I am jazzed to be here at Goodfellow AFB, TX!  The three programs today for the Airmen, Soldiers and Marines of Goodfellow AFB!   were awesome!   Thank you to Christine, Paul, Sharon and all the incredible staff and VA’s who hosted the show!

All above pics are from today! Good times!

Above are pics of  Comedy is the Cure Inc. office manager Jamie Garcia, me live and my brother Sean!
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0 Responses to GOODFELLOW AFB, TX What a BLAST today

  1. Marie Mahoney

    Great show….Using comedy is a great way to educate! Hope to see you again….Marie

  2. A1C Vaughan

    Good stuff thanks for stopping by Goodfellow!!

  3. Adam Agee

    Hey, Bernie!! Thanks for stopping by Goodfellow AFB! Your comedy is hilarious and your message is real! Thank you for doing what you do and keep up the good work!! May God bless your tour.

  4. Tyler

    Cool show. Best safety brief. Beats taking a pee test like everyone was saying. Thanks for saving our morning, you rock.

  5. Joseph Lenz

    Hey good job up there man!

  6. Aaron Walker

    ithought your show was awsome it was funny but it had a purpose in the meaning of the show. Keep it up its a great thing your doing it realy means alot to you i can tell in the way you talk.

  7. Dan Smith

    Great show Bernie. You do a great job of mixing laughter and pain to send a strong message.

  8. A1C Jason De SIlva

    Very funny. Had a blast. Thank you!

  9. Sharon Adams

    Bernie you were great today at Goodfellow! Thank you again for coming to our base and sharing your story and comedy. I feel most people walked away from your show thankful and more aware of life and what can happen when making bad decisions. You kept the attention of the crowd and gave important information that will keep us all safe! Thank You!

    Sharon Adams
    Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program Specialist

  10. Jake Maynard

    Hey man, awesome show at Goodfellow. Thank you for taking a touchy subject and reintroducing it with some comedy mixed in. God bless!

  11. Chris Herbers

    Great Show. This morning when I was told I had to attend another SARC Briefing I was bummed out. It seems every 6 months I have to attend one of these things and hear the same textbook briefing again and again. Your life experiences and use of comedy made that the best briefing I have ever attended. You should stop by Ellsworth AFB, we have been having some issues with the topics you covered and no one seems to be paying attention to our current briefings.

    SSgt Christopher Herbers, USAF

  12. Chris Wagner

    Great show, Keep it up!

  13. PV2 Scoblic

    Good show. Good show today and nice way to incorporate important messages into your act usin personal experiences.

  14. David Brown

    Awesome show!!You touched on many important topics and got your message across with ease. It made me think of my cousin who was drunk one night and got hit by a car while crossing the street, he lost one leg and one arm on the right side of his body. His life is forever changed. He is alive and has adjusted to his handicap. I wish he could of had this training before his accident, it could of made a difference.

  15. Alex Barbato

    Hey man! Thank you for coming to Goodfellow we loved having you and hearing your story. One heck of an inspiration! Thanks again and god bless, you are doing great things

  16. Amn Nick Williams

    Finally, a SARC briefing we can stay awake in. Thank you.

  17. Angie Janes

    I really enjoyed your routine, Bernie! Most of the airmen were tired of SARC briefings, seeing as we had about 3 since I got here, but you lit up the stage and drove your message home in a way that didn’t make most of us groan or roll our eyes. Thanks again!

  18. Thomas

    Hey thanks for the great show today! Not only was it entertaining but also very educational, great mix. This tour you are doing for our service men and women is great and I appreciate it. I am sorry for your loss, but am glad you are willing to share your story with others.

  19. A1C Colton Hyatt, USAF

    Great show Bernie. Kept me laughing the whole time, left an incredible message. Wasn’t expecting to see you up there today and it basically made my day. Got home and told all my family I got to see you. Thank you so much for stopping at Goodfellow AFB and I wish the best luck with the rest of your tour.

  20. hamzeh bayyoud

    great show and very emotional and touching. His story reminded me of my alcoholic older sister and my handicapped little brother… it brought a tear to my eyes because you could tell he was speaking from the heart. god bless you and continue your amazing work!

  21. David Sands

    thx for the advice and jokes

  22. joe bell

    Bernie. your show at goodfellow was mad funny this morning. thank you for coming out and sharing your message. It was very inspirational

  23. Alex Saelee

    Thank you Mr. McGrenaham for turning a dreary topic into something quite enjoyable to sit through. You have definitely given the best safety/self-responsibilities briefing I have had to date; in fact, I think I speak for the majority of us that attended. Thanks for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated!

  24. Jessica Stewart

    Loved the show this morning!

  25. Daniel

    Great show! Hope to see you again some day!

  26. Nathan Meer

    Hey Bernie thanks for the briefing today it sure beat sitting in class for two hours! But really it was an awesome show thanks a lot for coming by Goodfellow!

  27. Mitchell

    Awesome show, loved it

    PV2 Mitchell

  28. A1C Richardson

    Thanks for the show. The comedy part energized me and really made my day. I think that giving SARC briefings this way helps people to pay attention more rather than the same, old, dry and repeated briefings we normally get. This was about our 2nd briefing within only a months time, but I am glad we had it. Keep doin what you are doing. Its appreciated. ^_^


    Bernie, your words inspire more then you know, Thanks

  30. A1C Charles Bergen

    Hey Bernie,
    Thanks for coming out to GAFB! The show was great and a wonderful way to start a Wednesday. I had a great time and your message definitely hit home. It is exciting to see that people can overcome difficulties and use the experience to spread a positive message. My heart goes out to you and your family over the loss of your brother, but I know that wherever he is now, he is smiling for his big brother. Keep up the great work and again, thank you very much for sharing your stories and your comedy.

    A1C Charles Bergen, USAF

  31. Chris Fehlman

    Great show today…you do a great job in delivering your message to your audience. Keep it up.

  32. AB Noffsinger

    Good show. Thanks for stopping by Goodfellow. An interesting way to educate. From who i talked to it didn’t sink in, but it worked better than the normal briefings do. In short good show, Stop by again if you can. Maybe it will sink in better the second time.

  33. A1C Simone Lafita

    Excellent show Bernie! Im glad you came all the way out to Goodfellow! It was a nice break from our usual daily life at tech school. Your story is inspiring and I love your message, hope you had a great time here too! Thanks for making us laugh! :)

  34. A1C Shelley

    Thanks for the great show!

  35. A!C Johnson

    I really enjoyed your show and appreciate you taking your time to help others!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  36. AB Graham

    Thanks for coming to Goodfellow! I enjoyed the show and it was a nice break from training. Best of luck to you in the future. Thanks again.

  37. Silvia Poutre

    Awesome show, thanks for sharing your story with us, hopefuly it will help opens some eyes!!!