Edwards AFB! Airmen AND Marines! DAVID HILLSHAFER is Raffle Show Winner!

Dear Airmen and Marines!  Thank you for coming to the theater yesterday at Edwards.  I cannot tell you what it meant to meet many of you up close and personal.  I love you men and women in uniform so much, that I almost lost it on stage that first show.  I regrouped and manned up, but looking out at how brave and courageous you all are, really hit me in the heart!  Thank you for attending the Mandatory!  I hope I have introduced a variant method and format to bring a message along with much laughter.  We have to laugh at ourselves, but we also have to look hard into that mirror, and seek change when we need to.  Thank you Chiefs Jaren and Brejcha.  Thank you Chief for the time you shared at 1600 hrs when you could have went home.  I will not forget that!  Thank you Vince Duny and Col McKenna.  The lunch at the club and the visit to the Museum.  It was an honor to serve….those who serve!  When you all host that incredible Air Show Saturday, know I will be on stage at an Army base in NJ(Ft Monmonth), doing what I do, but thinking of you back home, and the Sound of Freedom, overhead!
chiefs 2 My Brother Sean

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The pictures above are from the show, and of  my brother Sean, giving the thumbs up!

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34 Responses to Edwards AFB! Airmen AND Marines! DAVID HILLSHAFER is Raffle Show Winner!

  1. ryne kinsella

    Great show man thanks

  2. Bret Zamzow

    Great show, great message. You are very funny, and you shared an amazing story. Good Job.

  3. nicole neville

    great show! thank you!

  4. Chris Benavente

    Thanks for taking time to come out to Edwards AFB and entertain the troops as well as telling your story with a deep message.

    Thank you

  5. Vanessa Lewis

    Good show, lots of laughs. :-)

  6. Hellen Gisclair

    BEST “SAFETY BRIEFING” EVER!!!! You were amazingly funny. I enjoyed every minute of it.

  7. Chris DeMario

    Hey Bernie you did great today I greatly appreciate you coming out and doing your show for us it was truely inspiring and entertaining. I hope that you enjoy your time at the worlds greatest AFB in the middle of nowhere Edwards.

  8. Meo Park

    Bernie, You literally made me laugh outloud, didn’t think that could happen at Edwards (har har). Big thanks for making the mandatory comedy show work. You were great!

  9. Heather Snyder

    Bernie, Best AF training I’ve had. I think it’s awesome that you’re taking the time to share your message and laughs with us.

  10. Randall Dominey

    Just wanted to Say it was an awesome show, way better than the power point dulldrums we go through every year!

  11. Amanda Belcher

    Hello Bernie!
    However the show was Mandatory for us, myself and my fellow Marines enjoyed the show, and took a great deal of knowledge from it. Of all the classes, talks and slide shows we sat through, yours is the only one that has left an impact in our minds.
    Im not just writting to get the free book but because..okay yea I want to win the free book.
    Next time dont forget bout them Marines sitting in the crowd of Airmen!
    We support what you do, and thank you for what you do.

    Cpl Belcher, Amanda

  12. Justin Denning

    Hey Bernie! Great show. You are seriously funny!

    thanks for comming…

  13. Wendelyn Leon


    You had me laughing to the point of tears. Thanks for coming out to Edwards and being an inspiration to those serving this wonderful country.

  14. David Hillshafer

    When I saw that I had a mandatory Drunk Driving briefing, I was worried that it would be like the Save A Life Tour (http://savealifetour.net/) that I’ve been forced to endure–twice. Just compare the two websites to see what I mean. Thank you for having a positive message that doesn’t villianize (and alienate) the audience, but also doesn’t shy away from serious issues. I felt that you were on our side.

  15. Francisco Lagunas

    You are hilarious, I could relate to everything you said. I have lost close friends and family members victims of drunk drivers, that are why I joined Airmen Against Drunk Drivers (AADD) to provide a ride who are in need to diminish the number of accidents. Thank you for the good time and excellent message you provide us with a great laugh and not a drink. God bless you and keep the good work.

  16. Niki Zajdel

    Great show today! I really liked it, I especically liked how you talked about your family and how they mean so much to you. I too have a brother with special needs so I can relate. Thanks again for the laughs.. it was hilarious!!

  17. Carlos Del Valle

    Great comedy and message. Thanks for taking the time to come to our base.

  18. daniel snook

    u are awesome u had me rollin. good job getting ur point across

  19. David Bek

    Bernie – sincere thanks for performing your show and giving your message to the Airmen at Edwards AFB. I hope and pray the message you delivered will take root and make a difference in many lives…those who have bought into the the lie that fun only begins with alcohol excess, drugs, and other vices. You’ve turned some unfortunate personal experiences into a captivating, powerful message and testimony. Again, many thanks. D Bek

  20. Corissa santos

    Bernie, thanks for coming out and showing us the importance of having a plan and not drinking and driving. Your “briefing” was worth the sit down.

    Thanks for the laughs

  21. SSgt Rochelle Wescott

    God Bless you for coming out today and bringing smiles to our faces and delivering a heart felt message. thank you. Take care and I pray the best to you in all your future endeavours.

    SSgt Rochelle Wescott

  22. teddy shiveley

    Hey, thanks for swinging by out here! Enjoyed the show, and definately a good message. Take care man.

  23. Trey Hunt

    Bernie, gotta say best mandatory fun I’ve ever done

  24. Terry

    Hey man great show. Its by far the best mandatory briefing that I have had to go to.


    Thanks for coming out to Edwards, and turning our mandatory safety brief into a good time. You made our days alot better, getting to leave work for an hour to watch you do comedy. Thanks again.

  26. Matt

    Awesome show today, Bernie! Thanks for making mandatory training not suck and bringing a pretty damn funny show to Edwards.

  27. Broc Fernandez

    Thanks for your time. Even though it was mandatory I really enjoyed it. Thank you for giving us something new to enjoy. God bless.

  28. SSgt Streit

    That is one safety briefing that I will never forget.
    Thanks for your story, and for keeping it clean.

  29. Tuan Tran

    Bernie, thanks for coming out to Edwards and delivering a great message with lots of good laughs. Good luck to you and your brother Sean. Probably the best mandatory “safety” briefings ever!

  30. James Mitchell

    Hey thanks for singling me out during your act! 77 inches!! lol I enjoyed it. thank you for sharing your story with us!! much appreciated!

  31. Mario

    Great safety brief!

  32. Joseph haller

    The show was great good mix of comedy and facts, great for the younger generation. Thanks for coming out.

  33. Drew

    Great show!!

  34. James Anderson

    Great show Bernie! Awesome message, very heartfelt. Thank you for coming!