Ft Drum! I Love Upstate NY!

It was an honor to present my program on this very special day we pay tribute to lives lost on September 11, 2001. I appreciate your sacrifice and dedication to our nation! I hope you had some laughs and got to see a different from of ‘Training’ today!

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7 Responses to Ft Drum! I Love Upstate NY!

  1. Steven pena

    It was great to see you. And I hope u keep up the great work.

  2. travis hirschman

    you were great today i whish you could have done a little bit longer of a show

    keep up the great work

  3. Nathan DeLorto

    I think your show was great and your message really hit home. It is unfortuate that the only ppl there were some of us that had not had dwi’s in a long time when it was the companies that are having them that need to here your message the most.

  4. EIC Torness

    funnnny as hell!!!

  5. Mirka Carlson

    You made me laugh like crazy! It’s awesome that you used your own private life and experience to make a difference. If I had a hat, I’d take it off to you!
    When you said you own a Fiat Spider…that was the cherry on top of the cake. I’m from Italy. I grew up with Fiats!!!
    My husband has been deployed for 11 months and I needed a good laugh. Thank you for doing this for the troops and their families. Plus, you delivered a very important messege in a non-traditional way. You’re THE man!

  6. P Leibacher

    Great Training!! PP presentations are very boring and tiresome we needed some good laughs. Thank you very much for sharing your gift with us. It was very funny and at the same time it gave us something to think about. Such Training should take place more often as I believe soldiers get more out of it this way.
    Great job and once again thank you for supporting us on our mission

  7. Jeremy Angus

    That was a good show your were awesome glad to have you speak at Miramar