Lackland AFB Happy Hour Rolls into the BOB HOPE THEATER

I am realy excited to be here at Lackland AFB!  Thank you to the SARC staff for bringing me to San Antonio!   I hope you had a great laugh and take the message at heart with you, through your lifetime!

Above are the incredible SARC Staff, the incredible young Airmen and my new friends Jordan, Andrew and Josh!

Studs-   Pure Studs!  LOL  And one fine, smart, pretty Airmen!!

And the madness begins!

My stage crew- you guys rock- and the ladies pouting those lips!  I TOLD YOU!

Above is my sister Debra and my brother Scott!  RIP my precious sibling.  Special brother Sean is below on previous post!

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0 Responses to Lackland AFB Happy Hour Rolls into the BOB HOPE THEATER

  1. Giovanni Abarintos

    This was a good show with personal insite. I brought my kids cause i believe it is not ever to early about drinking and (since i have daughters) sexual awareness. My 17 and 15 year old girls really enjoyed the show and caught the message to heart. It was a nice intro for open family discussion. Thank you Bernie for keeping it real and clean. You don’t have to curse to be funny. I hope that you bring the message to the high schools too. Everyone can benefit.

  2. Jesse Wilson

    Hey your show was awesome it gave a lot of advice, my father has a problem with drinking and has for as long as I can remember. I was in your first show anyways thanks again for the show.

  3. Derek lary

    I am the guy that said 20 when you asked me my height. lol

  4. brandon poling

    thanks for the show. it was pretty funny. more so than i thought it was going to be.

  5. brandon poling

    you killed!!!

  6. Dunkin

    The show really hit home, thanks for allowing us the chance to have a laugh and learn at the same time. You definetely killed it!! Keep that commanders coin safe!!

  7. Kristine Fontenot

    I’m a survivor of Domestic Violence and it was someone at a Victim’s Advocacy that helped me get the help that I needed to leave my abuser when I was a young Airman. No one ever wants to admit that they are “victims” and asking for help does take a lot of courage, especially when you think you’ll be the one in trouble. The Problem is, you already are!!! You need help getting out!!! Your show was awesome and I see the message in The Comedy is the Cure!! You are a true inspiration and I can only pray that our young Airman will truly take your message to heart!! Always be cautious of “WET PAINT!” Thank you again!!!

  8. Kyle Challis

    Hey thanks for coming out today. I was laughing the whole time.

  9. Brad Alexander

    I’d like to thank you sir, your show i hope will make an impact on most of the airmen that have joined to better themselves from situations that u described or those who currently are involved in those situations. I was a Deputy Sheriff in San Bernardino County California for 8 months before the Cali economy took a dive and i remember pulling over military memebers from 29 palms marine corp base and other local bases and im glad someone is telling their story to help make an impact on our fellow military brothers from making the same mistakes and to learn that there is more to life than just having parties and living in the moment.

  10. Brent Andrews,jr.

    hey Bernie i just wanted to say that that was and excellent show u put on today, you really did a great job. At first when i heard we had to go to this briefing i was a little put out, but I am truely glad we got to have you come in and speak with us. Your show was great and had a very positive message to it, im sure your story is a hard one to tell at times but it has a great impact on all of us who here it. Thank you for your time sir you are deff good at what you do and please keep your show going because alot of ppl need to here it.

    P.S I sure could use some reading material here in tech school haha

  11. Amn eggleston keilan m

    Thanks so much Bernie for coming to lackland afb your show was the best show I’ve seen in a long time.. You really inspired me about the stuff you talked about. I would really love to have your new book . Please come again you were awesome!!!!

    Dueces, Amn Eggleston

  12. AB Morgan Jordan R

    Amazing show!!! Your brother walked that stage with you this evening and we as airman appretiate everything you do. Good luck in all you do, I look forward to seeing you again.

  13. Ryan Brock

    great show…thanks for sharing your story…it was nice to be able to relate for once and not be bored with a class….once again i appreciate everything…enjoy your stay in texas….lackland afb hua!

  14. Johnathan Pittman

    I just would like to say I think you did a fantastic job tonight here at Lackland, AFB. Yours stories really hit home, for my mother, whom I love with all my heart, had a drinking and drug problem. I related to a lot of what you were trying to put across, and was very impressed by the way you made it so funny, yet so serious. You have a real thing going for you and I know you have fulfilled your promise to your mother. Keep up the great work..GREAT JOB!!

  15. Cameron berry

    It kinda sucks being drilled with this stuff every day, but it was refreshing to grt it delivered this way. A lot of the stuff you had to say was pretty damn funny. I think it’s easier to grt your point across when you can relate to the speaker instead of them just preaching. Well done.

  16. crystal

    The show was amazing! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I truly respect how you came on and entertained us then threw in what your experiences were like. It was a shock that I was not expecting. You admitted to doing things that airmen my age have done and some still do. I fell to the bottom myself several times and it got hard and I have pulled through. I felt guilty inside admitting to some of the questions or statements you made. Luckily I’ve never been to jail. I respect how you came out straight forward. I chose the military and made high goals for myself. I knew I was better than the person I used to be and I knew staying in kmy hometown of just 20 some thousand residents wasn’t going to help me achieve anything. So now I’m here. I truly am sorry to hear about your brother. My close friend did the same thing august 31st 2007. He was 16. Too many people drop to the same circumstances and its a shame because there is help for struggling people. Once again thank you for the show. I hope to see you again someday.

  17. A1C Erickson, Emily

    you were so funny. thank you so much for coming to lackland and lifening things up a bit. i like how ur comedy is funny but it also tells a message. thanks again for coming out and sharing your story.

  18. Justin

    Hey Bernie your show was great. I am so glad I had to come because if they would of not told all of us here at Lackland AFB we had to go, honestly I would of probley not came. With me coming to your show it turned out to be a good friday night. You said alot of this in your show that really opened my eyes. I enjoy a good laugh now and then, and tonight had had plenty of them. Thank you so much and for what you do. I hope your word will help people have fun but safe also. God Bless

  19. jay porter

    thank you very much for perfoming for us. i know what you said helped alot of people, and you were very funny, we were due for a good laugh, thank you.

  20. Rory Canniff

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us Arimen and for being real. I appreciated hearing your life story and that you encouraged us to make good choices. It was an honor to hear your story, and hearing about your family. Thanks for giving us Airmen some good laughter for the weekend.

  21. William lambert

    Thanks. Very glad I attended your show. Open my eyes to a new reality.

  22. Kristopher Gooden

    Thanks for coming out Bernie the show was great.

  23. Joi

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear your story and the encouragement for us to make or continue to make good choices. May God bless you and your family.

  24. AB Gervais Casey

    Hey, Thanks for coming to Lackland! You were awesome! i had a good time and support what you are doing for everybody and speeking from your heart with stories, helps get the message across. Thanks again! Be safe and god bless

  25. Doc

    Don’t forget to include your “between shows entertainment, Larry.” Thanks to you and the rest of the Stage Crew!

  26. Doc

    Thanks, Bernie! Can’t wait to have you back. Talk about a roller coaster of a day, huh That’s Lackland for you! Take care and safe travels!

  27. AB Jenkins

    Had a good time and some good laughs tonight! Thanks for coming out and good luck with the rest of the year.

  28. Corie

    Thanks for taking the time to share with us. It was very comical and a great relief, however very hard hitting message. thank you for sharing with us your personal story so whe know what not to do. You are amazing. Keep it up!!!!

  29. AB Diaz Ederlin

    Thanks for coming out all the way to Lackland..I had a blast…your sooooo funny,you had tears running down my face of how hard i was laughing..I will also like to tell you God Bless U and ur family today and always..keep it up..because you will go far.
    Thanks again

  30. Amn Masters

    Gotta say that was an aswome show last night deffinatly a good time to be volentold… And I’ve gotta say you had me
    cracking up almost the entire time…. Hope your story end wells and Ty for coming out to lackland

  31. Jordan Woodard

    Hello mt good friend. I would like to thank you for coming out to Lackland and sharing your story. It really made me think about choices that I have made and other choices that I will make in the future. I ask that you give your folks at home a hello for me too. I just want to finish with this. YOU KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!