Altus AFB, OK – Mission First – People Always…

It was great to take the stage here at Altus AFB for the Airmen and Civilians at 0900 hrs this morning and at 1400 hrs this afternoon.  Home of dozens of C17’s and C135’s- I was lucky enough to get an inside tour of the C17.  Thank you to Colonels Thomas and Shaw.  Sheila Solis, Lt Col Maddox, Cheryl Burns and all of your incredible staffs for hosting me and the tour.  I hope you Airmen had some laughs and realized that we CAN incorporate humor with training, and still take a valuable message of proper conduct and Risk- Reduction with us into our daily lives!

My Special brother Sean is in the middle!  My brother Scott, is on the right.  Miss you bro!

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  1. Jeff Ledeboer

    B, great comedy show… Your routine rocks the party that rocks the party! Thx for making the trip out to Altus.

  2. Vince Benitez

    Thanks for the laughs. Loved the show.

  3. Diana Ryan

    Just left your show and it was worth the price of admission, lol. Seriously, I enjoyed it and appriciated how the message was given, even the cop jokes, thanks, from this civilian/retired Security Forces member.

  4. Harold Combs

    Great show!! Was definitely better than our typical Safety Briefings!! Thank You

  5. Edward Hull

    Bernie, great show! Thanks for putting a comedy twist on the briefings we normally get. Again, great show.

  6. Lori Jansen

    Had a really good laugh at our “training”. Thanks for getting rid of the power points and go this route. I would actually look forward to training if all the training was like this! I really could relate to some of the personal stories you told. The military turned my life around before I could have really gotten in trouble. Don’t dog the Fiat, had a convertable Fiat Bertone! It rocked! Thanks again for getting the message out that alcohol and drugs are not the answer. There is so much life out there to live. God Bless

  7. Dale Town

    Saw you at Altus. You may have saved my life. Getting divorced after 34 years. Been thinking a bullet was preferable. Your story about your brother made sense. I’ll tough it out. Thanks. D

  8. Colleen Coates

    I seen you this morning at the base theater at Altus AFB. I laughed, I cried, I related. Thank you so much.


    Colleen Coates


    I had a fun time listening to you crack jokes. this is the first briefing i had attended that i didn’t spend the whole time fighting to stay awake. your stories and jokes are interesting. keep up the good work. Comedy is the cure


    What a novel idea and an effective one I might add! I had a fantastic time while still thinking of the seriousness of the issues. The one hour plus just flew by and I left with a new perspective on very serious issues that I will definitively will sit down with my two sons (22 & 24 years old) and have a serious talk. Bernie, you rock my man! Thanks for enlighting us with such warm, raw, funny, and touching stories! Keep on rocking my friend!
    Altus AFB, Oklahoma!

  11. Brent Carpenter

    Just wanted to say thank you. You made a painful day of briefings at Altus AFB much more bearable. Loved the comedy sketch and I thank you for the personal stories you shared. We’d love to have you back!

  12. Andrew Peters

    Bernie, i saw you at Altus AFB. Your stories about both of your brothers were easy for me to relate to, my sister is autistic. The way you delivered the important messages was very easy to understand. i really enjoyed the show, and i hope i get to hear you again.
    A1C Peters

  13. Anthony Turner

    I realy enjoyed your show, it hit home on some topic’s. I to drink alot and treated the ladies I meet like a piece of meat. That was over 24 years ago. There where times I would leave the clubs and remember getting into my truck and pulling up to the base 20 miles away, not knowing what happened between the two locations. I also lost friends to drugs, lucky enough I never got hooked. There was some expermation but never got anything out of it, I felt more with beer or whisky.I meet my first and only wife little over 22 years ago and still happly married with two great kids, one boy and one girl. After hearing what you had to say I’m passing on this web site to them, hope it hit a nerve with them on the dangers of drugs, etc… once again thanks for the show and good luck with all you do in the future. GOD BLESS

  14. Chief Molloy


    Great to hear the blend of comedy with a serious issue. It was nice how you blended in your family Scott (RIP), Sean, Debbie and parents. It made it more meaningful to us. If it saves just one of my Airmen, big freaking HUA to you.

    Air Power


  15. withheld

    Withheld you’re a funny guy THX for the joke I can relate to the drinking it has been three years for me.

  16. Justin Newton


    Thanks for coming to Altus, and sharing your personal story with us. I really enjoyed the good laughs, and it was really cool how you incorporated your story in with the show!

  17. Rod Camp

    Enjoyed your comedy. Thanks for coming here to see us at Altus, OK. Hopefully all AF members will have a chance to hear your message.



    I attended your 1400 performance today and enjoyed it very much. I watched a female airman about two-thirds of the way through the show get up and leave. I thought she was headed to the restroom. However, when she passed by, she was crying. She did this shortly after you made comments on sexual abuse and assault. A nearby female officer witnessed the same. Concerned, she rose up and went to the aid of the airman. I do not know the reason why she was crying or how the story finished out today. I can only guess, based on what I saw. I would like to think that because of your show, a dark and painful secret came to the surface today, the first step and the most difficult one was taken, and a trouble soul began its journey of recovery.

    You may have seen this from the stage. But, just in case you did not, thought you would like to know.

    Keep up the good work.

  19. John Frizzell

    Bernie, great show, man! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. As a special needs parents, I really enjoyed hearing about your relationship with your brother Sean.

  20. Mark Thomas

    Thanks for coming I enjoyed it. I personal enjoy begin an old airman that is single in this town I see many airman turn to the boozes as a way to kill time. After you show today I will be able to talk to him about the way the get by with day to day life thanks again and God Bless.

  21. Ashley Burns

    Bernie, I realley enjoyed your show. The comedy was great and was WAY better then death by power point! I really appreciate our base leadership using you to make a point to all of us Airmen. Also, I thank you for sharing your personal experiences with us today. Leaders/supervisers can talk until the’re blue in the face and never convince their Airmen to make good choices due to a lack of humiliation and admitting their own faults. I hope you continue to prosper while changing lives!

  22. Rob Brolliar

    Bernie, I enjoyed the show, it is great to see that you can take from your personal life and still find enough humor in it to get the point across and give the message a lot more meaning. Thank you for taking the time to visit us.

    Best of luck, God Bless,


  23. Phil Ryan


    Great show at 0900. Hands down one of the best mandatory “briefings” I have ever attended. Come back whenever you can because your message/ comedy is an unparalleled one and cannot be heard enough. I am confident your briefing helped many folks with any number of problems and it only took one hour and tons of laughs; can’t beat it. Take it easy and I’ll try my best to share your message if I ever can!



  24. TSgt Hader

    Great show! Not death by PowerPoint… really enjoyed it.

  25. Scott Parker

    Bernie, just left your show at ALtus AFB. I was one of those “Had to be there” people. I did enjoy the show, and was impressed how you delivered the message without being offensive. I have lived through two of your experiences personnaly. You are doing good work and thank you for doing this tour. I definitely will attend another one of your shows if the opportunity arises. Maybe you can do this tour on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan in San Diego. I know somebody that might need this show.

  26. Chris

    One of the best ‘safety briefs’ I’ve attended. Have to say though, I relate to your stories as many in the audience probably can’t. Your message brought back some stuff I have tried to forget. May also become a catalyst in me not doing something stupid, as a result of ‘rationalizing’. Thank you!

  27. Kris

    Bernie – Thanks for the message. Comedy rather than death by powerpoint made a big difference. Thanks again for coming to Altus and supporting the troops.

  28. SrA Nickell

    Fantastic show. Got a little serious at the end but I understand there had to be a message in there somewhere. It is a “mandatory” briefing after all. I appreciate the message and the personal issues you have dealt with in your life. It really hit the nail on the head with a lot of things that happen in small town Altus. How you enjoy the small town and small base. And make sure you hit up friendship at 0200. It’s a comedy show in itself. Thanks.

  29. Maggie King

    Bernie, I am now a civil servant and just retired from the Air Force after serving 20 years. This briefing was by far the BEST ‘mandatory’ briefing I have ever had to go to. It was so funny, I was laughing so hard I almost pissed my pants!!! On top of the great comedy the message was strong and clear! This is the best format for our young Airman and I know that your briefing will help someone make the right decision!
    Thanks for coming to Altus America!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!

    Maggie King

  30. Brandon Smith

    Very funny show hope to see you again.

  31. Tina Betts

    What a terrific show. I hope all bases take the time and money to present your performance. How inspiring you were. Smart judgement is the key and seeing all through your eyes should make an impact on people. Your personal events are what hit hard. To have such a tragic event and end up turning into something so postive! Sorry for your loss but Amen to you for turning your life around and inspiring others!! Thanks for making Altus AFB one of your stops.

  32. Wild Bill

    Best safety brief ever keep up your message.

  33. william young

    This was outstanding,lot of things discussed can be used in the work place and in ones life. Thank You for careing.

  34. Angie

    I loved your comedy show! When you provided with the comedy first and then transitioned into real talk, was very smooth! I enjoyed your stories and was inspired by your brother Sean’s story. Thanks for taking your time to come to Altus AFB. God is a great being, and I see that he has blessed you tremendously, so there was a reason you came here and will go to all the many places he takes you. God Bless You and your family! Keep up the laughter!!!

  35. Ashley Blevins

    I loved the show! It is really great what you are doing! May God bless you in every way possible! ~Ashley~

  36. Kimberly Duff

    I truly enjoyed your show. I think you are doing such an incredible thing, sharing your personal story. I know you have and will keep making a huge impact on ‘everyone’. You are such an inspiration and hearing you speak of the love you have for your family especially your very special brother, made me smile and almost cry at the same time, the world needs more people like you! Keep using your voice and contine to make us laugh. IF you can touch/reach at least one person you have made the difference! God Bless, stay strong and stay safe!

  37. Mary McGoldrick

    6 Apr 2010 10am. Great show this morning. BTW, I was not forced to go. I wanted to go, and I am glad I did! So many things you said reminded me of my high school/college years: Fun memories, thankful to have made it home memories, loosing at “quarters” memories… I haven’t laughed that hard and loud in a long time. But, you also had a message that I hope the younger members of your audiences take to heart. There were parts of it I wish my two teenage children could have heard because your message applies to people of all ages.

    Thanks for sharing your message with the many men and women who serve this country AND for bringing it to Altus AFB, OK.

    Wishing you and your brother many more years of making wonderful memories together. :-)

    Mary McGoldrick
    Civilian & military spouse

  38. Jean Cenat

    Hey Bernie, thanks for the laugh. I hope we can have more often.

  39. Todd O'Neill

    Bernie, I was enlightened and motivated by your performance today. I believe I was the only Army guy in the crowd. I know we all look alike? I was here because I recently returned from down range and have an injury that is being taken care of here in my home town of Altus. The Air Force base has been gracious enough to give me a light duty job until I can return to duty. Thanks again for the show, keep up the great work!!!

  40. Todd O'Neill

    Jean Cenat :Hey Bernie, thanks for the laugh. I hope we can have more often.

    Todd O’Neill :Bernie, I was enlightened and motivated by your performance today. I believe I was the only Army guy in the crowd. I know we all look alike? I was here because I recently returned from down range and have an injury that is being taken care of here in my home town of Altus. The Air Force base has been gracious enough to give me a light duty job until I can return to duty. Thanks again for the show, keep up the great work!!!

  41. Dave Langdon

    Thanks for a great show Bernie. It’s always good when you can get a point accross and have a laugh at teh same time!!!

  42. TJ

    Thanks for performing your routine at Altus AFB. Its the middle of Nowhere Oklahoma, but your message reached a lot of Airmen. It was a nice change from the “Death by Powerpoint.” I hope you return and I have a chance to see you in the future.

  43. Charles Dailey

    Bernie was definitely a hit with his brand of stand up. The comedy was good clean fun that ended up showing us all that there is a brighter side of life if we just open our eyes and look around. His message today was one that seemed to reach out to a lot of people that would have otherwise just zoned out if it were the traditional “death by power point” style of presentation. I will definitely look to see if I can catch one of his tour dates in the near future. Keep chugging away Bernie; there are people that will definitely benefit from your message.

  44. Kenn Morrison

    Bernie. I have to admit that I was not happy about having to attend the mandatory comedy safety briefing at first. But, your performance was very entertaining and very moving. I thought you did an excellent job of combining both the humorous and the serious content. I feel certain that your story hit home with a lot of people in the crowd. At least, I hope so. Well done! It was a pleasure to experience your act and message. Keep up the GREAT work!

  45. Melinda Beglin

    Thanks for sharing your powerful message is such a funny way, I’m sure everyone could personally relate in some way or another. We could use more messages like yours!!

  46. Melinda Beglin

    Thanks for sharing your powerful message is such a funny way, I’m sure everyone could personally relate in some way or another. We could use more messengers like yours!!

  47. David Haston

    Bernie, you killed

  48. Marie Law

    I enjoyed your message very much. After dinner this evening I shared your mini on-line presentation with my teenage son and he was “hooked” watching also. This really was the best, mandatory safety briefing I’ve been to. Thank you for coming.

  49. Donald Smith

    Very funny, but still getting the message across without people wanting to fall asleep to endless powerpoints. Thank you for coming out.

  50. Alison Chesser

    I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your life stories with us and helping us laugh while making us think. I have to say, I think you’re stage performance was funnier than your cd performance, but that just means you’re a great comedian. Thanks for the funnies!

  51. Sara M

    Thanks for the amazing message. The way you made it personal allowed the message to become personal for us. Your family sounds amazing, and they way you adore you brother Sean is awesome! RIP Scott…it was obvious he is truly missed. Keep up this amazing message, may you have blessed days as you continue to share this message.

    Thanks again!!

  52. Desiree

    Thanks for bringing laughter to Altus AFB with a message we all can use!

  53. Bron Howard

    You made a safety briefing worth attending. A great use of an hour worth of learning and putting situations in context! Thank you!

  54. LuWana Hargis

    I’ve been serving our great nation for 28 years now and have never witnessed a message like yours. Wow! Extremely well done. For years, we’ve been trying to get our Airmen to understand the consequences of their decisions. Unfortunately, the message of how wrong sexual assault is and the effect it has on others, hasn’t been a part of our culture for long. Thank you for using your talent to reach all of our wonderful Airmen who serve each day. You’ve been the talk of the base these past two days. Best wishes to you and your family!
    P.S. My retirement ceremony is June 25th. Feel free to visit us again! LOL

    CMSgt L. Gail Hargis

  55. Oliver

    You’re awesome! Very strong message!! We really thank you for coming to our remote area and share your personal experience with us. I’d like to also thank our leadership for bringing you over.

    God bless you sir!

  56. Mike Armstrong

    I have been at Altus AFB, OK for 20 years active duty and 16 years as a civil servant and this was the best program that they have ever brought in here. It was very entertaining and informative. Keep up the great work.


  57. Mary Nunley

    I thought that you were great and I think that you hit home with some of the people that were there. I know of some people who have been affected by someone that was drinking and driving. There life was never the same. I am thankful that you were able to come to the big town of Altus. Take care and keep up the good work :)

  58. suze

    I spent 18 years active duty and 15 years Civil Service serving my country. I was in Aircraft Maintenance and had new shiny dreams of being the first female CMSgt in maintenance. Well I joined in the mid 70’s when women were just breaking into male dominated careers. I was a pioneer for women in these fields today so I was a victim of sexual assault and harassment (OVERT, COVERT & Institutional (Glass Ceiling). I have been a victim of domestic abuse and I went to work with bruises and no one asked. They looked the other way and did nothing. I sought help with civilians for help back then. I have been the victim of racism because my current and third spouse is black. And sadly my children have endured racism also that started in elementary school. Unfortunate as is it, to date s people still don’t treat others fairly. So I was LIVID when I was told I had to go to another MANDATORY briefing on the above subject and I swore I would not even crack a smile. But I was impressed with your tasteful and empathetic presentation of a “NOT SO FUNNY” subject. You are doing GOOD work. God Bless You. PS; I did laugh it up in the end. Your Amish joke, yes I still would have laughed if I was Amish.