Miramar! Marines and Sailors- You men and women were AMAZING!

I had an incredible time at Miramar, and cannot tell you how much you guys meant to me, from the bottom of my heart!    This is my first time here and I want to thank the General, Chaplain and Staff for bringing me to such an incredible Base!   It was such a rush to see the incredible men and women proudly wear the uniform and serve this country.  The boldest of the bold.  It was one of my most special appearances yet, for the Military! I hope you enjoyed the laughs and also took a Personal and Heartfelt Testimony of High- Risk and Excessive Partying to heart.  HAPPY HOUR is my ‘Comedy ‘With a Message’ tour combining my comedy with my personal experiences with high-risk drinking, my 3 DUI arrests, and tales of the six month jail sentence I served. This program is my passion and my life’s work, spoken from the heart, hoping to give back and reach a few that may need inspiration, to overcome the darness of high-risk and frequent drinking.  Let’s all love and respect each other, our brothers and our sisters not just this holiday season, but all year through!  Here is a picture of me live on stage and my incredible brother Sean:
live-solo my-brother-sean1

Thanks for the support Marines and Sailors.  Your 130 comments and 50 personal e-mails say it all.  I will be here if you ever want to talk to someone with a sincere passion for doing what I do and appreciation and respect for each of you.  I cannot reply to all blog messages, but will return every personal message sent to me via the CONTACT link on this site!  SHOW RAFFLE WINNERS listed in ‘I KILLED’ Comedy book POST below!

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  1. Sgt lopez

    Good show man thanks

  2. Joey goz

    Thanks for comin out. Good show brah.

  3. Javin Clinkenbeard

    Great show! Loved the message. God bless.

  4. Justin Nebe

    Wow, I’ll tell you what; this was awesome, moving, and motivating all in an hour!
    One of the funniest comics I’ve heard all year! Thanks for coming out, and come
    back soon!

  5. Sam

    Very good show!!!! Really hit home and got the message across.

  6. Sgt Aiello

    That was an excellent show Bernie. That is exactly what these Marines needed to hear!

  7. Tory Haughton

    Good show, great message. Thanks for coming out.

  8. Nick

    Bernie, lmao. Great message that tied everything in without the bore. Tough thing to do in front of Marines in the morning, especially when its mando. God bless and I know you are saving a lot of Marines lives. Thanks for the support. Best I’ve seen!!!

  9. Edgar rodriguez

    5star show my jaw hurts from laughing. Message came across perfectm Hope to see another show!

  10. Daryl Canada

    Bernie!! Good jokes that kept it real… Appreciate the laugh rather than a boring safety brief. Hope u take over all our briefs. Thanks…. Now let me get the book

  11. Clayton Rusoe

    Thanks. That really made me think. You not only helped me but I’m sure alot of other marines today. Keep it up. I think that is what young marines need these days. Thanks again.

  12. Marco

    I like what you did. I’ve seen your show about 7 or 8 times and its funny everytime I hear it.

  13. Corey


    I just wanted to say thank you for your brief just minutes ago. It was by far the best brief i’ve ever had. Keep doing what your doing, I know without a doubt you are saving lives. Thanks again!

  14. Erica Zyskowski

    Dear Bernie,
    Awesome show. I have nevered laughed so hard. It was a laugh I really needed, thank you. Your story about your brother really touched me. I have 2 younger sisters who I’ve never really lived with and regret never being there for them. My sister, Krystal, tried to kill herself when she was in ninth grade. She did not succeed, however it hurt me deep down. The school called my mom telling her they were taking her to the hospital. There was blood everywhere in the high school bathroom. She cut her arm in many places and the doctor said if no on found her in 10 more minutes she would have bleed out. I wanna thank you for what you do. Helping those. I can not relate to my sister in anyway. I’ve never tried a beer nor smoked or any kind of drug. I really wish my sister could her your show. She now has a baby boy with no home, high school degree, or anything because of drugs and beer. Thank you for you message.

    P.s. I love the joke about the 1/2 bed. My husband says I sleep like a train ran over me. Lol THANK YOU AGAIN.

  15. Alexander Quinonez

    This was a great show! I haven’t laughed this hard in a very long time, my face even started to cramp up. It also sent a really good message and I could personally relate to some of what was said. It was good and hopefully we can get another show like. It’s motivating. Rah…..

  16. Taylor

    Thanks for coming to miramar today. It was a great show!!! Made an impact instantly on my life hearing the show. I am sure many other marines can say the same thing even if they dont comment. The sexual assault portion definitely hit home. My girlfriend had been sexually assaulted when she was in high school so first hand I know the impact it has on victims life. I hope the best for you and hope young men and women around the world take a few notes and change themselves for the better. If anything make a few better decisions. Thank you again and have a great christmas vacation!!

  17. Tom

    Thanks for an outstanding and moving performance. Had all of us rolling on the floor. Thanks for everything you and your peers do. I wish you the best.


    The BEST comedy show I have ever seen. I had an awesome time listening to you. I appreciated you stopping through and talking about some major issues. God bless.

  19. Chris

    Great show bro, you need to come out to all our safety stand downs. You really had my attention. Makes me think of finding an alternative to fun without the liquor. Thanks for the show.

  20. Alexander Quinonez

    This show that you gave at Miramar was a great! I haven’t laughed this hard in a very long time, my face even started to cramp up. It also sent a really good message and I could personally relate to some of what was said. It was good and hopefully we can get another show like. It’s motivating. Rah…..

  21. Lorenzo Rodriguez

    That was hands down the best prevention training I have ever been to. Good luck to you and your family.

  22. Chuck Riley

    Bernie! Great show, you did a fantastic job of entertaining and reaching out to us.

  23. Daniel

    Great show! Was something different than what were used to. Really good message for us all and hope to see you again!



  25. Evan plunkett

    Awsome show!! It really hit me hard because I can really relate. I lost my father to a drunk driver and my best friend to a drive by all in the same night. I always look for the best and use it all to motivate myself just like you! Your show was histerical! I honestly can tell you I loved every minute! Thanks!!

  26. Holland, jonathan

    The show kept me awake the whole time so it must have been good. Thanks for doing the show hope to see you again.

  27. Kyle Bell

    Thanks for doing your show at Miramar today. You made us all laugh and got the message across. To funny about us guys doing laundry… LOL OOH-RAH

  28. Sgt Baca, S.N.

    Thanks for a good show, way better than powerpoint briefs. Very funny and entertaining. Also, a good message in your story. I’ve had a few family members commit suicide because of a situation with alcohol. It’s a good way to get your message across because people know you’re not just talking bullsh*t and you’ve actually gone through the situations. Thanks for the show, hope to see you again!

  29. mark

    Great show!!! Great message. I have lost alot of friends to drinking and driveing. I will be looking for that book and if you have any shows in the local area i will be takeing my wife to see you. Thanks for getting that message out.

  30. Mike

    Awesome performance with an outstanding message! Definitely a one of a kind show.

  31. Short Guy

    The show was incredible and having dealt with drug and alcohol abuse from an early age it was easy to relate. You are proof that at any point you can take control and not let it control you. Maybe one day you may be able to will yourself some extra vertical inches.

  32. Kevin Shepherd

    Great safety stand down.

  33. Ben Burns

    Thanks a lot. That was a great show and the best safety brief I have ever been to!!!

  34. Andre

    Fantastic show!!This was one of the best safety briefs I have ever attended. You constantly had us all cracking up. Best wishes to you and your brother!

  35. Schultz

    Man that was great. We were in there for over an hour and not once did i get sleepy. You are really captivating. I hope to see you in future prevention talks. Good luck with your future endevours Bernie!!

  36. Cpl Stewart

    That was a great show. It was definitely the best safety stand down i have ever been to and was also a great comical act. The way that you shared your story and put the word out there about alcohol abuse and such while still having everyone laugh and keeping everyone awake was fantastic. Thanks a lot for coming out and doing this today.

  37. Miriam

    Really great show that you performed for us in Miramar. I loved every minute of it couldn’t stop laughing. The message was great thank you for coming!

  38. LCpl Gaviria

    Hey man that was a great really funny show with a real down to earth message, appreciate you taking the time to come out. God Bless

  39. Sgt Moreno, S

    Thanks for coming out! The Marines from VMM 161 Flight Line enjoyed it!


    Quite hilarious! Alot of jokes out of such a small guy. Shows that the military is really apprciated for what we do. If i were a wizard i would grant you more height. Overall, great inspiration and on the many levels on which you can relate. Lesson Learned today indeed.


  41. Ken Powalisz

    Great show, finally a safety talk that was also FUN!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!

  42. Sgt Scoggins

    Thanks for comming out and sharing your story with the Marines. It’s great to have additional ways for reaching the young men and women about drinking. I have many stories to tell as well, and been thinking about stand up to share them. That is after I get done with recruiting. I hope that i can reach those problem teens the same way you have over the years. Thanks alot, God bless, and continue the fight. You are making a change in the lives of many bro!

  43. Jeff B

    I was looking forward to watching some poor soul stumble his way through another mind numbimg power point presentation. I was extremly disapointed to find myself not only awake but laughing during a safety brief. This would have never happened in the old corps. You kids and your rap music…..

  44. Zak Spicer

    Great show and thanks for coming to Miramar. Best brief I have been to.

  45. Daniel

    The best brief i’ve ever attended.

  46. James Nyhus

    That was by far the best brief i have been too. Thank you for making a normally boring topic into something everyone could enjoy and relate too. Thamk you.

  47. Eric Brokar


    Thanks for coming out today and giving a little of you to all of us that were there, I personally was touched by what you spoke about and how you brought it across, it was the best that I have ever sitten through.

    Thanks again.

  48. Matthew Davis

    Great show. The most entertaining brief ive ever attended!!!Awesome performance with an outstanding message!

  49. brad

    Great show Bernie! Definately better than any powerpoint some O could have come up with! Keep the troops laughing and god bless!

  50. Lcpl Lemieux Matthew

    Your show was ten times better than the other guy and even though it was mandatory you were alright kind sir! I got alot out of it too. Thanks man keep on doing what you do your words will help a lot of people as did me.

  51. cpl cruz

    Hilarious. Thanks for coming out.

  52. angel quinones

    Thank you for coming through, sharing the stories and the comedy.

  53. Ssgt H

    That was a awesome show! Thanks!

  54. Lcpl. Reed, Nakisha L.

    Thank you for taking the time to come out to entertain us. It was a really good show. I volunteer at a local elementary school near base and I read with the kids to improve their reading skills. It’s really important to be a good roll model, to brighten up and impact their lives.

  55. PFC Aragon, Joseph

    I just wanted to tell you thank you. Your comedy is some of the best that I have heard and it delivered a powerful message. It is honestly the most attention I have ever given in one of these briefs. Again thank you for what you are doing.

  56. Ruben Sanchez

    Thank’s for coming you defenitly reached some of the young Marines. Why didn’t they do this sooner?

  57. Saul Huerta

    You rocked it Bernie! I think this was the first time i didnt fall asleep in a safety brief. I hope to see you back in Miramar

  58. Johnny G. Sandoval

    Thank you for coming out to Miramar, CA. You were the funniest comedian I have heard in a long time. Thank you for your stories, and antidotes that will, hopefully make my Marines/Sailors more alert and stay safe. Thanks again.

  59. LCpl Denise Akers

    Hey Bernie,
    Awesome show today at Miramar. I really appreciate you coming out today.

  60. Cpl Of Marines Floresmoreno

    thanks for keeping me awake for the first time during a mandatory brief

  61. Darin Levesque

    You have a gift sparky…a true gift. It’s not every day that you get to laugh and be challenged to reflect upon both future and past life decisions. Thanks.

  62. Nick Cooper

    Great show. It was a nice change of pace from the usual powerpoint presentations.

  63. Cpl Summerall

    Hilarious. It was one of the best safety stand downs I’ve been to. Great show. Thanks.

  64. Sgt Garry Lowrance

    great show even better message. thank you



  66. Wes Hensley

    Great show!! It is very rare that we have an entertaining brief and one that we actually want to listen to the speaker. Thanks for coming out.

  67. Cpl. Prestwich

    Awesome show, very creative, and one of the best ways I’ve seen an important message delivered.

  68. Sgt. DeHaan

    Best safety stand around I’ve ever been to! No death by powerpoint, thanks for coming out and sharing some knowledge.

  69. Loveless

    Your show was amazing, i don’t think i’ve laughed so hard in such a long time. And it was a relief to have an enjoyable brief…for a CAUSE!

  70. neil

    yo bernie when i heard we had another safety stand down today i was like dam here goes another boring ass afternoon that im not gonna pay attentiion to for shit! But not only was it entertaining, i felt like i was able to relate on more than one level and also take a look at myself and asses what needs to change. thanks!

  71. Sgt Colon

    Hey Man,
    Great show thanks for coming out.

  72. Brandon Horan

    Bernie great comedy with a great message. theres no way ill every get another brief that good with such a great message. thanks for coming out

  73. ben myhro

    Thanks for comeing out, love the show

  74. Wuz Up? Wuz Happening?

    This was the best safety stand down I have ever been to. I have been in the Marine Corps for 17 years. Keep it up and Thanks deeply for your support.

    GySgt Pattton
    MWCS-38, A Co, Wire

  75. Chris Buchanan

    Thanks for coming to Miramar…best saftey stand down ever!!!!

  76. ben myhro

    this was the best safty stand down i will ever go to. thanks for coming.

  77. Ian

    Great show today. Very good material. You need your own Comedy Central Presents!

  78. Cpl Dyer

    I loved your show today at Miramar! Your story has touched a lot of people. I think your story/presentation will be more beneficial than the powerpint presentations that we normally have. Thank you for coming!

  79. Laura Jensen

    Great show! I’m so glad we didn’t have to sit through an awful power point. From the stage you sort of look like Tim Curry… just smaller (vertically and horizontally). Not Rocky Horror Picture Show Tim Curry, but Home Alone 2 Tim Curry. :) Thanks again!!

  80. Sgt. Sosa

    Thanks for coming out bro. Easily better than death by powerpoint!!! Also inspiring and educating. Learned some new things about myself!!! Thanks and “keep on keepin on.” “Lifes a garden, dig it” – great man- Joe Dirt

  81. Charles Wade

    Thank you so much for your great show. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath. I also want to say thank you for the message that you passed being that i come from a familiy of alcoholics i understand what you where trying to say so again thank you very much.

  82. Joshua Cook

    Hey thank you for all your support and inspiring Marines to do the right thing.

  83. Baron Thompson

    Funny Stuff, Probably one of the best safty stand-downs we have had ever. Keep it up, theres a good message that every big drinker should hear.

  84. Jeff Barton

    Hey Bernie! I really enjoyed the ‘Happy Hour’! The way that you presented the material made it come out to be something that was enjoyable while getting a message across, I really commmend your work!

  85. Jesse Conger

    Blah blah blah, free book, blah blah, your hilarious, blah, blah, blah

  86. Lcpl Judson James.

    Loved the show it was hilarious. Keep on doing what you are doing.

  87. Mrs. Mendy

    Your show today was awesome! I loved the way you tied everything in and put it in a way that was entertaining yet to the point. After being in the Marines for over 8 years and seeing enough boring slide shows to put even a crackhead to sleep, I have to say that is the one that will stick in my head forever! You are awesome for what you do. Thank you

  88. ng

    Great show, thanks for your help.

  89. LCpl James M Sipe

    great show im going to do the kissy face for my profile pic on myspace just cuz guys should b able to get away with it too

  90. LCpl Braun


    Thank you for coming out to Miramar!! I totally love your method of getting the message across. The comedy was hilarious and some of the messages being sent hit home for me as well. You totally rock and I hope you keep doing what you’re doing for a long time! Again… thank you!

  91. Beau Oyarzo

    Great show, way better than what we usually sit through. Thanks for coming out, its greatly appreciated.

    Cpl Oyarzo
    MALS-16 800 Division

  92. PFC Cypher

    thanks a ton for coming to do that for us. You have no idea how much me and the rest of the marines appreciate you coming out and performing for us. It meant a lot. Keep going and i hope things continue to go well for you. Oh and congrats on going so long without a drink

  93. Sgt Web

    I know this will sound cliche at this point, but this was truly the best Safety Stand down I have ever been a part of. I salute you for what you do for our troops all over the country. I have always admired those who made mistakes, learned from them, and then spent most of their lives trying to ensure the masses wouldn’t do those same things. God Bless

  94. Richard McGahhey

    Great show! I have some safety briefs coming up, and after having seen your show I don’t know how I’m going to keep them awake. Do you give comedy lessons??? Keep passing the message; impressionable people are listening. Thanks for sharing.

  95. James Maxwell


    Outstanding show! What a great way to get a powerful, yet positive message out to all of our young Marines and Sailors. You’re awesome at what you do and I thank you for sharing your story with us this morning at Miramar! Please keep up the energy, material, and laughs!

    -GySgt James Maxwell

  96. Sgt Tyler Matt

    cpl cruz :Hilarious. Thanks for coming out.

    @cpl cruz
    Hey man thanks for the good stories and funny jokes. Having sat through many “safety presentations” over the past few years I truly belive you’ve managed to get through to the Marines the most! Keep it up and thanks again!

  97. Lt

    That was by far the best comedy/safety performance I’ve ever seen. I had tears in my eyes from emotions on both ends of the spectrum. Keep up the great work Bernie, you’re helping keep young men and women safe here at home.

  98. Jill

    Your message was awesome and really had an impact on a lot of Marines today! I really appreciate you sharing your story and I know many many others do to. Continue sharing your life and making so many others reflect on their own lives! God bless you and your family!

  99. CPL James Kirtley

    nice show dude. nice to see a show that was inspiring and that actually kept me awake. Good luck and god bless.

  100. Dylan Wood

    Thanks for the show. It was the best safety stand-down I’ve been to.

  101. Olivia Watson

    Thank you for coming out. You were amazing. You story hit home for me. I didn’t have the same situation but it was close enough. You are a great inspiration.Thank you again!

  102. Sgt White


    Great show at Miramar. Didn’t really know what to expect, but the comedy was outstanding and your story is truly phenomenal. What you do is fantastic and I am glad you came to San Diego and shared with us. Keep up the good work and Semper Fi!

  103. steve

    great message,funny, and entertaining! you destroyed the myth that safety stand down briefs have to be boring

  104. Steven

    Thanks for coming out and entertaining us. Your performance was great thanks again.

  105. Dan

    Your show was great…laughed til I peed and your story after hit pretty hard. Glad you have dealt with your demons. Semper Fi.

  106. kion Clark


    Thank you so much for spreading a great message during this time of the year. It is always a good time to laugh, and always a good time to remind oneself about safety, but to do it together in a comedic way was brilliant. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spread such a positive message.

  107. mike greenough

    Fucking, hilarious yet sent us all a great message, keep up the good hard work spreading your message. By far the best safety stand-down i’ve ever attended. Thank you.

  108. LCpl Jon Munro

    Hey Bernie

    I was at your show today at the Miramar Base Theater and I have to say I had a good time. You were able to pass a very serious message in a way that was very interesting and got through to us. It was a pleasure to have you hope to see you again in the future.

  109. Doc Garza

    Kudo’s on UR show and especially your message, you’ve found the one of the most effective ways to relate the Military, Jokes!! Good Luck w/ your career and Thanks for the performance!

  110. Matt

    Incredibe words of wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing you life with us. God bless and Semper Fi.

  111. SSgt S...

    “Wow” is the first and last word that comes to mind… In between I’d like to say this: Sir, that was the most ingenious and unbelievable show I’ve ever seen. You are an amazing performer, but, more than that, an blessing to all who are fortunate enough to cross your path. Whatever your shortcomings and mistakes, you have already made up for them ten fold. How fitting for you to perform in the Bob Hope theatre – I know he would have been proud to have you and I’m sure you’d have brought tears to his eyes as you did mine. You two share that gift. Thankyou for sharing that gift and such intimate and touching details of your life…It takes a giant of a man to do so. I am no religious man, but if he exists, I am sure he sent you to us. Thank you…

  112. Carolyn Leschber

    Hey Bernie,

    I thought the show was awesome! It has been a long time since i have laughed that hard. I dreading the safety stand down, but this was the best one I have been to! You rock and I am thankful that there are people out there, like you.

    Semper Fi… :)

  113. Shaun

    Here I was expecting another lame comedian hired on a military budget trying their hardest to entertain while ‘teaching us a lesson,’ and here comes a fellow East Coast-er just completely blowing my expectations out of the water. Not only could I relate with Bernie on an entertainment level but a personal level. I actually skipped the gym today because I left with an Ab workout from laughing so hard. I actually skipped therapy today because Bernie helped me laugh away all my frustrations. I laughed, I almost cried (shutup,) but in the end I thought about my actions and how they affect others. If I didn’t take anything else away from your show, take away that alcohol (ab)use affects everyone around you. Your a gifted individual and I thank you for sharing your personal trials and tribulations with me, for in the process you may have saved someone’s (me?) life. Peace brother.

  114. Marco Perez

    Thanks for the laughs and showing us a different comedy.

  115. Brooks, Clifton

    Hello uncle bernie,
    Before I posted this blog comment I browsed through to see what everybody else said about your show today, and I have to admit about 98% of them were pretty close to saying the same thing lol. Along with everyone else that attended the safety brief this morning that you presented some of the best stand up comedy by far, I would like to say thank you for what you do. It means a lot not only to me and the other marines but suprisingly enough to all of our spouses. I spent more than a few hours talking about you to my wife this afternoon and she was amazed at the stories that I relayed to her about you. I saw one of the comments that said the presentation that you gave today made him/her take a step back and look at the relationship he/she has with their brother, for me it did the same in a way. Your presentation made me stop and look at life again and how blessed I am to have the wife, mother, and sister that I have, and to quit taking advantage of time before time runs out. Thank you so much, in all actuality I called my mother in ga after leaving the presentation for the first time in a month.
    Thanks again,
    Lcpl BROOKS

  116. Lcpl Morales

    Really enjoyed your message together with your talent of comic which made it actually “stick” in the minds of those who watched and enjoyed it. By far the best safety standown to date..Keep up the good work!

  117. John Catena

    Good show thx fpr coming and the best safety standdown ever

  118. Michael Marshall

    Awesome job you are doing Bernie! Your show brings a different perspective to the safety briefs. Very funny! Hope you come back to Miramar. God Bless and have a Merry Christmas.

  119. Cpl Shores

    Thanks for coming out and showing us your Support Bernie!! I have to say this was the best Safety Stand down i’ve had it really hit home… Wish you the best of luck and Thanks Again!!

  120. Aaron Carlson

    Funny as hell way better than that tool before you.

  121. Sgt Pond

    This was the first time I had been to a comedy show about safety and I loved it. You were great and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come out and share your story with us.

  122. Joshua Smith

    Great show at Miramar! That was the best holiday safety brief I have been to.

  123. Aaron Ashcroft

    When I woke up this morning, my abs were hurting from laughing so hard yesterday at the show! So damn funny.

  124. SSgt Perry J. Miller

    I am a Crew Chief / Aerial Gunner, I just got back from Afghanistan in August, actually the 9th of August which is my 5 year old daughter, and my 1 year old sons’ birthdays. I loved the show, and you did one hell of a job!! That was a very touching story, and it really gets to the heart! I have been deployed to Iraq 4 times and Afghanistan 2 times, I have been in the Marine Corps for 10 years now, and can honestly say that is THE BEST safety stand down, I have ever been to. Thank you for your support, and comming out. I know everyone got a kick out of you, for I asked the shop at evening passdown and 60 CH-53E Super Stallion Crew Chiefs, and Mechanics from HMH-361, Flight Line, Flying Tigers all want to give you thanks and appreciation for the show.

    God Bless & Semper Fidelis

    SSgt Miller, Perry J.
    HMH-361 / Flight Line
    SNCOIC / Crew Chief Instructor

  125. Jacob Cepriano

    Great time bernie, best show at MCAS Miramar, I hope you come back. Semper Fi!

  126. Scott Leonardson

    I loved your show. You have a great message. I’m glad you shared it with us

  127. lcpl pidcock

    thanks for coming out sir, i’ll be standing by for your hbo special

  128. Austin


    Wanted to tell you thank you for coming out and entertaining us with an amazing show. At the start of the day, I was a bit apprehensive about attending the brief, even though it was mandatory I was trying to come up with a way to get out of it. After your stand up performance, and heartfelt stories, I am beyond glad that I attended. I also wanted to say thank you for telling us your stories about what life dealt for you and made you the man you are today. Thank you once again, and I hope that you come through the area again.

    Thank you, and god bless,

  129. Craig

    Hey Bernie,

    All i have to say is that was a great. I was laughing so much and it had a great message. Thank you for coming to our Base. Please come again.


  130. jensy fernandez


    That was the best stand down ever.. it was funny and had a message too. Thanks for coming to our base.