank you for coming to MacDill and sharing your story with us. YOU ROCK!!!