Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, and Parris Island, SC

Pumped up and excited to be here at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, and Paris Island Training Ground in SC, where Marines and Sailors are made!  Hope you had a good time at the shows and enjoyed the newest form of ‘Training’!  Comedy with a Message! Thank you Sharria, Lora, Carlos and the entire Staff  for bringing me as well as Gail from SAC for attending the MCAS show!   We love our Marines and Sailors!

My sister Debra, My brother Scott is in the middle- miss you bro, and brother Sean is on the right with me at the movies!

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  1. John Hawkins

    Bernie, I just got back from your show at the MCAS Beaufort and I have to say it was the best mandatory brief I’ve ever had to go to, but also the most touching. I’m glad there are people like you out there who can share thier life experiences and not make it sound like some text book dribble. God bless you for all your hard work and effort, cause I know it ain’t easy to talk to a bunch of jarheads.

  2. Garth Pascoe

    Bernie the show was great i enjoyed it very much. The message was strong and i’m sure useful to alot of people that were in attendance. Thank you for what you are doing and God Bless you. Say hi to Shawn for me (not sure if thats how you spell it)

    SSgt Pascoe

  3. CWO2 Hickman


    GREAT SHOW!! You really know how to get your point across and keep the humor going. It’s awesome that you were able to turn your personal experiences into a funny yet powerful message. Keep up the outstanding work; you are really making a difference!!

    CWO2 Toye Hickman

  4. Ellen Chesnut

    Thank you for using your gift of humor to convey a very important message to our Marines about making responsible choices. The power of your personal story touched us all.

    Thank you!

  5. Shane Sandifer

    Thanks for the great laughs at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

  6. SGT Armond Wheeler

    Good afternoon Bernie,
    This is SGT Wheeler IV, Armond E., the one guy you picked on the most during your visit to MCAS Beaufort. I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing for us back here in this country we all call our home by sharing your stories and experiences. Hope to see you in the near distant future.


    SGT Wheeler
    Utilities Quality Control NCO
    Tool Room and Calibration NCO
    MCAS Beaufort SC
    CLC-23, CLR 25, 2nd MLG
    W# 843-228-8536
    C# 912-210-8190

  7. Sgt Ian Insley

    That was an awesome show! You certainly have a gift for sending an INSPIRING and POWERFUL message, through your humor, without dilluting the message, or putting everyone to sleep. Such a welcomed change from the DEATH BY POWERPOINT we sometimes encounter. Thank you for YOUR service to us…

    Sgt Insley
    MALS-31 HQ

  8. PFC Pedro Negron

    just wanted to say that you gave a wonderful show today at the marine corps airstation beaufort south carolina and that it will be great to have you back. thanks for the laughs and for the great message you sent to all of us..

  9. Kerry Copeland


    Great show today at MCAS Beaufort!!! You had me laughing, crying and then laughing all over again! What a wonderful message you are delivering to our Marines and Sailors. We look forward to having you here in the LowCountry again!

    Kerry Copeland,
    Relocation Assistance Program
    Parris Island, SC

  10. Anthony Key

    Thanks for the laughs! Great show today at PI!

  11. Paz Platt

    Thank you for sharing your story with us today at Parris Island. Your presentation has a great mix of comedy and story telling to get your information across. It was very funny and touching, I’m sure your message got across to some Marines which is the whole purpose for the program.

  12. Daron King

    Good show overall. I’ve never heard of you before but, you gave us some good laughs. I can’t think of to many mandetory functions that actally made you laugh. The way you incorporated your life experiences into your show was a good way to get your overall point across to all who attended. Again thanks for the laughs.

    SSgt Daron King
    Drill Instructor PI SC

  13. philip

    Great show and message today at PI. Im glad you can share you life stories with everyone. Hope your little brother packs more than an X Box next time he comes over.

  14. Rashawn Dawson

    Just checked out the show and really enjoyed it (almost busted a gut). Best mandatory fun i had in 9 years. Not too many comics can combine serious and funny successfully.

  15. Rafael Jimenez


    Awesome show and great laughs. What an awesome way to tie in comedy with mandatory training! I’ll be sure to stop picking out the last little bits of my deoderant..haha

    J Boogie

  16. Matthew Jordan


    Thanks so much for coming out to Parris Island and entertaining us. I really enjoyed it even though it was mandatory, hahahaha. Great job today! Thank you again for taking time to come and talk to us!

    Semper Fi,
    Cpl Matthew Jordan, USMC

  17. Sgt Hill, Trisha


    Great show, thanks for coming out. Thank you for sharing you life story with us. I am sorry for your lost. Take care.

    Sgt Hill

  18. Justin Isham

    Thank you for an amazing show. Way better then I expected the Marine Corps to provide us with. I really liked the way you combined your real life expierences with the comedy it really helped get you message out to everyone. I too have lost a younger brother, and struggled with alcohol a little bit right after that happend, so your message really hit home for me, thanks again

  19. Wilbur lampton

    Great show today thanks!!!

  20. ssgt mcgee

    Great show! Not your regular sit down and listen to someone talk. Had me laughing pretty hard at the toilet jokes. By the way I work at the pool and unfortunately I do wear a speedo.

    Semper Fi,

    SSgt McGee

  21. cpl cody holloman

    hey good show today…. now i want to win!!!!!!!!

  22. Chris Bullington

    Great show! Thanks for coming out. I really did need a laugh. I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. I had my struggles we alcohol but I was a man and got help. You put out a good message keep it up.

    Sgt Bullington

  23. GySgt Ozmore, Brandon

    Sexual Assault with mandatory comedy was the best PME I have ever attended.

  24. Sergeant Dwight Whitaker

    The show was awsome. I liked how you were able to relate your personal stories to real-life stories. I thought that your show was funny and most important the message that you had to share with us and the world. I appericate your time and thanks for coming by the island. God Bless and Semper Fi.

  25. Colby Ruffing

    Hey Bernie! Great show at the Depot. Best mandatory brief I have ever been to. Thanks for signing my poster!

  26. SSgt Booker, Robert

    I loved the show Bernie. I do wish all PME’s were as interesting. I talked to to you after the show. I wish you had time to hit more bases on the Marine side. I had to watch two families be destroyed over alcohol. One of my LCpl’s was sentenced to 15 yrs to life for a DUI accident that killed a prominent doctor in Santa Anna, CA. That family was destroyed due to the accident and the Marines family as well. That Marine had baby that will now be able to get a license before he gets out of prison. I think testimonies of your personal life may have helped hit home on some of the Marines that just take the usual Friday safety briefs lightly. I am goign to pass the information that you gave me to my old BN. They are deployed currently and I believe a post deployment show would benefit them. Even if only one thinks about it before going out that is one more Marine that will make a wise decision and plan properly to help save his fellow Marines from the same tragedy I have seen so many others endure due to alcohol.

    SSgt Robert Booker
    Drill Instructor
    1st RCTB Bravo Co.

  27. Brandon

    Good show!

  28. Daniel Martins

    Bernie, awesome show. The comedy was great. One the best alcohol/sexual assault classes I’ve been to. Very effective. You saved many Marine lives today. Semper Fi.

  29. Sgt Woods

    Thanks for the good time. It was nice to break the routine sexual harrassment brief. I hope that I can attend another brief in the future. Hopefully you can visit more Marine Corps bases.

    Sgt. Woods

  30. Nick Fernandez

    preciate you sharing your experiences Bernie. Your approach of getting your point across was great. Funny, yet i think we all took something besides some great laughs thanks to you. Hope to catch you here next year. God Bless

  31. SSgt Webb

    Great show today man. I appreciated the laughs even if it was at a mandatory event. I’m glad that I attended and was able to shake your hand.

  32. Maggie

    I saw your show yesterday at MCAS Beaufort and wanted to say thanks for the great laughs… its always refreshing to see someone who had issues in their past and have completely changed their life due to events that have happened and then be able to share them without making it sound like their looking for sympathy. you had a great message and you’re doing great things. Especially with your brother Sean. I have a cousin just like him. God Bless. Semper Fi

  33. glen miller

    dude the show was awesome man…i loved it
    LCPL Miller

  34. Cpl Velazquez

    Awesome show!!!!! Thank you for coming out and doing that amazing show for us. We really appreciate the laughs and your incredible story.

    My hero is my mother. I’ve seen alcoholism take over my whole entire family. It ripped us apart. After a long battle, my mother found the courage to do what was right and to get sober. She has now been sober for over 7 years and is doing great. Everytime I get i chance to go home, I always go with her to her meetings. Thats my way of showing my support and encouring her to stay on track because I’m sure you know, everyday is a struggle!!

    Thank you again for coming out and making us laugh and sharing your story with us. It was truly amazing and greatly appreciated. Come again soon!!

  35. LCpl Johnson

    Bernie I enjoyed the show, I was touched and inspired. Just your words made me re-evaluate my life and think about my purpose. Keep doing what you are doing it makes a difference. I am proud to say I was at your show.

  36. Padre

    The mixture of laughter and tears make this a very unique show. Thank you for the courage of your witness to what is most important. God Bless You!

  37. LEQ

    Thanks Bernie. The show was great and provides a powerful message. Keep up the meaninful work.