Ft. Knox, KY! The United States ARMY! What an incredible week!

I am not sure I have ever felt so connected with a crowd, as I did with the troops at  Ft. Knox…this week.  I cannot express my gratitude to all of you who attended the HAPPY HOUR Show! I hope you felt my appreciation for each of you who serve our nation!   Thank you Troops for all you do.  Also to the many civilian workers, who were once enlisted themselves and to those who offer their services!   I hope I added some light to this nation we call, America!
Thank you Sue, Collete, Ken, John, Aaron, Lt, Bowen, Shawanna, And Tu$%$%%^%^$nna, for hosting me and bringing me to base!  Also to General Milano and Colonel and Mrs. Shwartz,   Incredible leaders of an incredible facility.


Me doing my thing above and My Brother Sean on the right!

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  1. SSG Forbush

    Outstanding job…. Great message delivered in a
    fun way…

  2. Brian

    Hey Bernie!!

    Just caught your show here at Ft Knox!! Great Show and excellent message!! Effective communication is defined as: Sender, Receiver, Message, and Feedback!!

    This is the feedback. Message Received!!

    GOD BLESS and Continue doing the awesome things you are doing!!

  3. Barry Lenderman

    Great Show! You truly had a message to tell and I can say it was well received. It takes courage to stand in front of a huge crowd as you did today and tell your story and still be able to deliver the implanted message intended for this audience. This comedy show with a message was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than a two hour power point slide presentation that simply states… don’t drink, don’t drive, don’t do drugs, have safe sex, don’t burn yourself up with the BBQ grill. You don’t have to drink to have a good time. As always, Have Safe and Be Fun.

  4. Dirk Greenwood

    Hey Bernie,
    Thanks for bringing some sunshine to Post on such a miserable cold and rainy day. I liked your mix of humor with serious subject matters. Thanks for supporting the military.
    God Bless,

  5. Tobby

    Great show


    That was a great show today Bernie. I thought we were gonna show up for a typical boring army substance abuse brief. You are a very good comedian and am glad you are going around the world to see al the troops. I want to thank you personally for what you are doing. Keep supporting the troops. Thanks again and enjoyed the show. Sgt. Voorhees, Justin.

  7. SGT Heinzelman

    Best ASAP class ever…..

  8. chris penrod

    great show, really changed things up from the boring classes like normal

  9. Bob Dever

    Thanks for your time and skills. I assure you that the intended message was much more accepted than if it was just another platform type of presentation. I know that it had more meaning to me. I also had a brother take his life when he could no longer see thru the clouds. As a civilian here at KNOX I see Soldiers come and go as they rotate thru on a approximate 2 year schedule. The main ideal for them rotating through the school as instructors is so they can re-align their family and social life. With all the increase in deployment they now spend the majority of their time teaching the new recruits skills unique to the battle they are headed to. I have actually seen Soldiers stressed to the point that after a short while here they are ready to re-deploy. When I ask them why, they say at least over there they knew each day started and ended with survival skills. Here they sometime don’t have a clear vision that they can become comfortable with. Please keep up the work and the investment in our young Soldiers. If we can help any of them see past the tasks they have at hand now, we can lie down at night knowing that they have trust in us doing the right thing here at the home front while they are done and when they return. Thanks

  10. SSG Jayson Karch

    Hey man great show!!!! I wish every class in the military was like that. Thanks for coming out to share your story with us and make us laugh. I’m looking forward to reading that book (hopefully I win it!!!) Keep doing what your doing. Im sure it will change alot of lives.

  11. SSG Sherman Jones

    Awesome show and a great way to spread the message and the best mandatory fun I’ve had in 12 yrs.


  12. John Pasco

    Thank you Sir for taking the time to visit Ft Knox and to remind us to laugh. Your words are inspiring as well as humerous. Thank You SFC Pasco

  13. SGT John P. Dallier

    I have attended a vast quantity of Army sponsored anti-drug and drunk driving prevention classes. I have to say that hands down that your show, being both informative, anecdotal and humorous, was the best I have ever had the privelege to attend. I support your cause whole heartedly and wish you all the best in future endeavors.

    Thank You and God Bless,
    SGT Dallier

  14. Christopher Banks

    Thanks for coming out, Bernie! Very funny and entertaining and enjoyed the stories! Please come back sometime!

  15. SFC John Garfield

    Bernie, i think it s an awesome thing you are doing, keep up the great work and the show kicked Butt!!!

  16. JD Skeans

    Bernie- So true what you’ve stated, I guess that type of behavior is trans america and doesn’t change overtime. Like you, I gave it all up. Too many close calls for me. Thanks for coming.

  17. Patrick Nicholls

    Your Happy Hour performance was better than any other that I have attended. You made some fantastic points and set some emotional images for all of us in attendence. You put a whole new perspective on alcohol use and drug use also. I thank you for your laughs and sharing of experiences.

  18. SSG Tieman

    Hey very good show. Its good to not have to sit through another army slide show! Most people sleep through those anyway and your show actually made people pay attention to very important subjects. Thanks for supporting the Military and thankyou for the very well delivered message!

  19. Anthony Duran

    Great show Bernie! You really put the message out in a way that kept my attention and kept me awake. The best presentation of this material ever

  20. John Rodriguez

    Great message!!! Enjoyed my time running sound for you for those 3 days. Be Blessed!!!

  21. Beverly Harrison

    Your message on drinking, even though funny, was very powerful and the best on the subject that I have seen in a very long time. Keep delivering the message to young Soldiers, teenagers and college students. Just maybe you will get through to them. Keep up the good work.

  22. Stephanie Schave

    Thanks for taking the time to come out and bring not only comedy but awarness to Fort Knox. The way you put everything was mind blowing. I honestly wasn’t looking forward to going to another class but yours was Amazing!!! You are welcome back anytime. Thank you again.


  23. Sandra Gonzalez

    Thank you for taking the time and coming out to perform for us. I thought you did an awesome job and it takes alot for someone to get the nerve to be on stage making people laugh and then sharing such a close and personal experience that happen in your life. Take care and God Bless. Good luck!!

  24. SSG Smith

    Hey man, you were great on Wednesday. So much I am going to the Friday one as well. Keep it up bud!!!!

  25. SFC Brian Jarvis

    That was definately the best way to keep the danger of substance abuse in the fore front of everyone’s minds!! Especially during this time of year!!
    Thanks for having the courage to take such tragedy in your own life and turn it into a lesson that we can learn from, with a few laughs thrown in also!! Gonna try to catch your Friday Show again!!
    Tell Sean I said Hello!!
    God Bless and Watch Over You Both!!

  26. SPC Neal

    Hey Bernie,
    Love the show. It was very interest to have this message Ive heard a thousand times delivered in a totally new way. its was truly like i was attending my very first ASAP brief. The way you integrated comedy and personal experiences in to this amazing message really made me actually listen to and THINK about it for the first time. Love what your doing keep up the good work and thanks for the laughs.

  27. SPC Robert Thompson

    Great Show. Thank you. I really appreciate you making asap so much more fun than I thought it could be delivered. Its amazing how laughter makes you so much more interested in hearing what the person has to say. Thanks again.

  28. Mike Wheeler

    Was an outstanding presentation. I personally took alot from the program and it brought back alot of memories of when I personally had a problem.KEEP up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!

  29. SFC Bryan Vann

    Bernie it was a pleasure to hear your story which in someways I can relate to… I appreciate your honesty and your courage to tell your story to so many. Awesome show!!!!!!

  30. David Page

    Good show, Your doing a good thing for those that have a problem and need that eye opener.

  31. Vicki Allen

    Awesome show!! Thanks for doing this for our troops.

  32. Tara Eudy

    Thanks for sharing your story. Your show is a great way to make this required training enjoyable. Your message comes through loud and clear to people from all walks of life. We convinced others in our office to come see you instead of waiting for next week’s training ;)

  33. David

    Great Show Bernie. Very Funny. Love the connection that you create with the audience. Take it easy and keep doing what you are doing. I believe It really helps people .

  34. SFC Kenneth Wagner

    Just came from the 0830 Friday show and it was great! This is an effective training tool to assist the command by providing a serious topic in an upbeat way. This training would be great for the command to follow up with discussion in Consideration of Others training.

  35. Rosie Yocum

    Great show! Thanks for sharing your emotional and motivational story that will continue to make positive changes for civilian and military personnel.

  36. cecilia hambrick

    Unvarnished and warrantable comedy with a message! Not only did you entertain the Soldiers and Civilians on Fort Knox you provided real experience. Thanks for what you do, and congratulation on 20 years of being drug free.


    SSG Forbush :Outstanding job…. Great message delivered in afun way…

    Well I tried to post a comment once before and I don’t think it saved anyways, Great Show! I showed up thinking this was gonna be another boring drug and alcohol brief by the army. Thanks for supporting all us troops. Takecare and Thanks again.

  38. travis fisher

    Bernie,thanks for comming to ft. knox it was a great show with a great message. i also no longer drink and just reccently lost my mother to alcohal. so the message really hit home. thanks again.

  39. Dan Kane

    Your presentation today was great. Effective, memorable and sobering.


  40. Tawnie Blue

    That was a great show! Glad you were able to come to Ft. Knox. Maybe they can bring you back next year! :^)

  41. SGT Brian Pauley

    The show was outstanding. I haven’t laughed that much in a while. Your story hits close to home with a few relatives that I have. Thank you for all your support. It’s nice to know we have the support from those we help to keep free. Please keep up the great work. Take care and GOD Bless all those who support our military.

  42. SSG Michael Tribble

    In 19 years in the Army, your show was the most enjoyable “training” I have ever attended. I really needed the laughs. Thank you

  43. Carol Mohler

    I HATE going to those mandatory once a year classes. I am extremely glad I was able to go to your class today. God Bless you and your family. (Especially your brother.)Thank you for coming to Fort Knox.

  44. Cynthia Galbraith

    Hey Bernie
    Thanks for coming to Fort Knox you put on a great show with alot of meaning and you got the message across. I have a son who is 32 years old that has a learning and health issues like your brother I agree with you that they are the eyes of our Lord they see nothing but the good and innocense in people. I also had a family member commit suicide 33 years ago.

    Again Bernie thanks for being there for all of us

    Thank you
    Cynthia Galbraith
    Newgarden Clerk

  45. Delores Hamill

    Wish all of our mandatory training requirements could be fulfilled by sessions like this one! Absolutely one of the funniest routines I’ve ever heard, but definitely got the drug/alcohol awareness message across, too. Thank you, Bernie!

  46. Timb

    Awesome show today. You have a powerful message, and it was very moving.

    Thank you.

  47. Miriam L

    Much better than “death by power point” which is the normal training means used by the Army.

  48. Barry Ellano

    Mr. McGrenahan…

    I have served in the Army for over 20 years…now as a DOD Civilian for five additional years…and have attended countless training sessions…yours…by far…is the best I’ve attended.

    I hope the military (all services) continues soliciting your services…I beleive soldiers will get more out of one of your training sessions than twenty years of Power Point slides…HOOAH!!!

  49. Annette Edwards


    Thanks for coming to Fort Knox and sharing your story. It’s ashame this happens all to often in life. You definitely get your point across in a way that your audience should be paying attention and get the message instead of being bored and trying to stay awake. I loved it and wish everyone I know could hear you speak. Thanks again for sharing your story and keep on being sober. God Bless You and what you are doing for others. I hope I get to hear you again someday. Take care and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Sean!!! Tell him the folks at Fort Knox said HI!!!

  50. Jane Fields

    Mr. McGrenahan, thank you for an awesome show. You are sooo funny! I laughed and laughed until you told about your brother and your experiences. I was very touched. Good luck to you and your wonderful talent for comedy and story telling. Thank you for the awesome way you can talk to our amazing troops and make them laugh and, hopefully, save some lives and some heartache with your message. I hope I get the privilege of getting to see your show again.

  51. C Brennen

    Bernie: Great presentation! Thanks for saving us from looking at slides. I appreciate you sharing your powerful testimony and being so open with us. I was really moved, especially when you talked about your brothers. I just wish more people could hear what you had to say. Your message came through loud and clear. May God bless you and your family. Continue doing this good work!!

    Thank you!

  52. Paul Hayes

    Bernie…I’ve been in the Army 15 years and that has been the best “mandatory training” I’ve ever attended….folks like you make it easy to serve our country…thanks for all that you do!!! cheers! Major Hayes

  53. A. Mac


    Great show today and thank you for what you do and the motivation that you give your fans. You made the comment that you were not like us who proudly where this uniform, but in a sence you are just like one of us. You have deployed to Bosnia and put your life on the line just to make the Soldiers laugh and for just a few minutes forget about the bad things they see everyday. I am a new fan and respect you as much as the my fellow Soldiers I serve with so thank you again and hope to see another show soon.

  54. Eric Taylor

    Hey Bernie,

    I Enjoyed your show today. I thought it was going to be another dumb DUI prevention class with slides and a boring speaker but It was awesome. I’m glad I got a chance to be there today. I think more people need to hear your message. Once again Thanks alot. I pray for your brother and your family. God Bless!!!


  55. Casey Byrd

    Hey Bernie! I really enjoyed the ‘Happy Hour’! The way that you presented the material made it come out to be something that was enjoyable while getting a message across, I really commmend your work!

  56. Brandon Emerson

    just trying to figure out how to register to win the book. I really enjoyed the show today at fort knox. Thanks a lot. -SSG Emerson

  57. Joycelyn Lewis

    Uncle Bernie:

    I truly enjoyed today’s show. As we know, “Laughter is good for the soul.” You helped so many to laugh this morning. Thank for your transparency.

  58. Matthew Jones

    Thanks for coming. It was a great presentation. The best “mandatory fun” I have ever had to deal with. Thanks a lot!

  59. Kevin Fuller

    By far the most entertaining ARMY training I have ever had. By having a good laugh it made me think a little more about the main message. I just wish everyone had a chance to hear your message, it just might punch a few people straight. Again Thanks for some great and enteraining training.


  60. SFC Doug Albers

    Great show with a powerful message. Thanks for making it real and interesting!

  61. SSG McQuade Heath

    Hey bernie just wanted to say that your show was great. You got a great message out and in the mix made us all laugh. The message you sent was a powerful one. I came home and was telling my wife all about your show. Well thanks for the great show and hope that I can see you again. Thanks again bro. SSG McQuade

  62. Tina

    I LOVED YOUR SHOW. I don’t think anyone else laughed as hard as I did. You give a great message to the soldiers and I know we all appreciated hearing your story. You are doing great things. Thanks you!

  63. SSG Andrell Jackson

    Bernie Hey thanks for being so down to earth and real. Most of us soldiers learn to recite the DUI slides by memory after a couple of times, not mutiple that by 10, ya feel me? We know you give a damm so thanks. My son chad comes home on the 10( I hope), we’ll be in touch.