Ft. Monmonth NJ! Hooooah!

I am excited to be here in NJ and bring the Comedy with a Message show to the troops and Civilians of Ft. Monmouth Army Base.  Thank you to the men and women who wear the uniform, and to the civilians who once wore the uniform who serve our nation!  Also to Sue, Jill, Heidi, Shannon Tanisha, Joann,Trisha and staff for hosting the show!  Thank you General & Mrs, Strong, Col & Mrs, Christian, and Chaplains, Weston & Forden for attending! I hope you laughed but also left thinking about our lives, and the choices we make along the way!
ft-mon brothers-and-sister
L) Live after the show!
R)My brother Sean, Sister Debra and me!

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12 Responses to Ft. Monmonth NJ! Hooooah!

  1. George Reed

    Good comedy! Good comedian! GREAT message!

  2. Tamara

    Dear Bernie,

    Thank you for visiting Fort Monmouth and for all the support you are giving our military. You are a hoot, even my kids were in stitches. Your message is a powerful one that did get through to my kids. Keep the world laughing.

  3. Heidi Stover

    Thanks for a great shown and providing us with an inspirational message. The weather was gloomy but thanks to you it was a lot of fun in our EXPO theatre. Hope you will return. You can count on me to spread the word to the other installations!

  4. Kurt Perhach

    Bernie, I was sitting in the 2nd row today and could not stop laughing. Great job! Thanks for everything you do to support myself and all the rest of us in uniform. Your jokes were real and relevant and your life experiences really made me think hard about my own life. All the best.


  5. Roland G Grondin

    Thank you for your visit and great show and very meaningful message. I truly enjoyed seeing you again, you made me laugh again like you did when I was serving in Bosnia. It’s a good thing you didn’t do an underwear check today, I sure would have been a bit red in the face, your nine hole pair got nothing compained to mine now, mine are so old and full of holes that I have to fold over two inches on each side and stapel it just to keep them from dropping below my family jewels. Thank you again for giving up your time today for the soldiers and civilians at Fort Monmouth.

  6. Maria Pereira

    Thanks for the great laugh on a dreary day and for getting me out of the office. Thanks a bunch! Hope to see you in APG.

  7. Dinah Wideman

    Thanks Bernie for the GREAT laugh today at the Ft. Monmouth session.

    You have a powerful message and personal testimony to the call to get help when needed.

    The humor and deliverance was befitting to your objective.

    May you be as Blessed, as you have Blessed others. Dinah W.

  8. Chaplain Greg Broderick

    An amazing story. Congradulations on your 21 years. Outstanding presentation and message.

  9. Laurence Murphy

    Thank you…

  10. Vince O'Gara


    Thanks for a great show and on the spot message.

  11. John & Fran

    Thank you for coming to Fort Monmouth and supporting our military. Your message is very strong and sincere, and will help make a difference to many.
    Thank you…..

  12. Sue Mullen

    Thank you Bernie!!!!! It was a fantastic show. We look forward to having you back!!!! Everyone was raving at what a terrific time they had.